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  1. When is this undefeated streak that Tony is thinking is going to happen...going to happen? Two kids at centre back, a new formation and a truckload of changes...when will Venkys pull the plug?
  2. Lies, damn lies and then there are statistics. We have barely created a few chances in the last few games. He does have a point with injuries...however if you had a style of play that you truly believed in then you would play that in every game. You can't say we should be top six at the start of the season and when by Feb we are ten points adrift, expect criticism. Mowbray needs to go, but he won't. So we can only hope that we stay clear of injuries.
  3. Play your best team, play a system and you'll win games if your players are decent aka Derby County atm. This is a sorry shambles. Can anyone predict next week's first 11? I could name about 6 and after that it's anyone's guess.
  4. Josh King moving to everton for between 5-6 million. That's about 1 million, 1.2 million for us. May explain the money for Pickering.
  5. Two excellent signings today. One for the present and one for the future. By all accounts we signed Pickering because we have allowed him to go back to Crewe. The conversation about signing loans Vs permanent is an excellent one. I think a balance of both is what we need and I think we have it just right atm. Who knows what we achieve in the next few months but I still feel Tony should move on at the end of the season.
  6. I'd love to know the last time we picked an unchanged team. Injuries are decimating the way we are playing atm as well as a rubbish pitch. Great three points.
  7. How have they been robbed?? Unless you've seen an angle of the goal that I haven't, it was offside.
  8. No chance on Kipre in the summer, he must be on at least double with West Brom.
  9. Free school meals- 30 pounds a week, below is what has been given to families for ONE CHILD (costed at 5 pounds). For what it's worth this is seemingly down to individual companies not the government, but where are the checks? Disgusting
  10. This would be an excellent signing. Send Douglas back and another CB on loan and I would be ecstatic!
  11. Brand new fact that he discovered literally 24 Hours later.
  12. Well I was in at 6am 😜 waiting for our covid tests.
  13. Actually Chaddy, we were told to prepare for mass testing of pupils for next week...so no the schools are not closed, nor were they in the first lockdown. We have set up everything and apparently army personnel were going to test the pupils...let me know if you know where they are, we are still awaiting details...
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