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  1. Biz

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    I disagree. 21 year old, eye for goal, pace and energy, good attitude and scored a decent amount in league one from the wide positions... He will have plenty of suitors at championship level if he’s affordable. I’d expect him to cost at least twice that and I think he’d be worth it.
  2. Biz

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    “The Rovers boss met with the Rao family to finalise plans ahead of the 2018/19 season and is optimistic about their chances in the second tier.” I agree the paper has no credibility these days but it did read as “post” to me.
  3. Biz

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    I guess that’s the beauty of a forum. I read that article, quite interested as it’s the first interview after the meeting with the Rao’s, and an “optimistic” TM mentions adding quality and the top half as a target.
  4. Biz

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Yea, plus the message seems quite clear to me at least; plenty of options and potential in the u23 but will need a few quality additions to challenge top half. Hardly a “mixed message”.
  5. Biz

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    I would’ve thought most people would be happy to hear he said “top half” and not consolidate.
  6. Biz

    Championship 2017/18

    They anticipate it will take another 18 months but their 40m fine would be for spending 1m over FFP but converting 60m of debt into shares. It’s being appealed, which means it’s already in the process of being looked at. It’s got nothing to do with dodgy dealings, it’s simply a breach of rules, they published the finances. If 40m is the bar, what kind of fine are Newcastle looking at? Or Wolves? Or Bournemouth? Et al. You can joke about it, or simple say it’s being trotted as an excuse, it’s a rulr to prevent calamitous debt- unless promotion is accomplished- the debt can spiral at an alarming rate. What better example do you need than us? If you think throwing another 20m at the wage bill is the solution when the league is chock full of teams with twice the turnover, not even including parachute payments; I’d conclude you’ve learnt little from our plight.
  7. Biz

    Championship 2017/18

    QPR being fined 40m is certainly a problem for them, and the minute it goes through the courts - Newcastle, Leicester, Bournemouth and a few others will be getting a knock on the door!
  8. Biz


    I’m guessing we’re talking 25%. In some ways I completely agree on Evans, but I guess at times he’s actually done a decent job. If he does leave, the memory of him will be he was better for NI in his time here, and normally injured for us.
  9. Biz


    Powell, Mulgrew, Evans, Shaun McDonald, Graham, Bennett, Ward. League 1 top earners
  10. Biz

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    If someone’s saying to me, I’ve got £x to spend, and I know that a backup right back is going to cost me a % of that, including paying off the 4th choice; Caddis... Id say it’s pointless unless the player became available for absolutely the correct circumstances. All my £ is going towards those keys areas. I also think Nyambe is getting better all the time too. He’s got the stuff you can’t teach, the physical stuff - and whilst he was another proponent of our poor season two years ago in the championship, I think he’s moved forward. Deserves a chance.
  11. Biz

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    You said it yourself, Nyambe, Travis, Bennett, Caddis. 4 players in a squad that can play there. If Nyambe is given August-Christmas to make it his full time slot, there’s literally no point in investing limited budgets that way imo. It’s the same conversation as Raya needing cimpetiion. If he sinks, Travis gets a shot if Bennett is playing elsewhere. If both of them sink, and there’s no space for Bennett, it’s covered. If all three are injured, the pogdy Scotsman will do a “job” till Christmas. When we’ve literally 2 wingers in the club- I wouldn’t spend a single pence on anything before at least 1 wideman! 2 if possible. The next priority for me would be Armstrong for at least another year. After that would come an extra CM to challenge/better Evans and partner Richie, and then finally that nasty 6 foot plus Centreback I mentioned. Cant see much room left if we sign 4/5 players unless a few leave. It would also block travis’s opportunities - someone I think looks very able, even if I’ve seen more of him in the centre. I can understand why Stuart and others rate him as a full back, he has the attributes, strength, bite, pace and can read a game.
  12. Biz

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    You must’ve missed the “imo” at the end... You’re welcome to think what you want.
  13. Biz

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    With Leutwiler and Fisher included, it would be an utterly pointless decision to spend any of our budget on new goalkeepers imo.
  14. Biz


    What sums? Firstly, I don’t credit them for their personality JHR ala kindness, benevolence, and I doubt anybody else who has been thankful for the constant funding thinks like that either. It’s almost certainly down to keeping the facilities, the grade one academy and for last years expenditure to give us a way to immediately return. Secondly - if they don’t have much choice, and you say they have no chance of getting the money back, why on Earth are they still allowing the debt to build? Even if they use it to lower cost of tax in India, they still “have a choice” to how they fund the club. Nobody likes Venkys. They screwed us royally. The fact haunts us, we are bankrolled by them for some reason, if only they’d spent some of that Best/Murphy/Etuhu 30m the way GB spent 3m. If only they’d spent another 15m less paying off managers. You equate it to a house in disrepair, Id compare it to rebuilding your house with broken bricks that cost £3000 each. Eventually you’ve got to change builder. The first did so much damage we’ve only just got our roof back on after finding a nice dependable North Eastern firm... Why we need to be reminded of this frustration through share price stats, is something I bet we’d agree on. I find it embarassing to think any Burnley fan @sympatheticclaret would feel inclined to talk on a Rovers forum, especially when the point seems the average view from a dingle; “Rovers have had constant investment that Burnley have had to earn”.. Surely there is a message board for you to discuss which 30+ year old British ex premier league club free signings you’ll be looking at this summer? Gaz Baz is on a free... The problem with this issue, they’d be quite happy to see their club invested in with plans to move forward (just read Mr Garlick back in April), and they’d be walking away in droves, protesting and sailing down the league if it went tits up like ours did. Most dingles wouldn’t admit it, but if they started signing players for daft fees, making big statements - they’d not value the achievements any less. Their dream is our nightmare; costs>turnover. The question I’d be asking if I was unfortunate enough to be from Bunla; “Is our board ever going to invest, namely some of the 27m profit posted this past year?” Shhh don’t mention the “bad advice”...

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