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[Archived] Supermarket Parking

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gross stupidity and an inabillity to actually drive something at 2mph safely.

I think the provision of motorised support for people with mobility difficulties is fantastic, I do belive that they actually need to be taught when and how they should use them.




They're worse than kids on bikes in town and city centres.

Still cracking good fun if you do get chance to have a go on them

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This is why you need disabled parking


Btw if you laugh, you're a bad bad person :)

Those barriers look extremely familiar as the ones we use here at United Utilities. I hope our lads had nothing to do with that.

Also... Reading this thread i've concluded that the boys seem to be worse than the girls at bickering :)

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I welcome the news that Asda is to fine shoppers £60 for parking in the disabled spaces as the number of people parking on such spaces at supermarkets, retail outlets, sports centres etc appears to be increasing rapidly. I accept that living in such a 'multi-cultural' town as Blackburn that I probably have a disproportionate view on this issue and that such thoughtless and selfish parking may not be the case in most other English towns, but it does my head in to see fit and agile young people behaving with such ignorance and disregard for people in the community worse off than themselves.

Nope just a myopic one - if you took off your blinkers you'ld notice that every creed and colour have selfish idiotic people who think that parking in a disabled bay or on the hatching around disabled bays is acceptable, because "they're only popping in for a minute". The hatching around disable bays are there to allow people with mobility issues or need to get a wheelchair to the door/boot need the room to get the doors open fully.

This has been introduced today by Asda Flopsy. The BBC sent a reporter to question people who were parking on disabled parking areas with no badges in their cars. Care to guess what the majority of accents were? :lol::P

Just as an aside I can understand why Mothers with children get their own wider parking areas but for the life of me I cannot understand why they are preferentially nearer the store. Fair enough put half a dozen or so near to the entrance but there is no reason why mums and kids cannot walk from anywhere on the car park is there? The rest may as well be out of harms way at the back of the car park....... or might they never get used? :rolleyes:

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a) If it's raining and you have a newborn - you appreciate being able to get your baby into the relative warmth of the store without delay.

B) Car parks tend to be busy with cars, and in my experience poor drivers (not just the parents before that old chestnut is used - nobheads take all forms). Children tend to have either no fear or sense and will happily walk in the path of traffic. By having these spaces near the door, you reduce to probability of a nasty accident.

c) My kid is nearly one and can't quite walk yet, but he sure can eat. This means he is bloody heavy, and I appreciate being able to get straight to the trollys.

Anyhow, the people i really hope they crack down on are those that really should know better - those hypocritical disabled people who park in parent and child spaces (and P&C's parking in the disabled). I have never felt the need to park in a space not designed for me and I don't understand why people do. I welcome the new policy and would have welcomed it even before my son came along.

It is worth bearing in mind that you won't be targetted for parking in P&C after 10pm and before 6am (or somewhere around those times) as the car park is much less crowded and the kids should (should) be in bed.

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but Abbey, its not a "Blackburn accented" thing ( i guess you mean asian), its a completely colour blind thing where drivers off all creed and colours are just as selfish and pig ignorant.

Just look at the middle class mums in their 4x4's parking outside or near schools, blocking roads, driveways emergency accesses, parking on the zig-zags for ped crossings and on the school clear zones, just so little jeremy and cynthia dont have to walk an extra 5 minutes it causes traffic chaos and in fact causes more danger to their little brats than if they actually allowed them to walk home.

The sooner drivers realise that double and single yellows are usually there for a damn good reason then the better, and if that means fining the inconsiderate @#/?s until they learn the lesson, then so be it. "I was just popping in for 5 minutes" or "There was just nowhere to park" is not a justifiable excuse its just lazy.

