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[Archived] Ipswich At Home 15.10.16

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With respect I think you're insulting the intelligence of those that continue to attend there Cap. Everyone can see our position on the pitch is directly correlated to Venky's period of ownership. Nor does anyone "accept" the situation in the sense they're in any way happy with it.

There is however a point though when you have to be realistic and accept that whilst it would be wonderful if Venky's could be forced out tomorrow and we could all live happily ever after, we are 100m plus in debt and there is no-one out there as far as I am aware with sufficient means who is interested in taking over the running of the Club.

So the people you criticise are perhaps not so much "accepting" or weak and spineless as is often suggested by others on here but people who have made a conscious decision to be strong enough not to be railroaded into a course of action with no apparent "Plan B" in place.

If Venky's could be persuaded to write off their proportion of the debt or the hypothetical "Jack Walker Mark 2" could be located by any of the protestors then of course the situation would become entirely different.

Not sure were you are getting the insult from Rev and apologies if it does read like that ( still can't see it though) and feel your post just falls into the line of what many are saying about head in sand etc

You state about realistic - when the only reality in it all is that the club is /has been destroyed and is dieing.

From my perspective - nobody is being railroaded just being asked to contribute to existing efforts or come up with other ideas

As I posted - its a bit hypocritical of folk to condemn others for taking a stance 'against' the owners /circus and come on here complaining about what is happening on the pitch/at games when it is quite evident that until the loons are gone we cannot begin to rebuild.

It matters not to me whether somebody is waiting in the wings - its about getting these idiots and disease out of the club which then it could at least be looked at where we stand and what can be done.

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If we wait to see all the ducks are in a row before we protest against Venkys, we will wait forever.

Our job is to do everything possible to get them out.

Not up to us to find replacements,

Hardly possible that anyone could do worse so what is there to lose?

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