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[Archived] Prem League Of Darts At King George's

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well colin "jaws" lloyd is or was ranked number 1 in the world and is struggling in 6, though more of an upset is wayne "hawai 5 o" mardle is bottom with just 1 draw to his name.

under preforming could be the answer but at least barney is giving phil taylor a bit of competion this year.

john part isn't in there this year, he gives taylor a good match, a bit of a bogey player for the power in the past.

Pos Player P W D L Legs +/- PTS

1 Phil Taylor 6 5 1 0 +23 11

2 Raymond van Barneveld 5 4 1 0 +21 9

3 Roland Scholten 6 3 1 2 4 7

4 Ronnie Baxter 5 2 1 2 2 5

5 Peter Manley 6 2 0 4 -11 4

6 Colin Lloyd 5 1 1 3 -12 3

7 Wayne Mardle 6 0 1 5 -20 1

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It`s no wonder Peter "One Dart" Manley isn`t doing very well, as all the other players seem to have 3 darts each....which obviously helps them get higher scores on each visit to the ocky! dry.gif

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Prem league final tonight although I do feel the competition has lost the gloss it had in the early weeks. Problem tonight is that the hype surrounding Taylor V Barney has been done twice before (even though there was only pride at stake).

Also, having Scholton and Lloyd as the other two players lacks the hpye of say Mardle or Manley.

To increase interest I've had a bet on the highest checkout in the Taylor V Lloyd game being under 145 at Evs.

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I was visiting one of my mates the other day at Cardiff Uni, and we went into a small scruffy pub in town only to find Andy 'The Viking' Fordham sat at the bar on his own supping a pint of lemonade! Apparently before he plays he has upto 15 pints of lager to settle his nerves. He is absolutely MASSIVE in real life and his arms are thicker than my thighs.

A living legend.

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The six players who have qualified for the PL through ranking points are:-

Phil Taylor,

Colin Lloyd,

Peter Manley,

Roland Scholten,

Dennis Priestley,

Terry Jenkins

Barneveld is already confirmed as one wildcard entry with another one up for grabs.

Anyone care to speculate who will get the final place. Rumour was that if either of the young Dutch players did well on the BDO tournament (Klaasen or Van Gerwin) they would get the place as a tempter to join the PDC. However as they both bombed at the Lakeside this week this would seem unlikely & unfair.

On ranking points next in line is Mardle. I'm sure the PDC chiefs would like Mardle in for the' showbiz' he brings but in all honesty hes done nothing for around 18 months and is dropping down the rankings.

On last years TV tournaments I think Andy Hamilton deserves a place. He reached the Semis in the Wolrd Championships (losing to Taylor), semis in the Wrold Matchplay (taylor again) and the Quarter finals in Las Vegas (losing to Barney). He's improved over the last 2 years and, although not as glitzy and colourful as the Mardles, has earned his place more.

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Andy Hamilton would be great in the Prem League and as you say Hasta he has earned it, but also agree that the Mardle showman attraction could swing it for Wayne although it should go on what you have a achieved rather than how good your walk on is.

Interesting to see Kings outburst after he was linked to a move to the PDC


Mybe King realises that he would not be that good if he moved to the PDC, I also read somewhere that 3 unnamed players from the PDC were considering moving to the BDO.

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The last prem place is Adrian Lewis. How dull! :(

I think thats a good addition.

Adrian Lewis vs. Phil Taylor. (Apprentice against the Master) and of course a meeting with Peter Manley, who psyched him out at the World Championships the year before last.

Mardle has done nothing in the Premier League both times he's been in, would have been nice to see Ronnie Baxter in again being a local lad, but I think Lewis is as good.

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He's been very dodgy in the first three weeks. He could easily have lost to both Scholten and Preistley.

Jenkins has started the tournament well. He bottled it a bit first night but did well to beat Scholten and played well against Taylor tonight in defeat.

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Just for anyone wondering the Premier League Darts at King Georges Hall on the 19th of April doesn't clash with a possible Rovers UEFA cup game.

QF's 2nd leg is the week before and the semi final is the week after.


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Awesome stuff from Priestley tonight to remain top, in front of 5,000 Yorkshire folk in Sheffield.

Taylor v Barney still to come - but they'll only be playing for 2nd place in the league!!

(edit) - how random!! Robbie Savage is in the practice room with Taylor and Barney!

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