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[Archived] Ipswich At Home 15.10.16

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New motto:-

Play Lowe, finish low.

Marshall has to move back to RB.

Lowe is suspended. But what are the chances/odds, we destroy Ipswich, and the next match Lowe is back in.

Same here, 'Boots. I have no idea we're playing until someone posts the match thread.

Apathy thy name is Rovers.

Ditto. Im actually just interested and waiting for the Wolves game.
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Shows how little interest I currently have. I hadn't a clue who we are playing this weekend. In fact I'd actually forgotten we are playing

I am boycotting too and I guess this is the danger for the club.I didn't know who we were playing either. I had even booked to be away without even checking whether Rovers were at home. So unthinkable for most of my life.

All the research shows that clubs don't regain the supporters, who break the habit.

What does worry me is the possibility that "apathy generation" is part of a deliberate strategy, reducing opposition, as the "owners" move through dumbing towards winding down.

The Wolves game is proving a dangerously long time to wait before the much needed oxygen/drama of protest!

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It's winnable this one but i suppose in reality it's got draw written all over it. Not often a big Mick team will go away and go for it so they'll be looking for a shut out and pinch something whilst we'll huff and puff as usual and concede a crap goal.

Rovers 1 Ipswich 1

10,286 (600 aways)

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Volunteered for this ages ago , heard nothing so as a result I'm on overtime at work . WHY is everything so disorganised and left til the last minute ?

Abs it was discussed and arranged at the Proactive meeting and volunteers sought and was detailed in the minutes


Back to the game - once for Mercer - banker draw if ever there was one

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