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[Archived] The Official Pfa Free List


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If this is the best on the free,your better off as you are.I haven't even heard of some of them.

Francois Clerc(are you short of right backs :lol: )

Jose Goncalves

Gai Assulin

Jeremie Aliadiere(sad to see he's wasted his talent)

Said Boutahar

Michael Rensing

Yohan Hautcoeur

Anderson de Franca

Liam Rosenior

Bartholomew Ogbeche

Sean Thornton

Maurizio Lanzaro

Patrick Babatunde Ogunsoto

Pierre Boya

Bram Castro

Abubakari Yakubu

Steve Olfers

Lamine Traore

Franck Signorino

Filip Sebo

Ben May

Izale McLeod

Habibou Traore

Axel Cedric Konan

Danny Mathijssen

Calum Davenport

Patrick Dimbala

Walter Ariel Garcia

Jasar Takak

Barbaros Bahadir Barut

Joseph Enakarhire

Faruk Bayar

Armand Mondakan

Bojan Neziri

Francisco Espigares

Timo Ochs

Ilias Kyriakidis

Kevin Schoneberg

Samir El Gaaouiri

Nicolas Medina

Matt Moussilou

Yves Makaba-Makalamby

Hamed Namouchi

Fahri Tatan

Jonathan Aspas Juncal

Gabriel Ngalula Mbuyi

David Johnson

Bruno dos Santos Moraes

Anouar Diba

Namandian Traore

Mahmut Hanefi Erdogdu

Alexander Hyun Yi

Kleopas Giannou

Paul Quasten

Bilal Aziz

Mourad Benhamida

Joao Martins

Dennis Cagara

Jocelyn Ahoueya

Agusti Tapia

Herby Fortunat

Fabian Lamotte

Alexis Ngambi

Dragan Cadikovski

Marc Gouiffe Goufan

Marco Ingrao

Heiner Backhaus

Baldo Di Gregorio

Mohamed Camara

Martin Stoll

Denis Calincov

Denis Arthur Mboudgui Dourandi

Moktar Mangane

Patrick Osoinik

Vahan Gevorgyan

Justice Longs Christopher

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on another note: liam rosenior legend! deserves a job anywhere!

Not a great pro though.

A friend from uni knows him well (they went to all the same schools together). When he was at Fulham he missed a game on New Year's Day, official reason was an injury. In reality he'd got hammered the night before and fallen asleep in the train station. I've seen a funny video of him too, leaping over a bonfire a friend's garden with someone in the background yelling "STOP IT YOU'VE GOT A GAME TOMORROW!".

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