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  1. IrelandsRover

    Former director Hubert passed away.

    What a story he had, fleeing Nazi Germany. Thoughts with his family
  2. IrelandsRover

    Vote for Rovers today!

    Twitter users can vote for Rovers on the link above. We are currently behind 70% v 30% with just 7 hours to go. we beat off competition from Liverpool in the last round 🔵⚪️
  3. IrelandsRover

    PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS 🏆 25 years today

    Mate the club was making significant losses year on year even during those glory years, that is an unviable business
  4. IrelandsRover

    PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS 🏆 25 years today

    No way Jack, or any right minded businessman, would keep pouring money into the club in such an unviable way. I will say that the investment in players shouldn’t have been turned off like a tap as it was.
  5. IrelandsRover

    PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS 🏆 25 years today

    Picked up mine today 👍
  6. What are people’s memories of that special day
  7. IrelandsRover

    Frank Stapleton

    Well he was 33 when he signed for us so don’t know what people expected really. He was never a prolific striker either 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪
  8. IrelandsRover

    Players that underachieved or what could have been

    Not sure if relevant to this but Gearóid Morrissey plays for Cork City in Ireland. Quality player, now 28 and was on the books at Rovers as a youngster. A lot of young Irish players go to England young but end up coming back for lots of different reasons
  9. IrelandsRover

    The Team that Jack built

    Interesting watch and not too long which was good. Had read about his home on Jersey, nice to see it here
  10. IrelandsRover

    Happy Birthday Mr Tony Parkes

    Happy birthday Tony, thanks for the memories
  11. IrelandsRover

    1995 away shirt, embroidered badge

    Found this fake online decent effort 😁
  12. IrelandsRover


    How I spend my time during lockdown. anyone know the shirt? IMG_5012.MOV
  13. IrelandsRover

    Your best ever UK and Ireland Blackburn 11!

    Sutton could’ve scored more goals but was a good partner for Shearer
  14. IrelandsRover

    1995 away shirt, embroidered badge

    I can’t believe the official store sold this absolute tripe of a “replica” (photo from eBay)
  15. IrelandsRover

    1995 away shirt, embroidered badge

    Any pics? here is an away shirt with the ‘premier league champions’ in gold but badge is stick-on and not embroidered like the players shirts

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