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  1. Crimpshrine

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    A very bold statement. Reading are top of the league and playing well
  2. Crimpshrine

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    I listened on the radio and Evans was mentioned twice. Once in the first half and once when he was subbed. As many have mentioned, we may play some 'nice' football now and again but we just don't have the winning mentallity. We have a soft centre. We have beaten Wycombe and Derby who have accumulated 3 points between the pair of them this season. all the other games have been a big disappointment.
  3. Crimpshrine

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Very true. It's a squad game and we can't write points off because we have a few players missing. Holtby, Rothwell and Williams were hardly first names on the team sheet last season so I don't see why they are suddenly so essential. We played as badly against Cardiff when they were all present. we need to find ways of winning whatever the circumstances otherwise another mid table season beckons.
  4. Crimpshrine

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Good idea. We need to concentrate on today's shite.
  5. Crimpshrine

    Rovers' finances

    Nice wind up
  6. Crimpshrine

    The State of Ewood Park!

    This attitude is obviously seeps down through the hierarchy of the club. If only we had owners who cared, if only we had a board who cared ( or a functioning board at all ). Can you imagine this sort of attitude prevailing when Jack was around and John Williams was in the building?
  7. Crimpshrine

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Slightly worrying that our squad could be looking a little thin already. Ayala - only one match under his belt Nyambe - Not really a CB JRC - very inexperienced And with Bell at LB ? - Not ideal really. With Lenihan being injury prone and picking up bookings regularly, I think Del looks like a vital player this season - this doesn't reduce the worrying!
  8. Crimpshrine

    Rovers Radio

    Well done - It takes a lot of time and effort to get something like this off the ground. Very enjoyable first show.
  9. Crimpshrine

    Derby V Rovers

    Just play 11 forwards. Change goalie after every goal.
  10. Crimpshrine

    Derby V Rovers

    To predict a score in seventeen syllables is very diffic.....
  11. Crimpshrine

    Summer Transfer Window

    The dramatically higher share prices were mainly due to the beef ban in India. All poultry companies in that part of the world benfited and Venky's are one of the highest profile so thet did really well out of it in terms of share price and profits.
  12. Crimpshrine

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    Totally speechless !
  13. Crimpshrine

    Summer Transfer Window

    We've needed a class CB for so long that it's a massive relief to get Ayala. I'm hoping he will also bring the leadership qualities we badly need.
  14. Crimpshrine

    Summer Transfer Window

    I notice Ayala hasn't played since 1st Jan. Has he been injured ? Initially looked up Ruben Ayala who hasn't played since 1984!
  15. Crimpshrine

    Bournemouth away

    Really? please explain.

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