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  1. To the people who think there would be any hope left if/when we sell Arma in the summer - welcome to your line-up without him.
  2. A good fitness coach is an integral part to preventing injuries, I do believe? We desperately need improvement in that area.
  3. Top page photo on LET is Tony. Only one reason I thought. Surely one reason. ...Nope. Its more of Tony explaining his "bigger picture" to us.
  4. This has to be the end. It has to be. Please God tomorrow morning good news. Please this has to be the end of it.
  5. Surely this is the final end, right? Surely he's gone in the morning?
  6. We rely on Coventry to save our prospects for next season. If we keep TM nothing will improve, that is a fact.
  7. So then we are entering the depressing situation of wanting to lose the next game so we can get a new manager and have any kind of hope for next season.
  8. It's absolutely sickening really how untouchable he thinks he is. What are Venkys doing.
  9. Tony's new line of defense seems to be 'if Liverpool are losing anyone can lose, so what do you want from me?'
  10. I actually for some inexplicable reason had some slight, faint hope I would check the news this morning and find that lo and behold Venkys have sacked him. Something was just telling me even they must have had enough. It must have been heartburn...
  11. I think he has a main plan of sorts, and in the rare times the other manager doesnt prepare in any way for us we play well - but the problem is for the majority of opposition managers he is completely easy to figure out and our game plan is countered and nullified entirely. He simply does not have the talent or skill to be winning football matches against even half prepared opposition. His biggest skill by far seems to be talking in the ears of owners convincing them he knows what he is doing. He is an expert at keeping his job but a failure of a football manager.
  12. I just don't understand Venkys. If they have 0 interest in the club why are they funding it. If they would, however, be it for their own image or anything else, want to see their investment produce results, why are they still sticking with TM? They are business people, they know what would happen if they kept around failing managers for years in their other industries. Is there some hidden benefit to staying in the Championship I don't know about? It truly makes no sense why they keep putting money in but are not demanding results.
  13. It is absolutely tragic that a better manager did not get a chance to use these players and push us to the next level. Mowbray has cost us a chance at least at the play offs, that much is clear. The players individually are good enough. The manager is not.
  14. We are vampires and the top 6 are garlic and the cross.
  15. Good transfer window movements there, interested to see this Pickering lad next season. Only question is...are we buying him for the Premiership, or is Mowbray resigned we will be in the Championship again? Because if it's the former, I'm not entirely sure we can expect him to go from league 1 to the Prem...if it's the latter...how does the manager expect to motivate the players if he himself doesn't believe we can pull it off?
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