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    Aspiration and ambition I can understand but expectation isn’t going to change in 3 months, 2 transfers, even a run undefeated. I also cannot agree with, the notion we’ve played largely awful! I cant state that enough. We are marginally away from being a top 6 team. That’s with some limited players and difficult fixtures. Arguably only certain decisions and mistakes away from being in the play offs, as the drop points from winning positions suggests. The master plan for me seems obvious too. Build a young squad with room to improve, add the right players when they become available. Get an identity back, a team with spirit and fight that the town can be proud of. Tony has already largely achieved that - in 18 months. I’m quite sure the legend Bobby Robson would’ve seen the job TM has done and give him the credit you cannot afford him. Good football “people” like Gary and TM are the sole reason we aren’t languishing in the fourth tier or worse after the damage done by those “managers” who could never be described as “proper football men” messers Kean and Coyle. They aren’t dining out on an image, they’re dining out on our clubs money via contract pay outs.
  2. Biz

    Ben Brereton

    Now after all the “straw-men” of BRFCS - the first paragraph is a pearler. Ofcourse judgement of transfers is fair cop - it should be accompanied with some level of scope though. For instance - it may escape people’s gaze, we are a recently promoted from league 1 team. How many in your list went to teams in the playoffs or just outside from last season? Or how many went to teams recently relegated with bigger wages to play with? I’m not suggesting our business is perfect but I would say many of the preferred options had suitors before us in the pecking order. WBA, Villa, Stoke, Forest, Derby, Swansea, Norwich, Leeds, Bristol City - all arguably better positioned squad wise to be premier league and therefore wages doubled in 12 months. We should know what agents have done to transfers. The simplicity of which a name and a price is given, belies the facts I’ve mentioned about the transfer market also adding in the extreme level of competition to get into the top flight. .
  3. Biz


    You call me close minded and say I’m only looking at the bad parts of Souness, what are you doing with Mowbray? What is “being successful” in your eyes? Promotion and consolidation at first attempt is a reasonable target isn’t it? Doesnt have faith in youth? Why have Lenihan, Nyambe and Raya all been in his team then? Also - someone with such lack of confidence in young players surely wouldn’t spend their entire budget on Brererton, Armstrong, Davenport etc. Just because you think Travis and Nuttall are ready! Close minded much? Duff was a top level premier league player and Dunn was on his day. Even Brian Laws would’ve had us sweeping teams aside, Berkovic another “top level” player. Souness did a good job but his approach is archaic, Football has well and truly moved on. Google “Souness Dwight Yorke Training”. Chances of Mowbray signing someone then doing that? What you actually want from that promotion season is to be one of the top budgets in the league again, and I’m with you on that.
  4. Biz

    Ben Brereton

    You said “record signing” which is neither true or relevant hence the point about comparing the cost to other records; Cole (15 years) or Rhodes (5 years). I think it’s stupid to suggest players are poor without giving them more than a handful of appearances, or poor on the basis they’re 19 and behind two others in a squad like Graham and Armstrong - but you’re welcome to your opinion.
  5. Biz

    Ben Brereton

    Comparing 7m spent now and 15 years, or even 5 years ago is silly. There’s also little chance the club would destroy a wage budget on a 19 year old. Since we are both assuming, isn’t it common sense to think we might’ve paid a bit more on the fee because the wages are reasonable? Shhh, don’t you know we should be top because that 7m could’ve bought a whole new team?
  6. It plays a part that we don’t have anyone else of his ilk, but the team overall has to cut out silly mistakes. Villa at home for example. 1-0, not sure if Graham went off or not but a needless freekick and a dodgy wall later - 2 points dropped.
  7. Biz

    Ben Brereton

    I don’t think it’s that easy B.B. For example, did Britt Assombalonga sign for a championship team because they offered more wages than Burnley offered him? I don’t think we are in a position to offer huge wages AND 7m for someone, and the Bamford’s/Assombolonga’s who are proven at this level cost that and the weekly wage. Gestede would be a shout for me as that target man— but realistically he’s probably too highly paid after stints in the prem with villa and Boro.
  8. I’d rather judge a scenario on its own merits. It’s obvious that Graham helps us keep the ball up the pitch, that we agree on - however there’s certainly method in bringing a faster player to find gaps as the opposition pushes to get back into the game. Brum never looked a danger until we actively encouraged them through a daft mistake by Raya. In the ensuing panic, we are caught out because of bad defending, not Brererton or anyone else.
  9. Biz


    I have to say, I thought football had moved on from Souness in 2003 so to hear him or his style suggested as “what this club needs” in 2018 is hilarious. If I was asked “what this club needs” right now, my answers wouldn’t include a change of manager. The priorities for me; the return of fans, patience in the younger players, manager and staff, and more investment from the owners in the team and academy.
  10. Doesn’t matter who is upfront if you’re keeper drops a clanger and your defence falls asleep. I’m amazed you and Ewood Ace seemingly can’t see that. Oh wait, course I know why - it’s perfect excuse to criticise Brererton/Mowbray! Doh silly me.
  11. Biz

    Ben Brereton

    You know what’s equally as frustrating and leads to me getting fed up? The idea that buying players is akin to a supermarket... How much would you sell Lenihan or Nyambe for? Take that figure and double it for any similar aged but prem experienced players. Then look at someone like Graham, and find an effective similar replacement on reasonable wages under 25. What would be the cost of a lightning quick and quality final ball winger to be established in this division? All those “glaring” weaknesses aren’t going to be covered by 7m. Hopegully, if we do sign more players, particularly younger- they’ll be given more time than Brererton has been, before they’re labelled a “baffling clanger”
  12. Young players make more mistakes and I’d suggest Raya/Nyambe made the most significant errors yesterday. That doesn’t mean they aren’t worth persevering with though. Gutted really because for 70 minutes or whatever it was, we looked comfortable, effective and well organised.
  13. Biz


    The Rovers ones are brewed in Uk and 3 quid, the WMC is £1.45 and it’s imported...! I hate to think I’m a lager snob but I’m sure they can do better than plastic fosters and some overpriced 330ml plastic bottle! Had three pints of Munich Paulaner hell 4.9 imported tonight, and I’d happy pay the 4 quid a pop for that kind of quality drink! Take note Waggo!
  14. Biz

    nightlife in blackburn

    If you’re buying, I’ll be there.l!!

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