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[Archived] F.A.O: MG ROAD

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Did a search and found this - is it the same guy?? Interestingly in the list of other people who viewed his profile a few are to do with sport/football.

He is listed as the commercial manager for this company - who are in business doing this

Also found him as part of Venkys Brazil as mentioned already.

Can't find anything connecting him to Rovers, except his connection with venky's........

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While you are on the radar I don't suppose you know if there are going to be any further comments from your employers on the future of the club, kean etc.. or is everyone still confused ?

Nick Harris said on twitter that Balaji is telling friends & advisors that Kean has 4 games of Championship season to save his job.

Is this something you have heard ?

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It has been out there for ages.

Aye, I'm sure it has. But why bring it up again now? With talk of "we may be in the darkest part of the night", or "it's at it's darkest just before dawn", and things moving on quicker than we could have hoped, it just seems strange to create a new thread about the Brazilian Fixer (as I'm sure Alan Nixon referred to him once, when he probably meant to say, Brazillian Chicken Farmer).

I'm probably reading too much into things. However I am now holding out immense hope that good news is imminent purely because Mark used a smiley wearing a Santa hat at the end of his post. Now to some that could be seen to be clutching at straws, reading far too much into the use of a graphic, but nigh on 20 months in I'm quite prepared to take anything, i'm hanging on that little yellow smiley and his red and white jovial hat.

This is the fella :xmas: A symbol of hope? Or just 6 months before his time?

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Whoever this fella is, apparently he posted on this website in the comments section http://premierleaguebrasil.com.br/2010/10/26/grupo-indiano-de-olho-no-blackburn-rovers/

Sou Gerente da empresa Venky’s (VH Group) no Brasil… se este negócio se realizar me comprometo a trazer o Blackburn para alguns amistosos ao Brasil, e valorizar o intercâmbio entre a Premier League e as oportunidades para jogadores brasileiros por lá…abraços.

Which google translates as:

I am manager of the company Venky's (Group VH) in Brazil ... this business is performing commit myself to bring Blackburn to Brazil for some friendly, and enhance exchanges between the Premier League and the opportunities for Brazilian players there ... hugs.

Hugs indeed.

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