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Found 223 results

  1. J*B

    BRFCS Giveaway

    @Art_of_football on Twitter have kindly given us this Rovers t-shirt to give away. To do so, answer the above question right and a winner will be picked by 9am this coming Monday. Helpful tip, listen to the Don Mackay podcast...
  2. Leading on from a separate thread and as the title suggests, who would you rather have and why? Personally I quite like watching City play so it’s them for me.
  3. Proudtobeblue&white

    The tea thread!

    Now we have some serious debate, .....Assam every time!
  4. JHRover

    Sheff Wednesday away

    Ticket prices announced, a bargain £33 for adults for a clash of bottom half 2nd division sides likely to be a dead rubber game.
  5. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/former-blackburn-boss-steve-kean-1397368 I cannot believe the media are still trying to spin that the clown left us on the up.
  6. oldjamfan1

    Fred Pickering

    I’m slightly reluctant to post this as there is no official confirmation as far as I know but I hear that Fred Pickering has passed away. RIP
  7. https://www.lancs.live/sport/football/compare-accrington-stanley-pne-rovers-15547607 We are losing to the great unwashed on this chaps and chapesses, get voting!
  8. dingles staying down 4ever

    John Lewis Grave

    The Scouts from St. Georges, Mill Hill as part of their Community Impact Badge went to the Old Blackburn Cemetery to clean Rovers' Founder, John Lewis' grave.
  9. Stuart

    Happy Kean Out Day

    Is it 6 years ago already?
  10. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/rovers/news/17408147.rovers-to-induct-seven-players-in-to-inaugural-hall-of-fame/ Record goalscorer Simon Garner, appearance holder Derek Fazackerley, and club legends Bryan Douglas, Ronnie Clayton, Brad Friedel, Alan Shearer and Bob Crompton, who led his hometown club to glory as a player and as a manager, are the first seven to be inducted. Friedel ahead of Tugay though? Tough call
  11. AndyC

    Big Sam

  12. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fTlrULfDcUo&t=295s I have watched this lads short matchday videos for a couple of years and as an overseas fan found them a good way of getting a different feel for matchdays that you don't get just from say usual highlights. After 2 years and out of the blue, presumably the insipid pale dreary blue of Waggots office, orders issued have resulted in this lad being banned from doing any further filming on matchdays inside Ewood or risk the rath of Rovers. I have never seen him post anything controversial on his channel and he comes across as a well balanced lad who just wants to share his love of Rovers. I do not know him from Adam but just subscribe to his Youtube channel. I wish him well on his new venture, Rovers Fan TV. It will be interesting to see if the Club try to interfere with fan interviews outside of Ewood at the Ipswich game. I wonder if Rovers will actually have the bottle to ban all phone videoing inside Ewood.
  13. 4000Holes

    Mike Harrison

    Very sad to learn that Mike Harrison passed away. Mike was part of one of the most exciting forward lines ever to play for Rovers. RIP
  14. Stuart

    BRFC Loanee Watch

    Our youngster Brad Lyons is starting today for St Mirren at home against Hibs. Lining up with a certain Simeon Jackson. It’s the lunchtime game on Sky Sports. Keep your eye on number 14.
  15. waynerovers

    I've been away for a while

    I used to be a regular poster on these forums from 2000 to 2012. I probably wasn't the only one at the time but the whole Steve Kean/Venkys fiasco effectively killed my love for football. Besides the odd international game I completely switched off from the game and it wasn't until this past world cup that I started to keep an eye on Rovers results this season. My question is, in those years that I've been away, has the structure of the club improved, or is it still the hot mess that Kean, Venkys and Anderson left the club in back then or do Rovers fans now have something to be proud of again? Thanks in advance for any input.
  16. damo100

    Riverside Stand

    Steve Waggot mention a few weeks back that the Riverside Stand is to be modernised! Any one got any updates regards this?
  17. Darren Douglas

