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  1. Touché, however we might be in a better position than the Cov of said period! If I remember correctly, first season top of league then dropped like a stone amid sales of best players and stadium move....
  2. That sentence sounds different if you include it was at Coventry... Its like defining Henning Bergs career by his 10 games here, not quite but you catch drift.
  3. That my friend, is irony.
  4. #1 problem since the beginning has been a void in structure and ultimate decision making.
  5. I don't even know who he is. I know the club has been ransacked by agents but is it possible some use their powers for good?
  6. Didn't we write the book? Isn't it called; "his knees are Dunn"..
  7. Just like every other era of our club and pretty much every other one!
  8. Absorbing costs is exactly the point. Turnover has steadily dropped year upon year but for some reason (probably something to do with what you mentioned, the profit we've made from certain sales) they've kept the money available for the academy. Its important to remember the initial investment in 2016 has to be repeated year upon year. The facilities have fixed costs and the increased staff is a constant cost, not just the startup. Jones is also the example that probably pushes them to think along the lines you suggest. The point I've made still remains though, we will benefit from the cat 1 status. 3m a season + the wages we pay to players who advance from the academy couldve easily been cut, especially when league revenue has dropped from 2.5m!
  9. Why don't you find out? If you are informed, it shouldn't be difficult.
  10. I agree with much of your post but I felt these two parts are easy to answer and relate to the same question. It's an important stance and action imo, not a "non" story. They chose to keep it running. They could've revoked, cut back or sacked it off. No matter how much you paint this as a "none" decision, it still shows that there is someone or a company still accepting loses based on the cost of this and everything else, minus income. Its a huge burden for a league one club, and at the same time a huge advantage because we've got top class facilities and coaching of our younger players.
  11. Wasn't Richard Brown British!
  12. Just a step out of our range then? Didn't the second season involve a squad based on loans? Bit like ours last year but worse? Not making excuses for TM, I just recall Cov going through a really tough few years, moving ground etc.
  13. I wouldn't let Dianne slip through my fingers pal, but I'd deal with amicable "mutual consent". Besides, shes about a million times more attractive than Theresa May, but that discussion isn't a pre-watershed or transfer related! Jacob Murphy is probably a level or two above what we could realistically attract at current, if it's the player I'm thinking of. Ex Norwich?
  14. Surely the apt rumour is you can't sign for us unless you sign up for the shadow agency
  15. Mutant contest? Sounds like a lineup of my ex birds!