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[Archived] Robbie Cotton


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heard that he is a great prospect. Kean rated him as a new stevie g, but we all know spud head likes a good comparison, we've all heard them.

But with N'Zonzi banned for the next two games, Grella in no mans land, Petrovic struggling with the pace and Dunn playing very sluggishly. Just wondering if the kid could be thrust into action, would bring legs and freshness to the midfield. Anyone seen him play or know how his development is going?

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To an.extent, the point im trying to get accross is that heights not a problem if your good enough.

When he says too small I think he means his physical stats (strength etc) rather than his height. He does look a bit skinny for the first team to me.

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"Rovers did say I was too small and to be fair I didn’t grow until I was 18. " - Anthony Pilkington

That still doesn't change the fact he is too lightweight for the first team NOW, which is what the original post and the whole thread has been about.

Don't think people are doubting his potential ability to be fair. I mean what age is he, 16?

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