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  1. I don’t think we have any excuses for failing to beat Bury away, even before that defeat. Looking forward to Saturday though, I think the atmosphere could be cracking with Rovers fans in each end!
  2. Simon Grayson

    Hard to be specific, but since you’re holding a gun to my head; Mid December, anywhere below 8th? Even in that scenario, I’d be really conflicted and worried about the outcome of moving him out and starting again.
  3. I almost compared it to the referendum. I think I must be losing it because from reading most of the thread @tomphil‘s post about another 30/1 ex SEM client struck a chord edit - Tomphil. Not sure what I have done here
  4. I seriously pity you. If you’d been genuinely interested in (previously expressed on many recent occasions, and certainly not constantly re-evaluated result by result) my opinion on why TM should “stick”, you would’ve spent your time asking that question. Instead, it’s apparent that you’d prefer to seek out argument. Go find it somewhere else.
  5. Simon Grayson

    8 managers in 7 years not including caretakers. The embarrassment is those who fail to see how this and our decline is linked. No, As I’ve said repeatedly since the first “sack Mowbray” comments started (in August?!?); We are more likely to fail to be promoted changing at this point. If we continue to slip up, we won’t be top 6 come December and I might start thinking more along the lines of a change. That still doesn’t ignore the probable outcome. Surely, we are in agreement that a Rao owned Blackburn Rovers is perpetually doomed?
  6. Dreams, there are 3 pages and a poll on this topic, the point of the initial post of mine today is to respond to that discussion, potentially more from those who haven’t “alluded” to understanding the situation better. I’d suggest you try to remember that posters aren’t specifically agreeing/disagreeing with your content (unless directly quoting), and the point of a forum is to discuss, give opinion on your own perspective. More than two thirds of Rovers think we should twist. Whilst I appreciate this poll would benefit from more specifics, I still find that percentage completely ridiculous whilst evaluating the previous 8 managers in 7 years. If you could stick to that topic, and refrain from putting everyone through another episode of this nonsense, that would be fantastic.
  7. You’d do well to spend less time actively looking to be insulted. Ofcourse, you know the difference between grouping attending fans as apologists and suggesting the thought process behind some fans judgement is flawed. I don’t have to explain that.
  8. There is a difference between directing personal remarks at specific posters, and criticising a collective viewpoint. Dreams, if your opinion lacks any basis or ignores most recent precedent, it’ll be pointed out. If you can’t take that, I’d consider spending your time elsewhere.
  9. Simon Grayson

    Thing is, lots are advocating history repeating itself. I liked GB a lot and felt he did well for us, but the general consensus is he underachieved. Why pine for another reserve coach?
  10. Simon Grayson

    If the season ended now, we’d be in the playoffs. It’s not mid table, it’s also not good enough, but you’d have to be blind, deaf and stupid to not worry about our beloved owners making decisions like the one many seem to be craving.
  11. Simon Grayson

    Spot on. It’s embarrassing how goldfish-like some of our fans are!
  12. Giving the thumbs up to hiring a youth coach in a shit or bust season is madness. Expecting a proper positive replacement is madness. This thread is testament to a complete lack of scope, memory and cognitive function in our fanbase. I’ve lost faith in TM for certain reasons, but I’d need a lobotomy to ignore the factors at play with this decision. Stick.


    If you can compare this form/tactics to Coyle, you mustn’t have watched any of his tenure, and I’d hazard a guess that you’ve seen zip of TM’s either. We all know it’s a shit or bust season, but ignore the “Rao ball and chain” at your own peril. I also “like” how you tried to top JALs inexplicable problem with David Lowe also, just what has he publicly done wrong? (Besides being called Lowe..)