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[Archived] Starting Xi For Next Season

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Its a difficult set of options really asking us to name our best starting 11 with what we know we have and without knowing who we may no thave or who is to come ! Confused ? Yes so am I !


Bert Samba Nelsen Warnock

Bentley Savage Tugay/Dunn MGP

Benni Roberts

Thats what we should see playing 4-4-2.

When playing 4-5-1 using The Axe instead of Roberts to shore up the middle should suffice and it should allow Reid to be put back gently into the team.

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I agree with the rest of your side tchocky, but it would be completely unthinkable imo to replace the outstanding Samba with the extremely mediocre Ooijer.

What a odd comment, fair enough he had a really shaky start but Ooijer before his injury was playing excellent.

Will be a tough call to see who partners Ryan come the start of the season.

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I think Ooijer will really come to the fore in a settled defence, playing alongside Nelsen. That's not to say that I don't rate Samba.

I'm not expecting too much of Reid this season.

Dunn and the Axe will both have major roles to play as well as Sav and Toogs. Our squad this season has got great depth and I'd expect to see a fair amount of chopping and changing from game to game, especially if we go far in Europe.

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Most choices on here are all going to be the same apart from a couple of players.

What does surprise me is the amount of people that chose to pick Ooijer instead of Samba. And still for people to say that Ooijer will be amazing once settled beggers belief because I think Samba was amazing with Nelson - Not only in defense but also in attacking a corner (something that we haven't had since the couple of games Amo played in - the difference being that he just couldn't defend) What more do we want :blink:

Something that did interest me is that a couple if people had Ooijer on the right. I welcome this to be honest but not in a starting role. Bert looked knackered sometimes last year and we just didnt have any one else to put there so Ooijer might be the man.

Up front is the other one that stumps me. Benni is a given to start - no question however, I think that Benni and Roberts do compliment each other (Roberts is suspended for the first game anyway) but there just isnt much pace between them. Derbs didnt really put a foot wrong when he played but the new guy Rigters does sound interesting but I cant really comment on him at the moment because I havent seen him play.

The midfeild is also interesting:-

Will Reid come back the same player?

Will Sav still have the leggs to run around like a headless chicken?

Will Dunny have stayed away from the beer garden this summer and kept himself in shape?

Will Tuggs be able to come on and work his magic 15 from the end?

Will Sparky stick with Mokoena who even I had to start admitt that he was getting better (and that takes allot from me cos I hate him)

Also, a player that I cant really comment on is Treacy who I hear many good things about. Its certain that he wont start but when he gets his chance he might prove a worthy asset.

Given that I have been thinking about who we will start with for a while I end up changing my mind every day so I will go with:-


-- Samba -- Nelsen -- Warnock

Bentley -- -- MGP

-- Benni

The blanks will be filed in later :ph34r:

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