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  1. mustard

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    Mowbray’s substitutions killed off our chances of winning that game. Their equaliser was a gut-punch but the decisions made by our manager stifled any drive or momentum we had and if anything, left us more vulnerable to losing the game.
  2. mustard

    Rangers fan here

    You're the one with the smarmy retorts to those who showed a differing opinion to yourself. I tried to back up mine, you chose not to do so with yours. I'd argue your replies seemed pettiest but meh. Enjoy your Sunday.
  3. mustard

    Rangers fan here

    Not to be pedantic, but the analysis was actually provided by me, with the data from whoscored. As you are someone in the minority who think Evans is a decent Championship player, I'm genuinely intrigued as to what you see in him so was hoping for a more substantive answer but well backed down nonetheless.
  4. mustard

    Rangers fan here

    An opinion shared by many, myself included. Maybe you're a touch bias since Evans represents NI and actually manages to turn up for them on occasion, but what have you seen him offer to the team that someone like Travis couldn't better every day of the week? For Rovers he has been uninspiring at best, shocking at worst. I know stats aren't everything to go off but a quick look at a site such as whoscored.com shows that he offers almost nothing to the side. Average rating consistently under 6.8. Pass completion 77% last season which is pretty pish for a CM who only passes sideways. Averaged about one goal a season over the years and assisted similar, for a midfielder he contributes almost nothing to attacking play. Defensively, he's brilliant at backing off and pointing here and there though, but again his numbers for tackles/interceptions are subpar. Evans is one of the last remaining legacies of the turgid, backing-off inviting-pressure football played by Bowyer. It's no surprise we've yet to bring down our goals against column in years when we play one of the worst defensive midfielders in the league every week.
  5. mustard

    Rangers fan here

    Brereton and Rothwell energy and pressure forces mistakes and Travis there to finish it off. More bite shown in last two minutes than previous 63.
  6. mustard

    Rangers fan here

    Evans?! Sharp?!?! The best I can say for him is he manages to make it look like he's doing a lot without actually doing much at all, mainly by putting himself about a bit. Has to be one of the most pedestrian players I've seen at Rovers over the years, I honestly have no idea what positive attributes he contributes to the team besides scurrying about a bit. Travis already looking a clear improvement in the centre of the park. As for the others, Johnson off the pace, Bennett offers bugger all a right back (or anywhere), and crikey it's scary how poor Bell is in almost every department. He looks panicked and lacking in composure whilst simultaneously looking so laidback that if he was any more so he'd be horizontal. Great save Leutwiler. Keeping us in the game atm.
  7. mustard

    Bolton at home.

    "Hindsighters"?! Oh man, let's not have any more labels floating around haha. Though, we are all "hindsighters" one way or another tomphil!
  8. mustard

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    Not sure why I'm being quoted in this thread and not the Ben Brereton one... There's being constructively critical of him and there's calling him this and that and writing him off completely, which I've seen a number of folk doing, even since Monday. Most of the negativity I've seen towards him, even after a good performance and a goal, has been on Facebook fan groups with people genuinely saying he was rubbish vs Bolton, which I'm sorry but is frankly stupid and I'm in my right to say so. I also wouldn't have said it was a sitter due to how it bounced up awkwardly to stomach level but to each there own; maybe he should have swan-dived towards it. Yes, the first real taste as in his first 90 mins in his preferred role, however I've seen him play well in a few cameos, enough for me to believe he'll come good, yet some were writing him off after his first couple of games across various platforms, I think due to the fee and fans immediately having inflated expectations despite it being specifically stated by Mowbray he's one for the future. It's not his fault he cost a lot and I'm not saying people can't critique him or say they think we should have spent the money elsewhere on the pitch, a fair observation as I said, just taking issue with the few writing him off. It's not about my arrogance nor so much my ability to judge players rather than my faith in those who've seen more of Brereton than his critics, and particularly in coaches/managers who certainly have more footballing knowledge than your average Rovers fan. I am not going to screenshot or link you to comments I have seen as I cba and I'm not really addressing anyone in particular in my little rant on the BB thread, and am simply venting on what I've seen across various platforms, not so much BRFCS, so I'm not sure why you're so offended. I even said in my original post that it's a minute subset of fans, I'm not trying to make out there's some conspiracy of people wanting him to fail nor am I trying to take the moral high ground or create an atmosphere as you have suggested, it's you sensationalising it. I criticise players where they deserve it, usually constructively, and think that it's obviously fair to do so. I have choice words I could say about a number of our first team players, but I don't openly call our young players, whether they be academy graduates or those signed for the future a la BB, shite and whatnot, and personally think it is a bit distasteful when people do. As I emphasised though, I am referring to a small group; as you said, most fans were with Ben all the way on Monday
  9. mustard

    Ben Brereton

    I agree with you on the points of what he needs to improve on, and perhaps he's been a bit of a square peg in our round hole hoofy tactics which has exacerbated the differences between him and Graham (both completely different players). Personally, I think he's shown more than what you give him credit for, particularly on Monday where he for me looked a lot better than previous, but comparing him to the ex-PL Graham, who has been monumental of late, is a bit silly considering the difference in their style of play, physique, that DG has 13 years more experience and, despite being a hot prospect at a PL club at the time, didn't set the world alight until he moved down divisions to Carlisle. If we compare them at Brereton's age, Graham was a hot prospect at a Prem Club, had scored two for Boro (one in PL), two for Darlington and one for Blackpool, didn't score in a loan spell at Championship Derby and was released following a good spell at L1 Carlisle, who he then signed for. We are no longer a Prem side, so the difference between Brereton and Kalinic at his age will be stark anyway. One was signing for an established PL side, one for a newly-promoted Championship side. Kalinic was given a load of stick for his supposed poor touch, poor finishing etc, and he's gone on to make a lot of our fans look stupid by becoming one of Europe's top strikers in recent years. King, again written off by a load of fans, was the same and came good upon leaving. Personally, I see the talent in BB and I think a lot of fans do too. I know the majority of us want to see him come good, but like with previous talents signed for big money, a lot of folk seem to hold some sort of grudge. This is more telling on FB groups where some seem to be willing him to fail.
  10. mustard

