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Ruben Rochina Signs

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Welcome aboard Ruben, shame there is no cup games for him to play in now.

Edit: The 'goal' at 2:20 went wide, great skill though

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I read it a few hours ago now but I'm sure Kean said he will be be fighting for a starting place upon his arrival. Delighted if this is true but wouldn't be surprised if it was a little while till we see him. Happy at this. I know very little about him but as mentioned he has come through the ranks at Barca and it doesn't appear to have been a knee jerk reaction signing as his name has been floating around for a while. The fact Barca offered him a contract recently and have got the buyback clause (possibly something they always do) gives me confidence he could prove to be a positive acquisition.

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He reminds me of Pedro from those clips. I know it's a lazy comparison and he's obviously not as good, but as soon as I watched I thought Pedro.

Great footwork and balance but not an amazing amount of pace.

Looking forward to seeing him play. Might get a go off the bench against Spurs if Roque is out.

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I tried a Rueben in Florida didn't think too much of it (American corned beef is just weird) hope our Ruben is better!

That's because it's pastrami, not corned beef! :D Completely off topic but that made me laugh...

And yes, I hope our Ruben is better than a Reuben sandwich...

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