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  1. He won't be sacked, our only prayer is if he does the right thing and goes himself.
  2. I want to be angry (well I am angry) but what is the point, TM won't leave no matter how embarrassing things get. No pressure on him, and the players aren't interested in him. Painful all around.
  3. Of our current defenders I would keep Nyambe. Everyone else has been a complete letdown to flat out disgraceful. If there is even the slightest opportunity to spend it must all be in the back four department.
  4. He's been given a job for life, that much is clear. The sinking thing is he seems to have no intention of leaving. Mediocrity is our sentence.
  5. Just seen the goals. Shambolic defending on our part, but then Elliott's goal was actually another top quality one, that turn to drive it in is not easy at all.
  6. I sincerely was thinking it was going to happen this season. Massive egg on my face.
  7. Astonishing still how underappreciated Big Sam is. Sacking him goes down as one of the biggest mistake in our history (well, if you count Venkys as 'we')
  8. Hopefully it's not too disastrous....play offs are not going to happen until Dack and Travis come back and hit top form. The only question is we will have fallen too far back by then.
  9. I like that in theory, but I feel the midfield then is just too weak and we will be dominated in terms of possession every game. Maybe when we get Travis back and if Holtby can maintain top performance...
  10. The thing is Williams and Lenihan have a natural partnership and make each other better than they are individually. Not by a great deal, but by enough to make a small difference. I would have expected TM to see that. Left back remains questionable. Douglas is ok - which by itself is an improvement on Bell - but merely ok is not enough to cope with quality teams. Fortitude is going to be needed in droves tomorrow.
  11. How long until Williams returns? If we can't get Lenihan's red rescinded we are in very serious trouble I am afraid to say. No matter how well the team is otherwise doing if we have a large open gap in CB with only inexperienced youngsters filling in...things do not look good.
  12. feels like a win for sure! No idea who what team we can put on next time but we take this result for sure
  13. Lenihan has some qualities but there is no denying he has very, very little footballing intelligence. What does he think is going to happen when he is pulling and pushing the opponent in the penalty area? Instead of giving away just a goal he gave away the entire game with that. A joke that he is given the captain's armband too, you need someone with a head on their shoulders for that.
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