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  1. Same season we bought him? Dack wont leave this window. I’m not sure how you’d get to that thought.
  2. Hit the post at Fulham, one can only dream of such heights these days.
  3. When was the last time we signed someone in the summer, who played well l but sold the winter transfer window? I’ve had a quick look but I can’t see anyone.
  4. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    Northampton on the 27th, I’ll buy you a ticket
  5. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    And his passing was excellent, he started many of our attacks, if not simply giving it to Dack (who again was excellent) then finding a winger, round a corner. Smallwood and Dack are big players for us. I have confidence TM will find more of these individuals to really make us unbeatable in this league. Genuinely buzzing tonight.
  6. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    Elliott Bennett my MOM, screw Evans and Whittingham, he suits the role next to Richie.
  7. New CEO at Ewood

    How many club owners have you seen take their own chairman to court and then carry on employing the individual despite admitting such errors...
  8. New CEO at Ewood

    Can you blame her after that!?
  9. Save Hartlepool United - Danny Graham

    North easterners are the salt of the earth
  10. I’ve walked away at half time once in 26 years of watching Rovers. Peterborough at home. Murphy wasn’t just “poor” or had lost his legs in that game, he literally strolled around. If his shorts had pockets...! Murphy deserves every last bit of stick because he barely even broke sweat. We’ve had poor players, but Murphy offered less effort than anyone else I’ve ever seen.
  11. Spot on. How you could look at that list and choose JL... unbelievable.
  12. Orr.. the lad who defended relegation on TV and blamed the fans minutes after the Wigan game? Detest the bloke. To the coin and the piss at the same time. At least some of the others actually perspired for their wage, Orr is most famous for taking the piss out of the club through social media. Id only choose Murphy above him since he probably took the most coin and offered the least... and now he’s paid to be a monotone MOTD two hat.
  13. Nicko originally said it was a “technical director” role but I remember this being mentioned at the meeting by Cheston. http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/15579617.LIVE__Blackburn_Rovers_supporters_consultation_meeting/ “MC says Mike Rigg has started a role at the club in which he will oversee the scouting system within the Academy.”