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  1. At this point I'd be surprised if the cleaning lady hasn't worked with Mowbray before.
  2. If Armstrong goes and we don't replace him, it won't even be a battle unfortunately, we will drop as a rock, relying only on Kaminski miracle games to earn us a few points.
  3. Rare to say this but fully back the United fans, this is what taking a stand looks like. This is the only way to stand up to Venkys too. I don't care how many tables we fall, souless ownership is never to be accepted.
  4. Do they not already own clubs in China and elsewhere, attracting at least some star players, playing in front of pretty big stadiums and crowds? If money in football was spread around more clubs on more continents that would be so much better for everyone involved.
  5. yep 99.9% certain this nonsense is dead now, but the big threat I mentioned before remains - that the CL is pushed even more into the direction of the big clubs' liking. There was talk about some positive reform happening in football, I hope this doesn't kill those hopes too.
  6. A big, big threat however is if in on paper this Super League is scrapped, but even more "legacy places" are added into the new 36-team Champions League, which pretty much all but ensures a hierarchy of 6 or 8 or so teams that barring a total collapse will always have a place ensured in the group stages. I guess 8 is better than 15 or whatever, but the rot that is the idea behind the Super League most definitely has seeped into the CL, and there is a real threat it will consume it further. But then the obnoxious narrative will be that the top clubs "compromised" due to their "love of the game," when in reality they will have engineered a way to get almost exactly what they were hoping for. So in a way, yeah, if we can have a guarantee that these 15 clubs will be thrown out of the domestic leagues, the players thrown out of international football (and therefore at least a good chunk of top stars will reconsider their clubs) - give that league over to the plastics as it crashes and burns, while the real football fans and clubs go back to the basics - that would be preferable. But I sincerely doubt something so idealistic would happen. Either way, "compromise" will be the devil's word.
  7. While that is sadly true in a way, the ESL is still worse. Even though the 'merit-based' format of the Champions League greatly depends on a clubs finances, the ESL makes it actually impossible for even the slightest challenge to be launched against the status quo. It is the final nail in the coffin.
  8. I think the ban on international tournament participation for the players is the one and only hope left to stop this. Even the threat of leaving the domestic competitions won't do enough. But if FIFA and UEFA fold on the international ban then all is lost.
  9. To state the obvious - if somehow someway we were a top 6 club right now, Venkys would sign us up with a blink of an eye. Greed and owners who couldn't give the slightest toss about the fans and the communities around the club are the problem. And the FA allowing such takeovers unchallenged is what has opened the door to this farce. The only way out of this is mass protests, mass boycotts until owners focused solely on money are forced out. Ourselves included. The game continues dying and mutating into something very ugly the longer this goes on.
  10. TM doesn't matter anymore. As long as we have Venkys they will continue making idiotic decisions that will ruin any and all hope we have. Venkys have to go. if we have to start from the bottom without them, but revert to being a very well run club, so be it.
  11. Yep, which is why there's no point in even getting angry at TM anymore. He has dared the owners to sack him, they have said no. The owners are the problem, always have been, and we are going absolutely nowhere good with them on board. I don't care if they appoint Guardiola tomorrow, Venkys will always be the bane of this club.
  12. I'm not even sure what to say or to think anymore. Sack him now, ok, but what is the message then? 'Things were ok up until this point, but now it's too much?' No. If Venkys think the past year, let alone the past few months, was ok in any way shape or form then we are doomed. I mean it's not even TM's fault anymore, in terms of his job performance he has been a useless sack of s*** for a long time now, and the owners seem to be keeping him on out of spite toward the fans. I'm just at a loss, I really am. It seems that we are going straight to hell and that is that.
  13. Tony's one and only ambition is, if everything goes well, if we suffer no injuries, if luck is on our side, that we progress from being 5 years behind Brentford to being 4 years behind Brentford.
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2011/jul/26/blackburn-rovers-champions-league 10 Years ago Venkys were talking about qualifying for the Champions League. Today they are allowing the manager to talk about being 4-5 years behind Brentford. It's maddening really.
  15. One very very big question is where do the FFP rules stand at this point in time. If there is even the slightest bit of common sense they should be set aside not only for the upcoming season but several seasons to come (and reworked from the ground up). If not we are well and truly screwed.
  16. Our manager, the manager of Blackburn Rovers F.C., has just said we are working hard in order to replicate.....Brentford. Brentford. We really are beneath contempt in his eyes. He and fans who share his 'small town, small club, happy with second rate scraps' mentality are the reason why we are where we are. Our Premier League success, including coming back to it, was no fluke. It was no accident. It is where self-confidence, determination, and motivation takes you. Three words that have become anathema under Venkys.
  17. To the people who think there would be any hope left if/when we sell Arma in the summer - welcome to your line-up without him.
  18. A good fitness coach is an integral part to preventing injuries, I do believe? We desperately need improvement in that area.
  19. Top page photo on LET is Tony. Only one reason I thought. Surely one reason. ...Nope. Its more of Tony explaining his "bigger picture" to us.
  20. This has to be the end. It has to be. Please God tomorrow morning good news. Please this has to be the end of it.
  21. Surely this is the final end, right? Surely he's gone in the morning?
  22. We rely on Coventry to save our prospects for next season. If we keep TM nothing will improve, that is a fact.
  23. So then we are entering the depressing situation of wanting to lose the next game so we can get a new manager and have any kind of hope for next season.
  24. It's absolutely sickening really how untouchable he thinks he is. What are Venkys doing.
  25. Tony's new line of defense seems to be 'if Liverpool are losing anyone can lose, so what do you want from me?'
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