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  1. At this point I am more confident in us when we are 3-0 down than 2-0 up.
  2. I know our owners aren't rosy either but how low can you possibly go with Saudi Arabia taking you over...they wouldn't say no to Kim Jong if he had any real money.
  3. What a very talented young bunch of lads we have - has never really been a question, but game after game they are showing why our academy is still the envy of many. If we only had to focus on the football (and not worry about contracts) you'd feel we can achieve anything this season. But days like today you can't help but dream...
  4. I don't think we will replacing them at all. We will simply have to do with academy players or anyone we can get on a free and for low wages. Fun times ahead.
  5. The question is are Venky's being tight, or are the idiotic FFP rules the reason we can't offer contracts to keep our players. The FA and FFP will be more than happy if we are "in our place" in League 1, they don't care.
  6. If the details he discloses are true then we sound absolutely doomed.
  7. It is disgraceful what has been allowed to happen to Derby. A lot of disgraceful things have been happening to football lately, and unfortunately fan memories are short lived. We - the wider football community - were close, or at least it felt like we were close to massive change over the Super League, but that fell apart and we went back to the status quo. Dark times.
  8. This has to be some of the most twisted shitfuckery I have come across in a long time. So the international window comes and clubs have to pick whether to lose players for 3, or for 2 games through absolutely no fault of their own? Why the hell do FIFA allow this rule during a pandemic, and what do South American FAs have to gain by punishing players and clubs like this? Teach us a lesson for following the government's pandemic rules? Ok? Joke.
  9. Sell my left nut if Tony's excuse is not "well, it's difficult to sign players, other clubs make it hard." As if window after window he is shocked to learn this is a competition. It's a complete joke, has been for a long time under him.
  10. I mean as far as Tony goes the situation is crystal clear. He hasn't got some huge motivation to be pushing us for the Premiership, he is content to keep plugging holes in the squad with temporary loan players, fully aware that the financial status of the club is getting worse and worse, but he will continue getting paid until retirement and won't have a care in the world about us when he goes. I'd be shocked if even his biggest defenders would argue he has great ambition or drive. He simply clocks in do the minumum, clocks out and that's that. Little town effort for a little town club - in his eyes. He puts absolutely no pressure or expectations on Venkys, and so they are more than happy to have him. The big decade-old mystery remains what do Venkys want with the club, and what if any are their plans now and for the future - that I have no clue about.
  11. Tony: “Before the window shuts I’m hoping we can add five or six more.” I don't see in what world we, or pretty much anyone at our level, can get 5-6 players in 10 days, but....let's see?
  12. I'm glad for the lad, but a loan "signing" is not the type of signing we need. Tony's policy of relying pretty much exclusively on loans that at the end of the season leave us back at square one is absolutely disastrous for the long-term future for the club, and I have no idea how everyone does not see this. He will say we have no money to buy even remotely promising players, even with the Armstrong money - but what it means is that he has failed completely at one of the most crucial aspects of club management, which is finding promising new talent and inspiring them to play for the club and in his team. And with every interview he wants us to accept that there is absolutely nothing else anyone can do. Kean was a useless obnoxious puppet, but TM is meticulously season after season extinguishing the fight out of this club, whatever is left of it. I can't imagine a single player being at the slightest inspired to play for him.
  13. "not such a big fan...weak in just about every other area"... yet he got us promoted to the Premiership, he got us into Europe, he won us a cup, and had us, for at least a season or two, playing easily our best and most entertaining football since the title wining days. If that gets you a "not such a big fan...weak in just about every other area" response from some fans, dare I ask what you must think about Mowbray and his utter stench of a managerial performance, like his "many positives" from home defeats to Morecambe?
  14. To them we're just an irrelevant feeder club that should just be happy and grateful to be scraping by in the Championship, let alone expect anything else. It's a desecration really what Venkys have done.
  15. Looks promising. A youth product of Borussia Dortmund, there has to be something there. Would this signal the end of Sam's glory days out on the wing?
  16. Sorry but it is disgraceful and criminal to be selling the Championship top scorer for 15 million. Venkys and Mowbray don't give the slightest, the absolute slightest damn about the club - water is also wet, I know. I just hope as hell it doesn't get invested into more useless loan deals.
  17. One-legged team of kids fully deserved their win today - wouldn't it just be this of all season starts we finally get a win. Kaminski still had to keep us in it a several times though, as sleepy as Swansea were they could have gotten something out of this. Instead of loan players can we not invest the money into some anti-injury charms or something?
  18. At this point I'd be surprised if the cleaning lady hasn't worked with Mowbray before.
  19. If Armstrong goes and we don't replace him, it won't even be a battle unfortunately, we will drop as a rock, relying only on Kaminski miracle games to earn us a few points.
  20. Do they not already own clubs in China and elsewhere, attracting at least some star players, playing in front of pretty big stadiums and crowds? If money in football was spread around more clubs on more continents that would be so much better for everyone involved.
  21. yep 99.9% certain this nonsense is dead now, but the big threat I mentioned before remains - that the CL is pushed even more into the direction of the big clubs' liking. There was talk about some positive reform happening in football, I hope this doesn't kill those hopes too.
  22. A big, big threat however is if in on paper this Super League is scrapped, but even more "legacy places" are added into the new 36-team Champions League, which pretty much all but ensures a hierarchy of 6 or 8 or so teams that barring a total collapse will always have a place ensured in the group stages. I guess 8 is better than 15 or whatever, but the rot that is the idea behind the Super League most definitely has seeped into the CL, and there is a real threat it will consume it further. But then the obnoxious narrative will be that the top clubs "compromised" due to their "love of the game," when in reality they will have engineered a way to get almost exactly what they were hoping for. So in a way, yeah, if we can have a guarantee that these 15 clubs will be thrown out of the domestic leagues, the players thrown out of international football (and therefore at least a good chunk of top stars will reconsider their clubs) - give that league over to the plastics as it crashes and burns, while the real football fans and clubs go back to the basics - that would be preferable. But I sincerely doubt something so idealistic would happen. Either way, "compromise" will be the devil's word.
  23. While that is sadly true in a way, the ESL is still worse. Even though the 'merit-based' format of the Champions League greatly depends on a clubs finances, the ESL makes it actually impossible for even the slightest challenge to be launched against the status quo. It is the final nail in the coffin.
  24. I think the ban on international tournament participation for the players is the one and only hope left to stop this. Even the threat of leaving the domestic competitions won't do enough. But if FIFA and UEFA fold on the international ban then all is lost.
  25. To state the obvious - if somehow someway we were a top 6 club right now, Venkys would sign us up with a blink of an eye. Greed and owners who couldn't give the slightest toss about the fans and the communities around the club are the problem. And the FA allowing such takeovers unchallenged is what has opened the door to this farce. The only way out of this is mass protests, mass boycotts until owners focused solely on money are forced out. Ourselves included. The game continues dying and mutating into something very ugly the longer this goes on.
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