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  1. IrelandsRover

    Republic of Ireland 11

    What is it with one off shirts around that time ?!!
  2. IrelandsRover

    Republic of Ireland 11

    On another note, love this picture:
  3. So I only heard about his recently. Apparently Carling jumped on the fact that the Rovers players were drinking Carling (sponsors of the premier league) in the dressing room at Anfield after winning the league. Does anyone remember this? I can’t imagine McEwans Lager were too happy. By the way, love that keeper jersey, never seen one for sale.
  4. IrelandsRover

    Top Captains

    Ryan Nelson hands down
  5. IrelandsRover

    Worst Rovers 11

    Radosav Petrovic
  6. IrelandsRover

    Opinions on Mike Newell

    I was reading an excerpt from Graeme Le Sauxs autobiography and he is quite critical of Mike Newell among others for during the 95/96 season. it made me wonder what are people’s opinions of Mike Newell? Thanks
  7. IrelandsRover

    In case you didn’t know (eBay)

    Yes. I saw a “match worn” Alan Shearer away shirt from 95/96 listed recently complete with champions badges however the number 9 on the back had an ASICS logo which I believe that seasons did not have
  8. IrelandsRover

    In case you didn’t know (eBay)

    You can buy those badges on eBay and all. I have bought two sets so far.
  9. IrelandsRover

    In case you didn’t know (eBay)

    eBay.co.uk 😂
  10. IrelandsRover

    Rovers best ever Premier League 11

    Shearer is a gentleman. I messaged him on twitter recently asking if he would sign a shirt for me and he obliged immediately and was so kind.
  11. ... someone is selling off a ton of match worn Rovers shirts on eBay at the moment featuring Sherwood, Flitcroft, Tugay, Hendry, Samba, Neill, Duff, Salgado, Dahlin, Olssen, Mame Diouf, Diouf, Davidson, Benni McCarthy, Bentley, Savage, Makel, Robinson and more
  12. IrelandsRover

    Rovers best ever Premier League 11

    Shame for them
  13. IrelandsRover

    Rovers best ever Premier League 11

    Friedel Neill, Samba, Hendry, Le Saux Pedersen, Tugay, Sherwood, Duff Cole, Shearer Ryan Nelson very unlucky to miss out

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