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[Archived] Maddi's Butterflies

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hello ppl

can anybody tell me wat the name of the charity of that child that died last year so there sat up a charity in her memory where those school kids sung a song today at half time

thought the song that the school kids perform was excellent n hope everyone gives some money to it and download the song???

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One bright spot of the day. They were really good bless em, although they must have been freezing most of them didn't even have coats on :)

They were told to take their coats off so that the uniform could be seen.

Unbelievable really in these days of Health and Safety

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I dont normally take much notice of the half-time "entertainment", but on this occasion I was absolutely enthralled - well done kids!

totally agree with that.

just hope Rovers fans will donate even if its a couple of pounds.

Thanks Mods for changing the name of topic.

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