    Ben Brereton

    Very true, both completely written off by some supporters and established themselves as top-flight players, yet both were older than Brereton when we signed them. Oh yes, Rothwell and Travis have both been superb of late, but how old were they when they made their big break? Travis, who has been our shining breakthrough this season, is a year and a half older than Brereton, yet only came into the fold this term. I'm someone who hasn't watched enough of the u23s to comment much on who looks/has looked good enough, but would Travis have made the cut last season or the season before? Or would it have come a bit soon and he have looked a touch out of his depth? Rothwell is an ex-United player and you must remember, he's 24 now. Four extra years of development. I can't say what he looked like then but prior to this season, he'd played a handful of games at Champ level, even when he had the opportunity at Brereton's age, he wasn't trusted to play more than a few games for Blackpool nor the same in the following season for Barnsley in League One... yet at the age of 21-23 established himself as a quality League One player who is only now taking his chance in the Champ. What's to say Brereton wouldn't tear League One apart when given opportunity? Four years of development and I'm sure he'll look much more refined than he is now. I think people have made their minds up on him a bit quickly, and I think the big fee has played a huge part in that. If he was a youth prospect rising through our ranks, I'm sure the pressure wouldn't have been there and he may have transitioned more smoothly to the first team and we'd all be sat here lauding another future star of our youth system.
  11. mustard

    Ben Brereton

    Find it baffling a number of people's minds are made up on the lad when he's played a few hundred minutes for us AT THE MOST with over 3/4 of his involvement coming off the bench very late on. I thought on Saturday he looked far more robust than previous, was constantly asking for the ball (as he has been whenever he's played), lead the line well, linked up for some good play with Rothwell and Dack and bagged a good goal. In previous cameos you could see he was feeling the pressure of his transfer fee and the lack of goals affected his confidence and thus performances. I think Monday was the first real taste of what he has to offer and I for one am not going to get on the boy's back, badmouth him and jump on every mistake he makes to try and point-score on social media with the "told you he was s**t" bollocks. Whatever happened to backing your team's players and wanting them to succeed? Don't get me wrong, I'd have spent the money differently as I felt investment was needed to sort out our defensive frailties. Alas, it wasn't, and people are free to malign Mowbray for his choices there, but all talk of the lad being useless is utter claptrap from folk who have seen him play a handful of minutes, haven't the footballing brains to say whether or not he'll make it and quite frankly don't want to own up to being wrong so will no doubt steadfastly defend their position regardless of how well he performs in the future (cognitive dissonance, anyone?). Those at the game on Monday (or anyone who has watched the full match since), who were watching objectively and not isolating every little mistake the lad made (like we've seen the same fans do with other Rovers players over the years), could see he played well, is clearly a talent and yet still a small group who shout the loudest are saying he played rubbish and missed a few sitters. Absolute nonsense. It's unfortunate we have a minute subset of fans who have very much written the lad off and are looking for any excuse to dig at him, simply due to his high price tag/their dislike of the manager (who I have been very critical of this season, not so much on here). But I'd sooner listen to Mowbray, Karanka (who didn't want him to leave) and the Forest fans who've seen him play a lot more (who also didn't want him to leave) rather than the folk who are expecting a 19 (just turned 20) year old to displace the brilliant Danny Graham and immediately adapt to mostly long-ball football which clearly wasn't suiting his style of play. I do think he needs to bulk up and become stronger and more of a nuisance but he's raw and learning, and I feel Saturday showed he's come on a lot in that respect from mirroring DG and will only continue to improve. Edit: typos
  12. mustard

    Preston at Home

    Seldom post on here but reaching the end of my tether with this side. As someone says, this is Bowyer all over again. A nice bloke, did the job that was necessary when he was put in charge but now finds himself completely out of his depth. I think there is a fear of who we would get in and whether they could improve on what’s currently going on on the pitch, but with a defence leakier than when that sheyster Coyle was in charge says it all. Now we await the usual sound bites from our manager. Things could turn real sour if we fail to pick up at least three points from our next two.
  13. mustard

    Premier League Stuff

    Not quite as sicking as Wham's Sullivan and Gold talking about how the "whole world will be watching" their last game at Upton Park last season. Never heard such delusions of grandeur and, despite being a fan of Bilic, I was happy to see them falter this season.
  14. mustard

    Rovers' mouth piece - the LT

    Haha what did you post? (Feel free to PM) The article had been uploaded and removed before I had the chance to anger myself by clicking it.
  15. mustard

    Academy & U21s

    You must remember, they are often playing against fellow youth players who likely won't make it at Championship level. I can't be bothered looking up the statistics, but I'd wager it's a small % of academy prospects who make it at Champ level or above. I'm all for giving youth a chance, but this idea we have like 6+ youth players ready and good enough to step into the first team is folly. Chuck 'em all in and it would likely result in relegation and even though we are pretty much heading there anyway, avoiding it would be nice.

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