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  1. Read up about Islam yourself, you don’t need his version. At least take it with a pinch of salt.... In terms of certain aspects of Islam, suicide and killing innocents is still completely against the mainstream teachings. If you truly understood the problems in the Middle East, you wouldn’t need the rhetoric of an out and out racist like Tommy. 20 minutes research into Syria of the 80s and Hafez al-Assad is necessary. Not the son, bashir, his dad. There’s complex political and historical rationale behind Shia/Sunni argument- allowing the likes of Tommy R to base your opinion is absolutely ridiculous. Do your own reading. Edit - watch HyperNormalisation by Adam Curtis. You will see how the West (namely Britain and America) have compounded these problems for decades, if not centuries.
  2. I agree with the sentiment but let’s not fall into the same trap; “do the country a favour and emigrate” is classic right wing rhetoric. Tommy is just an example of how social media is a virus.
  3. Hate mongering Tommy Robinson, aka Stephen Christopher Lennon, aka Andrew McMaster, aka Paul Harris is an ex BNP with a far right agenda and a history of violence. He is a cast iron racist, who has no understanding of the issues he is quick to comment on! Less advertisement of his name would be preferential to me personally.
  4. Attendances

    I’ve been on “40 minute bovril duty” for 22 years!
  5. Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    4 days for that Stuart? You’re losing your edge.

    Agreed. Can I add, since we are 100m+ in debt to our owners and unlikely to touch the top of that via liquidation- they’d probably pay all bills whilst cutting costs to match failing income. So the notion we have “x games to save the club” is a gross overstatement... Perhaps Suhail Slayer should use “x games to save us from another 46 games of Trevor Kettles...”

    I would say a huge percentage, if not all fans are aware of the higher percentage (compared to decent owners)of a potential cock up around the corner. I don’t think anyone is telling themselves anything like what you suggest. Some might be more optimistic than 12 months ago, but I’d argue that’s just natural with positive results. After all, its a results business. If they drop again at any point, we know what the overall change will be; more backwards steps, more good players replaced cheaply and more switching off the club. You originally quoted me on what I asked you before, why defend MGP’s now “famous” catchphrase? Nothing personal against anyone on this website, the problem is with content, and as you can see I’m not the only one who finds this (as the kids would say) annoying AF.

    I’m not sure what relevance this has to the constant prediction that the club will cease to exist if we aren’t promoted. It doesn’t take a weekly reminder to know another year with lower income = a trickier return. You don’t have to explain that JHR, but you could explain the rationale behind defending the constant nonsense that comes from MGP.

    Well for one, read the post by MGP above, and point out where the word “save” is relevant. Save means to stop something from dying, breaking or disappearing in my view. Maybe a third division BRFC outfit is “dead” to him, but for my mind - staying in this league would be a dramatic let down/frustrating scenario - but not the death knell or end of the club. The constant pessimism, the absolute focus on negatives, I mean; if you read MGP’s content in the match threads, it’s seemingly always “Wigan/Shrewsbury are winning”, and never even relevant to our own players. All this smacks of someone intent on winding up (what’s left of) Rovers fans.

    Why don’t you ask him about when the rearranged Elton concert is.

    That’s absolute nonsense, we both know it. His “raison d'être” for those suggestions tally with the rest of his unfounded predictions.

    From the perspective of a fan, I can see why it’s imperative we go up, but the suggestion the club will be “saved” by promotion is absolute rubbish. It will make things harder if we don’t, that’s a given but what’s that got to do with “saving” the club? What Mr Burnley aka MGP means when he says that; “x more games till I’m still unlikely to support my*” club. There’s a huge difference between bringing us back up + “saving the club”, so don’t give credit to an obvious troll.
  13. Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    The confused icon saves many a wasted post. Admittedly would benefit from much more choice than there is. A “Face palm” emoji would’ve been well worn out by now.
  14. Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Weird how people find a reaction to their post so infuriating.
  15. Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Doesn’t make sense Stuart, similarly to the notion Downing is a right back.