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  1. 'Leader of the free world'! Doh!
  2. Ten pints of Bitter and a pint of Mild Bacardi and Coke and a Vodka and Lime P****d as newts and round the bend We are The Blackburn Rovers!
  3. Rubbish . Biden is a senile puppet!!
  4. Thanks LV. That was the Watford game I was thinking about!
  5. Cheers. It was the 1973 game I was thinking of. 5-0 v Watford Tony Field scored twice and I think one was after beating a few men! Furphy's last league game in charge I think.
  6. Me too, Went on a bus from Chorley. Bit lively as I remember!
  7. No!!! I bought a Tin of Pears at Sainsbury's Wilmslow just this morning.
  8. Am listening to Tony Blackburn's Sat Morning 60s show on BBC Sounds catch up. Guest presenter this morn was Petula Clark She's just played Wandering Star, Lee Marvin. Who remembers singing it at Ewood?! 'I was born in The Blackburn End'. Remember the verse, 'Knives are made for stabbing, guns are made to shoot If you come in The Blackburn End we'll all stick in the boot'.
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