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  1. Regret using the photo now, but that is the face I pull everytime Jal asks about agents.
  2. Saying he should potentially take the advice of TM or being not "overly" bothered (in the scheme of things) that he's leaving is not "demonising" and I think that'll be 95% of rovers fans responses. Bigger problems at hand. I certainly rate Conway, Cairney, Marshall, King and even Kazim Kazim all better at going forward than him since Hoilett also.
  3. I'm not particularly bothered about the businessmens interest to be frank, I'm bothered about what's best for the club in terms of competing, not feeding conflicts of interest. What better way to get the fans interests across to those who own the club? The german model that you speak of is a different discussion, it would take some serious research to get my head round whether it would be applicable here.
  4. If that's not what you meant, what do you mean?
  5. Football isn't standard business, so the question you're asking me makes no sense. A director who has a say/vote in club decisions whose voted by fans? What's "dangerous" about that? Let me just reevaluate- you're against local bodies/trusts/fans having a say on their football clubs that could prevent future examples of what's happened to us through a change of ownership?
  6. Spectacularly missed the point DB. It's not about controlling influence, it's about a voice for the supporters within the club. In our case it would've opened the door for communication potentially, and in others it might prevent agents ripping off billionaires - one guaranteed "fan" on the board could've brought a few of the gravy train brigade at Ewood to the public eye quicker.
  7. Scary drop. Equates to 10x 10k players a week for a season or 20x 5k
  8. "Other commitments to sport in the Labour manifesto include legislating to allow supporters' trusts to appoint football club directors and pushing clubs to improve access for fans with disabilities" Something Rovers fans should be able to get behind!
  9. What was ill timed about it? I've read it a few times and he repeats the suggestion that it takes no blame from those responsible, but yet it's called an excuse? This reminds me of all politicians at the moment with Corbyn - they are in "play the man" mode. Well done Krishnan Guru Murthy!
  10. Only one tugay, Yoda and the rest. Why not come here and actually debate, rather than picking me up elsewhere? I mean, spellings in a joke reply? Is that the barrel we are scraping these days?
  11. Don't need to say anymore, Mike hit nail on head. I'm not searching for it, and if you do - you will see the "white trash" part has been taken out of context. I actually asked to have my account locked after that day, but was refused for certain reasons. Dragging this up turns it into a personal slanging match (which I shouldn't have fallen into) when we should be more considerate about the people impacted by this tragedy. Like I said, use the pm because others don't need to see this @#/? go on and on. It started by me making the mistake of opening up the other website to see people who insult and twist words, purely because they cannot accept alternate opinion. I won't make the same mistake again.
  12. At "you must be joking if you think I'd tell you" county high school. Outstanding ofstead rating :-)
  13. Still failing to make comment on the person saying all immigrants are extremist and those allowed are too old to be in schools, will indoctrinate and rape your children. Everything else is just pointless too and fro! When you decide whether you agree or disagree with this comment, drop me a pm.
  14. When Steve likes your posts, I'd personally give up contributing