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[Archived] BBC Radio Lancashire this Wednesday

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Like most "new section" suggestion can I suggest you start a thread (I'd do it, but I know nothing about grassroots football) and if there is enough demand we'll spin it out into it's own section.

I'll have a think about how to do that. They kind of seem like different beasts (single threads v forum sections).

But I understand your stance.

We did used to have a 5 a side team and even played some 11 a sides after other fans teams in Europe, but we not done anything it year. So, if anyone would like to try and resurrect it, I'd love for us to be able put our name (and possibly sponsorship) to a team.

Now is the time to be thinking about it. Even if it's just a 5-aside team (or teams) up at the DW. If there's anyone with more time on their hands than me (currently) it'd be worth looking into.

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1) Paul Hunt is not in the loop

2) The contract for selling players is already signed

3) Nice to know he wants us to have a good time

1)From his interview I'm not sure he's on the same planet.

2)Superb thanks for the memories Robbo, Givet, Junior, N'zonzi, Olsson and whoever else we can get a tidy profit for! (I live in hope that another team may believe the media who-ha over Kean and take him away from us)

3)Aye it's most blokes finest hour when someones pouring ###### down your throat whilst shoving a mop up your arse. Them's the memories.

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