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    Championship season 2019-20

    Such a crazy division. Fulham getting battered at home, pne loosing at home, wed thrashed at home again, come backs all over the place. I know this may sound outlandish, but considering how determined leeds, fulham etc are not to secure that 2nd auto spot, could we sneak in..?

    Huddersfield Town 29.12.19

    Agree would rather have beaten wigan and lost to bham. These unbeaten streaks are meaningless if there are too many draws. This mentality is one of the most different aspects of the championship vs the prem. In the prem, it's all about unbeaten runs and ensuring rivals don't pick up 3 points from you, hence draws are important. In the championship it's far more important to win games, I couldn't really care less about unbeaten runs. It is better to win 7 and loose 3 in a 10 game period then win 4 draw 6. Hopefully 3 points vs huddersfield to get us back on track!

    Huddersfield Town 29.12.19

    Around 2,300 I believe.


    I guess it could be worse.. I know we shouldn't be comparing ourselves to the likes of Wigan and they are bottom of the league. But they had £10 all areas of the ground for their boxing day 3pm not on sky ko vs derby (who brought c.3k). Only a total of just over 14k on.
  5. Wigan's Twitter said they had sold 1800 as of this morning. So you would expect 2,200+ come Mon evening with weekend and on the night sales. Hopefully a crowd of 18k plus to see Rovers give them a tonking.
  6. Such a big game this one, for a couple of main reasons. 1.) Our defeat last season marked the end of our 'return to the championship honeymoon' when we were completely battered on a mid week away day at Swansea. This season we're on a great run, so be interesting to see if we can avoid last year repeating. 2.) A victory in this game gives us the potential for breathing space and takes the pressure off going into the Bristol game. If we beat Swansea, dropping points at City will not be too big a deal. But loose at Swansea and also at City and your winning run turns into a loosing run very quickly. Really think that we can go there and win. Swansea have had a days less rest and were battered, so confidence is low. Keep the same team with gally and Holtby ready in the wings and just go for it.

    Championship season 2019-20

    After the Brentford 7-0 Luton score, I can't work out if that makes me more impressed that we beat Brentford or more disappointed we donated 3 points to Luton. When you consider charlton are in free fall, those 6 points plus getting at least a point off pne (a minimum normally after being 2 up) and wed be comfortably in play offs. I guess it's all ifs and buts and it always seems to be with us and the playoffs the last few years.

    Luton Town home

    Anyone thinking that Luton will be a bit leggy.. the bbc match report had them making 10 changes for the midweek cup game.

    Lewis Holtby

    I would have thought most would have seen him play quite a few times for spurs and Fulham, (albeit on tv) so not exactly an unknown entity.
  10. BRFC4EVA


    Chapman nominated for PL2 player of the month in August. Obviously having a shocking time down there and needs to buck his ideas up..🤐
  11. BRFC4EVA


    Chapman has just got his second. And sounded like heavily involved in other goals too. If you trail through the twitter feed of all the u23 games Chapham generally is close to everything that is good, whether that be scoring, assisting or creating dangerous opportunities. Granted I'm not seeing him live, just going off what I can see on Twitter and match reports.
  12. What an utter disgrace. All the money in the game and Bury are expelled from the league. Where are Neville brothers? Or anyone else for that matter?
  13. BRFC4EVA

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Frustrating on so many levels. I actually think it's quite important to progress as much as possible in the cups, because it gives as many opportunities as possible (in a competitive but relatively pressure free environment) for the young players like Buckley, Chapman, Grayson, JRC etc to play. When are these guys going to get the next chance to play now we're out? Selection: 1.) Why play smallwood? Clearly not good enough. I understand resting Johnson, but travis? He's 21 and will want to play as much as he can, playing tues/sat is not an issue at that age. Should have been Evans with Travis 2.) Why play Buckley on the right. Dack picks up knocks, rest him and play Buckley central and then Chapman on the right. 3.) Why is Armstrong taking pens?! The game was there for the taking and if we had scored that pen, would have gone on to comfortably win I think. The positive is dominating a prem team who despite the changes had more money on the pitch then our whole club is worth.
  14. BRFC4EVA

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Has Chapman knocked up his daughter or something??
  15. BRFC4EVA

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Dominate the game then concede from a corner. Rovers 101.

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