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  1. Biz

    Venkys 7 years on...

  2. Biz

    Ben Brereton

    @Red what are your thoughts on selling him? From a Forest fans perspective.
  3. Biz

    Rovers' mouth piece - the LT

    Still though, if it’s fair enough to make comments about him being “very poor”, why is it difficult to understand someone like Smith might want to share his own personal opinion too? They’re hardly match reports are they? Plus, going off the mood and discussion here at times, I’d suggest there are a hell of a lot of posters who feel that Tony IS NOT the man to get this team promoted. If you think about it, if the objective is promotion - would those who seriously doubt TMs credentials be all too bothered if the hypothetical *insert Warnockesque name here* situation arose?
  4. Biz

    Rovers' mouth piece - the LT

    Calling Ben Brereton’s 15 minute cameos “very poor” is a vast exaggeration.
  5. Biz

    Rovers' mouth piece - the LT

    Do you know what smattering means?
  6. Biz

    Rovers' mouth piece - the LT

    Hugely agree on the bold quote but I thought his column in the LET is an opinion piece? I just don’t have the same poor opinion as a few on here obviously. Give it time though, I will be paying more attention to the rovers stories on their website in future. I gave up trying to load their articles online when Cryer was still around, and I doubt their advertising has toned down! Was impossible to even get through the pop ups.
  7. Biz

    Rovers' mouth piece - the LT

    Why do you think that PP make those videos as marketing? There is a constant deluge of reactionary emotive nonsense from fans on social media. All you’ve done using that example is point out how ridiculous and prevelant it is! Obviously its scaled down for smaller clubs but I don’t see how saying there’s been some “astonishingly wrong headed muttering post defeat” is suggesting the general opinion at Ewood is that stupid. Even the article suggesting we should trust TMs decisions in the transfer market is fine for me - I agreed at the time that those absolutely dogging the Rodwell signing are indulging in this ridiculous reactionary BS, which serves no purpose other than a cathartic outlet for people to moan.
  8. Biz

    Rovers' mouth piece - the LT

    I’m baffled to see that you’re suggesting these articles will cause friction between fans, especially if you’re saying that nearly (if not) all agree with him anyway - with the notion that moving on TM is stupid. It’s a contradiction, if he was focusing on more “people-splitting” opinions, he’d be doing more to cause friction surely ?! I can think of many more “clickbaity” views that would split this website in half...! I’m sure you can too. As for the other two points - last week of the transfer window I read plenty of opinion here and on twitter suggesting we let Richie move on. Timing wise - to me that comment was utterly ridiculous. Also - within 2 weeks; of B.B. arriving - “can’t play out wide” was an actual comment. On a par with, or as ridiculous as the Armstrong is a “lazy little tosser” + “Tony doesn’t want to attack” which are just over a week old. Some great posters say utterly ridiculous things. Like or dislike the content - Smiths articles are his opinion pieces. How he formulated those opinions is up to him, and anyone with even an ounce of understanding of “clickbait” and modern “journalism” will know what sensationalism is. Have you listened to talkshite recently? It’s basically a constant advert for the latest manager betting odds - since in build up, analysis and actual commentary is only focused on the managers rep and “sack rating”.. Smiths articles are nowhere near this level of sensationalism! Whilst I can understand what you’re saying about the lack of actual “want” from actual rovers fans - there are short sighted and extremely negative comments all over this website about TM. If Smith has decided his opinion piece should reflect how baffling those comments are, then fair enough!
  9. Biz

    Rovers' mouth piece - the LT

    The article makes two key points that I absolutely agree with; 1. The bulk of our first team have returned for this season after playing under Coyle - yet they are unrecognisable in spirit, effort and attitude. 2. Giving anyone else the reigns would be utterly stupid at this moment in time! If there are people suggesting it’s time to move Tony on - and he has had those discussions/read those points of view - it’s hardly surprising to see why he would be frustrated. I personally find that thought process just as confusing, much like many other viewpoints - “release Smallwood” for example, or “Brereton can’t play in a position”... Is Simon, and the rest of us expected to only comment on viewpoints we agree with? Focus on the content - which on this occasion is difficult to disagree with for me.
  10. Biz

    Bradley Dack

    Realist? You mean fantasist surely?
  11. Biz

    Rodwell signs

    I know it’s already said, but really excited by the player we’ve added here - I can see why TM sees him as a centreback but he didn’t half exude class as a midfielder for 25 minutes on Saturday! Our team struggled when the Bolton lads got properly tight and pushed up but definitely positive signs.
  12. Biz

    Ben Brereton

    Do you not think a more confident lad puts that header inside the post instead of 5 metres wide at home to sheff united? Think it was 0-1 at the time like, and whilst he played a couple of wayward passes and looked a bit raw overall, that could’ve changed the game + our perception of him. He did everything right but just caught too much of the ball, good run, well timed jump etc, there’s definitely more to work with than you seem to be suggesting! “The fee is for the Nottingham fans...” to be honest that’s a quote from someone here I agree with. I’d guess it’s set up to be sensible, appearance and promotion based. I’d also guess that we’ve probably more wood for the fire going off TM’s suggestions about being in the mix come Christmas. It’s not like you to be sensationalist is it Merc!
  13. Biz

    Ben Brereton

    There is is lads. Proof that BB is going to be the next big thing. Joking aside though - the fee is being used as an excuse to be overly critical of a 19 year old who’s been here about 6 weeks. That’s an non disclosed fee by the way, and since none of us can predict what the Rao’s will do, it’s not as black and white as this “eggs in basket” debate that’s built on nothing but assumption. Plus 7m (highly doubt it’s that before clauses being met) is the equivalent of 50k in 1992, so I’m not sure what relevance that is? The lad needs time, not hyperbolic criticism! Could do with some guidance on how to tie his laces quicker mind...!
  14. Biz

    Ben Brereton

    I think you can attribute Graham’s form to having competition personally. Another example of what he offers yesterday.
  15. Biz

    Rovers vs Forest

    I agree. To digress a little, I think it’s obvious we tried for chapman and Freeman and I think we will add someone like the aforementioned soon enough. I personally think Harrison Reed is actually fair effective out wide. I like his energy. Especially away: like a ginger Bennett....

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