    Thankyou to Membeds

    I’d like say Thankyou to members for making me feel welcome even tho my first love is Glasgow Rangers & Blackburn Rovers my “English Club” I appreciate made felt welcome Wish BOTH Rangers & Blackburn can return to good years Both sets fans gotten see great players in both Blue Jerseys Id like see read fans opinion on Players that’s played both clubs If liked them or disliked Big Colin Hendry fitted in so easily at Ibrox Tugay Obv fav Not all players with ability fit in easily but when have that determination & desire the fans sense & pick up on it One player I always wished could’ve worn both jerseys was Shearer Blackburn’s McCoist I hope enjoy few photos I post hope find new home for them in meantime Share with Genuine Rovers Fans
  18. Darren Douglas

    Rovers Memorabilia

    Few Rovers collectibles seeking new genuine Rovers fan Few Old Items inc Tesimonial Programmes Old Badges Stain Glass lead outline of Club Crest Planned repaint restore but advised not to Would like info on few of items Club kindly pointed me to forum Hope enjoy
  19. Darren Douglas

    Blackburn Collectors Bundle

    I HOPE ADMIN & MEMBERS THIS IS OK & NOT BREAKING ANY RULES Going make up couple Bundle old Blackburn Collectibles Also going put Stain Glass up for Offer (either as it is or will restore repaint if requested) Each of two shall inc Bronze Plaque in Presentation Box Various Badge/Pins Old Programmes (testimonials inc Bryan Douglas) Photos of past Players Or if someone wants lot as single bundle send me Message or comment Take Photos & Post I want items goto Genuine Rovers Fans Sadly previously a dealer pretending be fan took advantage just earn few quid Why I’m only offering items on legit Rovers Fan Forum I hope enjoy photos I’ve been posting share with Forum esp Older Generation I’ve had nothing but good comments that I appreciate
  20. Darren Douglas

    Rovers Junior Members Badges

    Hi I have couple hundred little Blackburn Junior Members Badges (see in photo) I am considering donating 50 If acceptable possibly for admin use for good off Forum In small way is be honouring family member was very loyal Rovers Fan You van let me know your feelings on this
  21. Tyrone Shoelaces

    Peter Thompson

    I see Peter Thompson the old Preston, Liverpool and England winger has died. I remember him and John " The Tank " Bray having some terrific battles in the early 1960's. Thompson was a real handful with terrific dribbling skills. We don't seem to breed players like him anymore. RIP.
  22. Merry Christmas Friends, Fan Club Members and Sparring Partners - it’s all good! Hope you have a great Christmas and that the big man brings you all the things that are missing from your life. All the best, Stuart
  23. AAK

    Newcastle Away

    £10 Adults and £5 juniors. Great pricing, should see a couple of thousand going up if not more.
  24. MCMC1875

    Bobby Saxton

    I was talking to a friend of mine last week who is a good friend of Neil Saxton. Neil is the son of Bobby Saxton, Rovers manager from 1981-86. He followed a tough act, Howard Kendall and preceded the popular Don Mackay. My mate was saying he never gets mentioned, it's like he never existed. He did a great job at a tough time, keeping Rovers in the 2nd Division when all our Lancashire neighbours were plumbing the depths of the 3rd and 4th Divisions - our only derby games then were Oldham and CIty every year. Without him Rovers would have sunk probably to the 4th. A great bloke who still loves Rovers. Anyone got any memories or photos?
  25. Herbie6590

    BRFCS YouTube Channel

    Hey everyone, just to let you all know we have re-launched the BRFCS YouTube channel and would welcome any suggestions, contributions etc. To get the ball rolling, we have put our 2017 Christmas Podcast up there to whet your appetites for the 2018 Christmas & New Year ones we have planned...🙂 Please subscribe if YouTube is your thing & we’ll put our creative hats on...👍🏻 https://www.youtube.com/user/brfcsdotcom

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