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i know what you mean flops but copy nook is an asian thing including a tyre fitter who does his work in the road !!!!

mumsies and 4 x 4 tho are a pain in the arse ...i was in downham and was working (winching cable out of the ground) and granted i narrowed the road down a bit and there was a graasy bit making room when this woman with real snoooty attitude pipped and ranted at me because she had no room....i said theres load of room as she was in 4 x 4 and her reply was she couldnt get thru because she would get her tyres dirty!!!! i kid you not

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and when i pomped they didnt give a rats arse ..


Suggest you park your lorry *this close* to them next time. Get your mate to sit behing the wheel & then just stay there for as long as it takes. It won't make a blind bit of difference but if you trap one or more of them you'll enjoy yourself as they try to get out.

A couple of months ago some chav parked in one of the busiest bus stops in Manchester. The bus driver just hemmed him in and we all got on and waited for a bit while the chav threw a hissy fit. The bus driver just gave him the finger and all the pasengers laughed.

We didn't mind that we were 10 minutes late, it was worth it for the entertainment.

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went to the natwest at copy nook today and i couldnt get round the corner in my wagon because of "blackburn" accented people parking on double yellows and when i pomped they didnt give a rats arse ..ignorent twots

that roundabout in audley is worse, i remember once, one was on yellow lines and tried setting off infront of me, so i zoomed ahead and went 10mph all way to traffic lights, missing green on purpose and continued down the road towards town until she got a bit mad and tried overtaking me, to which i just simply went faster and she had to pull back in behind me, never laughed so much at someone through the wingmirror ever, she was well ######

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there are alot of poor drivers abouts. many of them you would think make themselves targets for prosicution by committing multiple offences, yet these people are still on the roads and parked incorrectly.

privacy glass infrom of the a-pillar

incorrcect fonts on number plates

incorrect spacing on number plates

incorrect size of number plates

modifations of standard car ( rendering them uninsured if not fully declared and paid for )

park in disabled spots

park on yellow lines

park against the flow of traffic with headlights on

straddle pavements

park completely on pavements

park over dropped kirbs

and not forgetting driving with fog lights blazing.

How do these people keep on the road, why are they not see, prosicuted and removed?

missed a few

no seatbelts


kids without child seats

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Oh go on then, I'll make a devil of myself and do a quick parking restriction quiz. Let's see who knows what's what.

(1) What do parallel double yellow lines marked on the carrigeway adjacent to the kerb mean?

(2) What does a single yellow line marked on the carriageway adjacent to the kerb mean?

(3)What does a double yellow "blip" marking at right angles to the carriageway on the kerb mean?

(4) What does a single yellow "blip" marking at right angles to the carriageway on the kerb mean?

(5) What is a "Controlled Parking Zone?"

(6) Can school buses legally park in a bus stop?

(7)Is a sign that says "no motor vehicles, cycles, animals, pedestrians on mown verge" under a few symbols legal?

(8)Would a parking restriction sign reading " Burnley football club permit holders only" be legal?

(9)There's a Restricted Parking Zone in Blackburn along Fleming Square, Church St & some of Darwen Street.

What is a RPZ?

(10) Am I a sad @#/??

The winner will receive a big bar of chocolate.

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Quite possibly.

Cheers mate, made me laugh out loud.

But still no-one has had a a go at the parking quiz yet. All fur coat and no knickers so far. Lots of grumbling but no idea about the legislation. Looks like I'm going to have to eat that big bar of chocolate myself if no one has a go.

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(1) No waiting at any time

(2) There will be a sign stating when No Waiting applies

(3)No loading / unloading at anytime

(4) Again ther wil be a sign stating No Loading / Unloading at certain times

(5)Parking allowed in marked / defined bays only. Some other parking may be allowed according to the signs in the CPR area. Often residents have badges allowing them to park for longer in a CPR bay than someone using a pay meter

(6)Park no. Stop to collect passegers, yes.

(7)9 out of 10 isn't bad

(8)Depends where it is. On the public highway not legal, on private land it could be enforced through the civil court

(9)An area where there are no road markings to indicate controlled parking. Signs will be showing at the entry to the area

(10) Yes

I'll go halves on the chocolate!

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