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[Archived] Ipswich At Home 15.10.16

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Very poor performance. No ambition from Rovers in an attacking sense.

Steele make some good saves.

Ipswich were poor and with the attacking players we should have beaten them but we never looked like it.

Coyle was happy with a point and clean sheet all game.

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Sounded like utter garbage, cue Coyle waxing lyrically about the clean sheet. We are crap, rudderless, crap manager, worse than crap owners. Going down going down.

There, am I a proper fan now, don't want to upset the real fans on here cos we all know the likes of Parson and Chaddy are not proper fans. Jesus H Christ.

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£24 saved.

Players who would accept mediocrity if only they were that good. A manager who knows it's his last job in a real league maybe even can't get one in obscure Middle East football. Owners venkys enough said.

I'm certainly not being enticed back and not even struggling with boycotting. It's bad enough watching them away let alone being tortured here as well.

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Coyle is an absolute moron and an abysmal manager but will no doubt be here all season, regardless of results.

Spot on, been saying that all along. He was hired above other better qualified managers ffs, he's going nowhere. He's here to do a job and it's nowt to do with football. I mean Warnock, Adkins both cast aside for this donut fetching clown.

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Coyle isn't going anywhere irrespective of results. The Venkys love a dud.

Any manager with a pedigree and standards will walk like lambert, who I believe checked out long before he left. Or managers like Kean, bowyer and coyle know this is as good as it gets for them (even as terrible as we are) and will cling on to the job with all their power.

All negative roads lead back to the owners. But as they pay the bills were meant to be grateful for their continued incompetence right.

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