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  1. Biz

    Loan Window

    How about “We’ve got some money but we must have switched of our phone”? Since it’s getting to Thursday and there’s none of the “3” mentioned last night any nearer...
  2. Biz

    Loan Window

    Jason Lowe loan to buy?
  3. Biz

    Loan Window

    We both know that his head will turn to signing permenant if he likes it here and he gets a chance. That said I agree and hope we have some sort of agreement in place. If Karanka isn’t going to include him, it doesn’t matter what they want for him - if he’s any ambition he will be wanting to move on. Interested to know who the others are.
  4. Thanks again Tonyoz. Interesting stuff
  5. Biz

    Carlisle Away

    Watch SSN for goals. Or Kamy’s twitter. Dacks second is brilliant. First touch back to goal, second touch top corner
  6. Biz

    Loan Window

    Last summer was great business generall, in hindsight anyway, but it’s hard to compare when we are talking league 1. Mahoney was one of the many, was it 12 that left? A big number of outs and ins is indicative of a problematic summer! This one (whilst underwhelming) has been a breeze compared.
  7. Biz

    Loan Window

    Different debate, you quoted the misery guts above talking about this window being “the worst” in recent times. I actually agree that we could’ve done better enticing fans with a better season ticket offer. Hopefully they’ll learn from those mistakes but as JHR says in the season ticket thread - there’s a trend across a few clubs, it’s our staffs job to break that. Cheap tickets for u14s or something would’ve been a start. I remember back in 2001/02, myself and @S8 & Blue got a season ticket each for 30/40 quid.
  8. Biz

    Loan Window

    I don’t think it’s been very good, but I’m not stupid enough to think giving Lenihan, Dack and a few others new contracts and adding some young potential and quality in three signings is “the worst in recent memory”. I would suggest you get a grip.
  9. Biz

    Loan Window

    Back to square one? What would you call 12 months ago? Square minus one? I also can’t see how anyone could agree that this summer window is worse than the last in this league.
  10. Biz

    Loan Window

    Agree we could’ve used some quality and depth but you can’t really suggest this summer is worse than hiring Coyle, signing Stokes, Greer, Feeney and Wes Brown - whilst loaning a load of premier league players (only a couple any good) and selling Hanley and Duffy? Last season we had to replace almost half the squad. Losing some quality too like Mahoney. We also had a league one budget - all the signings costing less than Armstrong’s fee. So, right mind or a poor memory?
  11. Biz

    Loan Window

    How on earth could anyone in their right mind call this summer “worst summer transfer window for some time”.. Do you remember last year when we had to replace 12 players after dropping into the third division? How about the year before when we sold our two best centrebacks? I could go on, but I’m not going to. Try thinking before you speak because anyone with an ounce of sense couldn’t say keeping our best players, extending their deals and adding some potential (Armstrong, Davenport and Rothwell) is one of the “worst” in recent memory. Underwhelming perhaps.
  12. Biz


    They had a few chances but we completely bossed the second half from start to finish
  13. Biz


    I watched the game on front of me you absolute melt. They had a few chances and we should’ve scored 2/3. Palmer scared them to death, Rothwell looked decent when he came on too.
  14. Biz


    That’s nonsense we bossed a top half team on last years table. Should’ve won, graham had two great chances.

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