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  1. Feed the Yak

    Lewis Holtby

    Has to be said he is looking much improved in a deeper role. I was disappointed with his impact last season but if he can maintain his current form he makes losing Downing more understandable.
  2. Feed the Yak

    Summer Transfer Window

    Throwing another one out there if we can think outside the box - Magloire as our new Axe meets Kante? Use his pace to protect the back 4 against the counter and get him harrying and harassing all game, keeping it simple and lay it to Holtby. Also allows us to keep sticking our wing back up the pitch. - - - - - - - - - - - Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Ayala New Lb - - - - - - - -Magloire Holtby - - - - - - - - - - - Rothwell Dolan - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Brereton - - - - - - - - - - - Armstrong
  3. Feed the Yak

    Summer Transfer Window

    Brad Smith still available?
  4. Feed the Yak

    Summer Transfer Window

    Reckon we still might have a sniff at Tosin on loan near the end of the window? I could see him potentially being utilised further up the pitch this time round with Travis out. Probably not realistic with Ayala in and the wages he is likely to command but hopefully something we are still monitoring.
  5. Feed the Yak

    Newcastle United away in the League Cup

    Sounds like you should have watched the game.
  6. Feed the Yak

    Summer Transfer Window

    Which Boro players were keeping Ayala out? I thought he was dropped due to not signing a new contract?
  7. Feed the Yak

    Let's Talk Tyrhys Dolan

    Agreed, another very positive performance from the young lad. Got to keep playing him now. What a bonus this looks to be as a signing, very excited to see what he can do. Shame for him that he doesn't get to do it in front of a a crowd but maybe that is ideal for him at this moment in time.
  8. Feed the Yak

    Newcastle United away in the League Cup

    Brereton did well for me too. As did the whole team today, but we absolutely need to either create more real chances or be more ruthless in front of goal. Dack will make a difference, Armstrong can do it but we need one or two others to step up otherwise it'll be a nearly season and nice football will cease to give the satisfaction that it has done for me in our last 3 games (inc Leicester). Dolan is good enough for sure based on today. Keep playing him. Rothwell continued to give glimpses, I would write him off but he is so close to being so dangerous for us. Nyambe is one of the best right backs in our league. Holtby and Travis were very impressive. I'm finding it strange how nobody even recognised Kaminski, like even when Del Williams bundled him down in the box no eye contact at all even. Weird. Optimistic about the season ahead but we need to get wins and quickly.
  9. Feed the Yak

    Summer Transfer Window

    Ayala compilation.
  10. Feed the Yak

    20/21 kit

    Tell you what, the ladies version is pretty nice with the red sponsor. Tempted to opt for this over the mens...
  11. Feed the Yak

    Summer Transfer Window

    Aye but as has been mentioned before, you need to look at the deal for the duration of a contract. If Pears costs 300k and is on (for arguments sake) 8k per week over 3 years that is an outlay of just shy of 1.55mil. If we got an older Gk on a free but he was on 14k per week that would cost us just over 2.18 mil over 3 years. Just an example as a fee can sometimes be a distraction on here.
  12. Feed the Yak

    Newcastle United away in the League Cup

    For me, no need to rest anyone for our 2nd game of the season. Johnson injured so Rothwell after an impressive cameo against Bournemouth deserves a start. Bell will never be good enough so stick JRC there til we get a proper left back and let Dolan off the leash against a less physical opponent than our Championship counterparts. Wharton should get a chance to show what he is about against Premier league opposition without risking us losing points in the process. Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Wharton JRC Travis Buckley Rothwell Dolan Armstrong Brereton
  13. Feed the Yak

    Bournemouth away

    I watched the game and dodged being on here as I was gutted with the result and can never bring myself to read the post-mortem. For me though, frustrating but we were beaten by 3 quality finishes and were the better side. Despite it sounding like the usual guff, I agree with Mowbray that the players should be happy with that level of performance, we just need some quality at the back as Bell and Del are playing to their limits while Lenihan needs a solid partner to prevent exposing his own weaknesses. If we don't get those defenders, well that is down to one man and so far it has cost us at least one point if not three.
  14. Feed the Yak

    Bournemouth away

    It's quite exciting and equally nerve-wracking to know that the first we will see of our new foreign goalie will be straight into our first league game of the season. Still such an unknown for us all. Fingers crossed he is a good'un as we undoubtedly lost points last season with Walton in goal. Who knows, if he is authoritative in his area and can organise a defence we might see a significant improvement. Always positive first game of the season, plenty of time to be let down! COYB!!!

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