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  1. Won last two of previous season + 3/4 of this season. I think if we won 5 out of 6 at home, we'd see an increase in noise. The place is bereft of expectancy and confidence. Numbers is the main barometer though, that stadium 1/3 full is never going to produce the same atmosphere as 20/25k.
  2. There's nothing bizarre. Stack up the past 100 results at home, the atmosphere answer lies in those statistics. The players probably use it as an excuse privately, but the onus is on them.
  3. Horrendous use of terminology to be quite honest. How do you expect the atmosphere to be when the teams played consistently poor at home since Big Sam left? It's nearly a decade of defeats. The question about atmosphere shouldn't be one that hinges on the fans choice of actions, it should be on the shoulders of the players to get a reaction. It's not rocket science. Play well, score goals, win games, feeling/noise improves. Maybe the questions you ask of the fans, should be directed at those who ironically sang "rovers till I die" every time Burnley or a big city turn up? The ones that can't be bothered on a Saturday against the new Dons...
  4. My knife isn't sharpened for TM, and this is why; Football; 1. We've had a decent start, not great but not a disaster by the same stretch. 2. 4 wins in 7 over a season extrapolates to 26 wins, which as an early estimate is decent, considering Wigan had 24 wins in 2016 to win the league. The con to this, 3 defeats in 7 over a season isn't going to work to win the league, Wigan lost 7 when winning league in 2015. 3. The performances overall are encouraging bar the two initial games. In our previous encounter, with AFCW, we created enough chances to win - and restricted the opposition to less. I think we will win 8 out of 10 of those games, this kind of opposition and performance. The con to this is we still have more gears to go through, definitely a question mark on how good we can be. 4. The league will only really start to take shape after 10 games, and if we are within the top 6 or in touching distance at this time, I'd feel confident that our squad will grow into the season, the quality in depth for this level will trump teams around us. I hope we stay injury free, but I feel we've plenty of depth, including u23 to cope - whereas other teams will have slumps. Ownership; 1. I hear that we will never recover till venkys leave, yet I also see a few already "Pasha-nat" about rolling the "Rao" dice again by changing manager. For me, it's difficult to really comprehend changing manager with any confidence anymore. I think 2/3 of the previous choices are decent, but I don't think we'd ever get the calibre of manager who could almost "guarantee" instant promotion. Even someone proven at this level would deserve time to achieve it. Do we have time to give Keith Hill 3 years? Trying not to comprehend it really. So overall, I think changing manager is more likely to give us less chance of promotion. Especially if we are top six, or in touching distance. I could understand it more if we are in the bottom half and/or in a big slump.
  5. I think Antonsson possesses a few things that go unnoticed, which would press me to call him quite useful in a long season. Don't get me wrong, he's shown himself to be a bit of a soft touch in relation to the standard ultra-beef defenders in this league, his passing has been appalling at times and he probably should've scored/set up a few more chances so far. That being said, I think; 1. He's fairly quick 2. He's relatively strong and good in the air for his size. 3. His workrate is excellent, he covers a lot of ground and makes a lot of runs. 4. He's able with both feet, I've tried to pin him down as left footed but it's hard to tell when he uses both in such ways. One strange thing I see from our fans though, Samuel has been just as bad, worse or at least showed similar issues in a few games, notably poor passing and finishing against AFCW and certainly didn't show the necessary work rate for me in that game.... yet no criticism? I think we've got a good group of forwards that'll need rotating throughout the 46 games. Out of all of them, I've been most let down by Graham - who seems completely out of his depth at times. I actually thought he did ok against AFCW but tbh I expect more from him than the others.
  6. My overall summary of Saturday is simple, the high work rate and bits of final third quality of the previous two away games seemed lacking. We created enough chances to win, Samuel notably missed two really clear cut opportunities. Wimbledon worked hard, had organisation but I feel we'd have scored a few if we'd got one! The time wasting and poor refereeing is something we better get used to as a team, because I expect more of it home this season. As for atmosphere - I think it's an excuse for the players, but it'll change if they start getting results at home. It's not complicated, a noisy home crowd only happens if we have something to sing about, and since we've been pretty poor at home for a number of years, it's perfectly reasonable to understand.
  7. We've started 442 with two upfront every game since Doncaster, haven't we?
  8. Same 442 that started against Rochdale minus Downing for Mulgrew, and only Conway for Harper different from Tuesday. Tinkerwho?
  9. Pulled up? Bunkum, it's just goal post moving. You said things haven't been done differently, I pointed out that certain things had been different this summer. Perhaps if they'd spent the Dack, Samuel et al money last summer, we wouldn't be league 1.
  10. Utter condescension. Expenditure > turnover = someone "investing" the shortfall. He didn't say that, he said relegation is a step back to take a step forward, and I was just as angry.
  11. Whether they've borrowed it, whether it's a result of bad decisions - its irrelevant, the owners are 100m+ in the hole through BRFC. I.e. They've spent their money. If the discussion was "have they invested wisely", you'd have a point but I don't think that's ever been a question that needs answering.
  12. I never said wonderful or revolutionary, I merely pointed out the difference between two summers. I never mentioned expectations either, I just pointed out actual facts, no smoke and mirrors, no praise of the owners. It's so pitiful that people cannot discuss actual goings on anymore, because pointing out false predictions is apparently having expectations "dumbed down" Oh so actual facts, reports, finance figure, published accounts and general decent source articles are "my belief" but your completely made up unfounded, zilch evidence theories about money coming from elsewhere is "truth"? Give me a break.
  13. Who said getting relegated was a step in the right direction?
  14. Same, I think he will make a good manager based on his results, I just listed three post season suggestions in the week leading up to TM staying on.
  15. They have invested over a hundred million in the club, don't forget that - whilst you're absolutely correct that they've allowed it to be run terribly. They are absorbing a lot more debt this season to keep most of this squad together, when it was predicted they'd allow Tony to leave and sell off all playing assets. Dont let emotion get in the way of the actual scenario - there's no reason to call fans fools either.