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[Archived] Jason Roberts

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have to say was that a conference keeper he was up against was just thinking he goes on about if the keeper goes down early just dink it over him why did he not do that on wednesday night it's obvious he does not do what he teaches as said before if we were in a more comfortable position I would laugh but as said his misses have cost us 6 points hopefully that does not come back to haunt us at the end of the season

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"You have the advantage," says Roberts in the video. "The odds are in your favour."

Indeed. At the Stadium of Light in January the odds should certainly have been in favour of the striker, when he had a wide open goal and a glaring opportunity to score. Most Premiership strikers could have buried that chance against Sunderland blindfolded.

As well as costing us two points that day, I found it irritating the way that Roberts grinned afterwards. Perhaps he finds our relegation battle and our desperate scramble for points to be funny.

He missed another gilt-edged opportunity to score at The Reebok Stadium against Bolton in October and although his chance against Everton on Wednesday night wasn't as easy as the ones missed against Bolton and Sunderland, I don't have any confidence in the ability of Roberts to score when he has opportunities in the box.

Apparently the director of that "Masterclass" video started filming at 9am and finally broke off for lunch five hours later at 2pm, when Roberts had managed to score.

Coming up next from the BBC - a masterclass video by Massimo Taibi on how to improve your goalkeeping technique, a masterclass video on the art of defending jointly presented by Titus Bramble and Jean-Alain Boumsong, a special masterclass video on fitness and diet presented by Neil Ruddock and Micky Quinn and a masterclass video on becoming a top midfielder by Eric Djemba-Djemba.

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Jason Roberts is a joke.

How a striker can miss so many chances over so many different games is beyond me. Surely a centre forward practises one-on-ones? I had no confidence in him scoring when he was through and faced with Howard. The fact is against Everton is was out outplayed and muscled by Yobo. Roberts only attribute is his strength (he used to be quick) and unfortunatley as his skill and finishing ability are woefully lacking he will never be anything other than an average player who should only be used as a sub in the last five miutes to huff and puff about the pitch and chase lost causes.

I also read with interst on another site that he come out with the usual "it's still in our hands" nonsence. If it's in his hands we have no chance whatsoever of staying up. He's just not good enough, it really is as simple as that.

Jason Roberts.....sorry, i've just never been a fan.

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