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SINCE 1996
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PLAYER WATCH v Birmingham City (A)

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PLAYER WATCH v Birmingham City (A)

Each incident in the match was rated on the following scale: 

+5 GOAL 

+4 Excellent play 

+3 Very good play 

+2 Pleasing/good play 

+1 Decent play 

  0 Routine stuff 

-1 Sloppy play 

 -2 Disappointing/poor play  

 -3 Very poor play 

 -4 Terrible play 

 -5 Own goal 

The ratings for each player were then combined to produce a measure of the players overall contribution to the match. 


Key incidents per player = coloured stars              Overall contribution = numbers

Kaminski               *******  **     9                              

Brown                    ***************  ***********     4     

Ayala                      ****************  ****    14

Wharton                ********************  *****     21

Pickering               ******************* ******     15

Travis                     *************** **************     3

Buckley                  *******************  *******     23

Edun (45)               ****  ******     -6  

Hedges                  ****************  ********     10

Gallagher (76)       *************** *********     10

Diaz (65)                *****  ****    7


Dack (45)                *     0

Markanday (65)    ***  ***       0

Vale (76)                *****  *     5


Highlights and Lowlights 

(A justification for the main ratings given above)


Tony’s farewell? He’s decided not to pick players who have not committed to the club next year. Players “out of contract” or on loan will not feature…….unless we run out of numbers.

James Brown makes his debut. Markanday and Vale (fresh from his 4 goals for the U23s) are on the bench.



Brown Ayala Wharton Pickering

Travis Edun

Hedges Buckley Gallagher 



01 A first touch for Brown as he competes with the winger for a loose ball but the winger outmuscles him and gets in a cross ……  it’s a bit too long.

04 The first of those infuriating offside situations where Pickering fires a nice long ball down the channels but Diaz has misjudged it.

05 Good challenge from Brown as he takes the ball off the attacker.

Now he makes a clearance against the City man and it’s out for a goal-kick.

06 Some nice approach play from Rovers and Pickering lobs the ball to Gallagher, on the penalty spot but it’s a little bit behind him and he doesn’t connect perfectly with his attempted left-footed volley……. it goes straight into the keeper’s arms.

09 Travis jockeys James well and directs him to the wing but when James lays it off, Travis doesn’t stay with him and James runs to the byline and puts in a dangerous cross. Fortunately there’s no one there and Hedges nudges it to safety, out for a throw.

12 Brown wins another challenge on the wing and comes away with the ball.

From our half Buckley fires a lovely long ball to Hedges on the right wing. He brings it down nicely on his thigh, cuts inside his marker and from 18 yards out crosses to Diaz on the penalty spot but Ben’s glancing header is a poor contact and the chance is gone. He did get into a great position though, moving in front of his marker neatly!

13 I’ve had a bit of a bee in my bonnet through all the recent defensive failures…..bring back Ayala - who was a rock in the first half of the season, helping to organise the defence and, as here, putting in commanding aerial challenges which send the ball half the length of the pitch!

14 the wily Hernandez tries to kick and rush past Brown but The Rovers man is good enough and comes away with the ball.

15 Pickering is challenged to a foot race by Chong but again the Rover wins the ball.

21 A nice crossfield pass from Diaz to Hedges on the right wing. He takes it forward and fires in a powerful shot from 20 yards but the keeper beats it away at the near post.

25 Another good clearing header from a City corner by Ayala.

Edun miscontrols a bouncing ball and it ricochets ro a City forward but his shot hits Wharton and goes out of play.

26 A poor pass from Edun kills the momentum as we looked to counter-attack.

27 Ayala brings the ball to halfway but his touch is heavy and he loses it. There’s a big hole and City have a great chance to attack. Wharton comes across the box to clear up and it’s out for a throw. From the long throw Ayala is back to what he does best, heading well clear.

28 A lovely turn away from his man and then a good crossfield ball from Buckley to Diaz. He lays off to Hedges who lays it gently back to Buckley, 30 yards out on the right, and he smashes it first time into the top left corner of the net!!! Sensational goal, …..could be goal of the season! The other players are stunned, Hedges is holding his head in disbelief!

33 Hernandez has a head start on Brown as they chase a ball down the wing but Brown gets back to get a foot in and hold him up and the City momentum is lost.

Then there’s a poor pass by Pickering followed by another from Edun.

35 This time it’s Hedges who plays the poor pass. Now it’s Wharton and it’s a City corner.

38 Gallagher is first to a loose ball in the corner of the City box. He flicks the ball beautifully through to Hedges, in the clear 12 yards out, but his shot hits the top of the bar. He should have scored. Hedges holds his head again! I think he panicked!

40 This time Hernandez is far too good for Brown and runs rings around him. He passes to Bacuna but his shot is weak and off-target.

41 A bad foul by Edun near the flag and it’s a yellow card.

44 Pickering picks up a loose ball 30 yards out. You have to see this……he offloads casually  to Diaz. He’s level with the left edge of the box 25 yards out with a man in front of him. He unfurls the most outrageous inswinging, dipping shot over the startled keeper and into the top right corner of the net. Absolutely no one was expecting that! Fabulous goal and put that down as another contender for goal of the season! This time both Pickering and Hedges have their hands to their faces in wonder! Beam me up Scotty!


45 Edun off, Dack on.

47 It’s a City corner and Pickering loses Taylor who heads the ball towards the top left corner from about 3 yards but somehow Kaminski gets a hand to it! Great save.

