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Newcastle Preview

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Preview by Alan75

With just two games left it’s vital that Rovers beat Newcastle if there’s any chance of winning the championship. The draw against Leeds, 1-1 and two defeats City 3-2 and West Ham 2-0 has resulted in Rovers dropping 8 points allowing Man U to close the gap.

Fifty years ago on the 8th May 1945, thousands of people gathered on VE Day to celebrate Victory in Europe, when the people of Blackburn and the rest of the country partied well into the night. There was joy, laughter and tears shed that night and for the following days, resulting in many a fair maiden remembering that night 9 months later. A result of one of them liaisons was Oozzurpa Davy a life-long Newcastle fan since his mother partied with the Toon Army on VE night 1945.

I caught up with Davy, whilst he was delivering Newcastle Brown to the pubs in Ossi on Tuesday and asked him about the forthcoming game at Ewood.

Whats your opinion of Rovers.

Not a lot, they tend te be driven me middle aged blokes in hats in the middle raa o the motorway

No I mean Blackburn Rovers.So whats your opinion of them.

As Ah sez middle o the road, horf built grund ne fans

Will you be going to the game against Rovers.

aye ah will be gannin, me mate Oz is working as a brickie on the site so ah will get in fre free

Do you expect a large following of Newcastle supporters at Ewood.

Wor the best supporters in the league, wi tyek a lot of fans te every game an the Toon Army will be in stowed voice.

Who do you see as Rovers danger man.

Well wor lad Shearer has te be the main threat an tha Sutton fellow is a git big handfull. Hooevah if wi can stop Wilcox an the refugee frem Boro getting crosses in then the supply te the two strikers will be stopped an there will be ne danger

Would you be happy to loose if it ment Rovers beat Man Utd to the title.

Wi allways want te win although wi hate M U, whee doesnt. Wi will gan oot te win at aal costs even if it does mean M U winning.

So whats your prediction for the game.

Yer goal keeper is a weak link

Wi will win bi 3 goals

At this point he jumped back in to his wagon and drove off up Tinker Brew, shouting out Toon Army.

Hopefully his prediction is wrong, and we can celebrate our own VE Night, Victory at Ewood and there will be a few more Rovers supporters in 9 months time.

How do you see the game going.

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No way, I say a 4-0 rout with yet our Geordie running riot against his home town.

Mark my words, Newcastle are a team on the slide. They will not win ANYTHING for the next 10 years.

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I just hope that Tim Flowers will be up for this one and at last show a bit of bottle !

After all we know the likes of the hunchback and co will pepper him with shots in the knowledge that he is probably the weakest goalkeeper in the Premier League at the moment.

Personally I think it be down to just how he home crowd react. The barcodes will be up for it, if only out of pure jealousy at our little clubs position. Keegan versus Dalglish ? Rovers versus Newcastle ? Cloth caps versus coalminers and roadsweepers !


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Well what with our new found defence and our strength not to ship goals like we where and Newcastle having been on a bit of a slump I think we will just nick this one 1- 0 - Shearer to score (og wink.gif ?

Its one we have (had) to win and I think the crowd will be up for it with Flowers swinging from the rafters of the BB End Bar with the noise and his 'BOTTLE' (x10) of Newcy Brown Stuff laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif

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Its 1995 you fool! we dont all have the internet at home. I make do with a wizzy new machine at the Library every so often.

Apparently its got 128kb of RAM (sounds unbelievable I know!)

Anyway the Newcastle game! ~The atmosphere was great, Flowes was on amazing form, cant believe we didnt concede. Now we just need to beat Liverpool and its ours!

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This new tinternet is ok, but you cant get on it all the time, mine was so slow i gave up.

I cant see any future to it if its going to be like this.

Great result though, who saw Tim after the game, how many bottles lol

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make the most of your sucess it wont last, even though shearer has said he is staying, i heard a rumor about a 15mil transfer cool.gif

You are a good year early paddy. But then again you are probably still in nappies.

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