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    Lewis Holtby

    I would have thought most would have seen him play quite a few times for spurs and Fulham, (albeit on tv) so not exactly an unknown entity.


    Chapman nominated for PL2 player of the month in August. Obviously having a shocking time down there and needs to buck his ideas up..🤐


    Chapman has just got his second. And sounded like heavily involved in other goals too. If you trail through the twitter feed of all the u23 games Chapham generally is close to everything that is good, whether that be scoring, assisting or creating dangerous opportunities. Granted I'm not seeing him live, just going off what I can see on Twitter and match reports.
  4. What an utter disgrace. All the money in the game and Bury are expelled from the league. Where are Neville brothers? Or anyone else for that matter?

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Frustrating on so many levels. I actually think it's quite important to progress as much as possible in the cups, because it gives as many opportunities as possible (in a competitive but relatively pressure free environment) for the young players like Buckley, Chapman, Grayson, JRC etc to play. When are these guys going to get the next chance to play now we're out? Selection: 1.) Why play smallwood? Clearly not good enough. I understand resting Johnson, but travis? He's 21 and will want to play as much as he can, playing tues/sat is not an issue at that age. Should have been Evans with Travis 2.) Why play Buckley on the right. Dack picks up knocks, rest him and play Buckley central and then Chapman on the right. 3.) Why is Armstrong taking pens?! The game was there for the taking and if we had scored that pen, would have gone on to comfortably win I think. The positive is dominating a prem team who despite the changes had more money on the pitch then our whole club is worth.

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Has Chapman knocked up his daughter or something??

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Dominate the game then concede from a corner. Rovers 101.

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Surely if Dack is in the pitch he takes it. Again bizarre. Armstrong is an instinctive footballer not a clever one. Shouldn't take pens

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Don't understand why you wouldn't rest dack, play Buckley in the middle and then Chapman wide? Why shoehorn a young player like Buckley into a wide position bizarre imo.
  10. BRFC4EVA

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Surely Chapman and Rothwell have to start?
  11. BRFC4EVA


    Happy with the point and the clean sheet, but I must say the lack of goal scoring and even chance creation is starting to become a worry. Up until now I was thinking that it was just a co-incidence, teams go through patches like this, our just happened to be at the start of the season. However just 3 goals this season, none from open play in 5 games! None of our strikers or midfielders (outside of a penalty) have scored. The selection across that top 3 behind DG is confusing. I understand Downing on the left. He is left footed and provides good quality passes and set pieces. I did think that as he is 35 and played 90 min in midweek he could have been rotated out for Rothwell, but no too much of a complaint. However, why persist with SG on the right? Surely it would have been a good change to play Rothwell or potentially Armstrong and then bring on SG for DG when he tires in the last 20.
  12. BRFC4EVA

    Championship season 2019-20

    Interesting to note that Fulham beat Millwall 4-0 tonight and had a record breaking 85% possession. Does show that we competeted well against them in our visit last week.
  13. BRFC4EVA

    Championship season 2019-20

    We're 3 games into the new season and already there is no one with a 100% record. Goes to show what a tight and competitive division it's going to be, so vital to start well to keep up with the top sides if we have any ambition of top 6.
  14. BRFC4EVA

    Hull (A)

    The issue is of course, if DG does play tonight against Hull, would he then be able to play against cardiff at home?? If there needed to be a choice, I'd rather he play the home game, and play the more mobile Gally up top with Armstrong and Rothwell out wide for the counter attack for the Hull game.
  15. BRFC4EVA


    DG should be starting home games, the slightly strange part about it all is that TM has told us the same numerous times (also acknowledging that away from home he needs someone more mobile). So what does he do first game of the season against a newly promoted team who we knew would defend deep with 2 banks of 4 and wed have 65% possession..? Not play DG?! Sounded like an exciting 2nd half. Glad that downing has done more then Whittingham already then in that whole league 1 season. Even if he doesn't play all the time, you'd expect him to bang in the odd long ranger and get a few assists.

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