48 Bacuna beats Travis comprehensively on the edge of the box, then Buckley has a go…then Travis again and finally the City man is over-crowded and gives up the goal-kick.

58 Pickering receives the ball 30 yards out and runs forward before back-heeling to Diaz who shoots from 20 yards. It’s all along the floor and the keeper flings himself horizontal to parry away. Gallagher chases the rebound but he was offside.

59 Another of those fancy flicks from Hedges but Gallagher isn’t good enough to return the ball.

60 Henandez is too good for Brown this time but Ayala is there to block him out on the byline. Goal-kick.

61 Some fancy footwork from Hernandez beats Travis but Brown slides in effectively to concede the throw.

64 Gallagher, near the centre-circle, wins a long ball flick-on. There’s some sloppy play from City and Gallagher picks up  the loose ball and tries to slip it into the box for Hedges. A defender gets a foot in but it still runs for Hedges and near the right corner of the 6 yard box, he tries to lob the out-rushing keeper but it’s saved. Brown loses out to Hernandez but Buckley puts in one of those deceptively effective challenges to dispossess him. John’s been very quiet this half.

65 Diaz off, Markanday on.

74 A good chase back by Brown as he gets in an important challenge on Hernandez. Oh! I thought that was a good robust challenge by Ayala but it’s ruled a foul….just outside the D! Taylor puts it over the bar.

76 Gallagher off, Vale on.

Vale blocks out for a throw-in.

77 Pedersen receives the ball just inside our half, on the City left. Markanday is too lethargic as he strolls by. Travis loses James who receives Pedersen’s short pass; he plays a 1-2 back to Pedersen and Buckley’s challenge is powerpuff. He then pokes the ball beyond Ayala into the box. Wharton looks favourite but the City man is more determined, he gets there first and puts the ball into the far right corner. A quality goal in all honesty.

79 Brown misjudges a ball down the wing, ends up on his backside and Hernandez collects near the flag. To be fair, Brown gets back and blocks the City man’s cross out for a corner.

81 Unusual! We get an indirect free kick just inside their box for the goalie picking up a backpass! Buckley taps to Dack but his shot hits the wall.

84 A nice flick from Dack down the wing and Vale puts his cross square across the 6 yard box but there’s no Rover around.

86 Buckley, near halfway, lobs an inch perfect pass to Markanday on the left of the D. After a bit of fancy footwork he squares 10 yards out but there’s no one there.

87 Vale wins a challenge midway in the City half, Hedges slips a neat ball to  Markanday and he’s clear one on one. The goalie rushes out and spreads himself to save Markanday’s shot. He should have done better there!

Brown’s attempted forward ball hits a City man and rebounds dangerously. Bellingham takes it forward. Brown rushes back and Bellingham’s quick turn puts Brown on his backside just outside the D. His shot rolls wide of the right post.

91 Brown miscontrols a long hoof downfield and concedes the corner. Kaminski punches clear.

94 The final, final whistle goes. Ultimately it was a disappointing end of season which, at one time, seemed so promising. Nevertheless, we are Rovers fans and we learn to endure it. Players come and players go and today we got a glimpse of a future Rovers side. It wasn’t too bad was it?

Anyway what keeps us coming back is always the tantalising dream that next season will be the one…..definitely!

O.k. that’s all from me. For the folks that have stuck with me over the season, thanks for reading and thanks for the encouraging comments…… I’ve enjoyed your company.  Maybe I’ll see you next time?

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Final version. Note: 2 early matches are missing because I had no access to the videos. Players had to be on the pitch for 60 minutes to be graded. Players on the pitch between 60 and 90 minutes had their scores scaled up to 90 minutes.FAB3BC98-4542-45D6-A027-2700EEFF5B6D.thumb.jpeg.484cd7eaca9b0f217c05e48afc6411f0.jpeg

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Just now, Exiled in Toronto said:

Well done Tony, thanks for all the hard work!

Another game where you system confirmed that Dack has been beyond peripheral since his return. I’m not sure all that’s missing is a pre-season for him.

He needs another bang on the knee that he can walk away from. That’ll help him get his confidence back. Speaking from personal  experience I needed a kick on the leg that I could walk away from. I got a kick on the leg that I couldn’t walk away from.

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7 hours ago, Exiled in Toronto said:

Another game where you system confirmed that Dack has been beyond peripheral since his return. I’m not sure all that’s missing is a pre-season for him.

Yes, I’ve been thinking the same. Let’s hope we’re wrong and he can get back to normal before too long.

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Dilan Markanday said the 20 minutes in the first team against Birmingham helped him a lot mentally after being injured for over 3 months, and is looking forward to next season.I think it's another master stroke from Tony Mowbray, i reckon he will be up there with Dack and BBD. Lets give Tony credit were it due we were quick to put the blame on him when things went wrong.I am looking forward to next season with the talent still on show, specially Buckley who has come of age football wise.I think Brown had a nervous but decent debut and can only get better.

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Bbd won’t be here, dack hasn’t looked right since he came back and no one knows how he will be next season. I’m excited to see what markanday can do but less than an hour of first team football isnt replacing Ben. I’m excited to watch them grow but I’m not expecting much as far as the season as whole is concerned 

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19 minutes ago, Oldgregg86 said:

I’m excited to watch them grow but I’m not expecting much as far as the season as whole is concerned 

As a fellow veteran, I think you’ll be secretly optimistic when the whistle blows!

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