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  1. Are Extending Highlights of the game available anywhere? Used to be able to watch in Ifollow.
  2. MESSAGE For TONY - We are at our best when we counter attack! Learn to LET the opposition have the ball at times and build a solid shape and backline, you need players who can Nick the ball from the opposition, we have shown we have players who are quick in transition on the counter.
  3. Has anybody tweeted Suhail Pasha or got a response from him?
  4. Gallagher can score goals if he is played as a number 9 and given the service. Reason we signed is because he did so well for us in his loan spell. Watch this clip for a reminder: TM is simply not getting the best out of him. It wouldn't hurt to let him play as the number 9 even if it is off the bench for the last 30 mins in a game.
  5. Would love for us to a grind out an ugly 1-0 win. Not bothered if we dont play well or not. Need to be organised, men behind the ball. Cant have the full backs bombing forward leaving gaps behind. Some how I dont think this will happen!
  6. JRC was weak link but not his fault he was asked to play LB. We've had such treacherous luck with both bell and Douglas out at LB. Then Ayala and Kaminski out too!! Kaminski, ayala, douglas, johnson, travis, dack, rothwell are 7 first team players out! Cant wait for international break to come. We will be better when we have a more settled side. We need to try and get through next 2 games and try and GRIND out at least 1 win!
  7. TM "we couldn't handle their physicality " so WHY start JRC a kid at RB when we have nyambe a beast on the bench? Oh yes, he couldn't possibly drop JRC because he had a good game against a 10 men league 1 side on Saturday. It's so obvious to many on here that it just makes sense to play Nyambe when we face the better teams and we can play JRC against poorer teams who are likely to sit back! Lenihan not as good as many think he is. I feel we have a great team and chance of promotion. TM needs to start setting up the team right from Saturday. We HAVE to become difficult to beat, cant keep conceding silly goals!!
  8. Lenihan own goal was a direct result of nyambe giving the ball away 30 seconds earlier! He played a 5 yard pass behind Holtby when under no pressure! Dont know if anybody noticed this, but it was criminal.
  9. That was a game in which we needed Dack. Even Holtby, rothwell and travis would have made a huge difference. But poor by Johnson, epitomised the team play, little urgency, lack lustre, not enough aggression and desire to try and score. It was almost as if we had given up! Naive we should have at least had a draw. Lessons to be learned for this young team!
  10. Absolutely spot on! when JRC played at RB he picked out dolan numerous times setting up attacks. Dolan and Armstrong need some service and balls played in front of them to run onto.
  11. Douglas, Ayala and Kaminski bring a wealth of experience to the back line, hopefully more organisation, clean sheets and more 3 points!
  12. Spurs desperate for a striker and will probably get him cheap on last day of transfer window.
  13. Tough afternoon ahead for bell facing stanislas, will need brereton to help him out there
  14. Why are WBA dragging their heels? It should have been done by now. Maybe WBA stalling as they have other irons in the fire? Here's hoping!
  15. Venkys have backed mowbray for the last 3 years! 12 million on Gallagher and Brereton last year plus paying wages for a bloated squad! That money could and should have been spent wisely in purchasing a GK and CB these two positions were just as much a priority last summer as they are today! Now with the impact of coronavirus I wouldn't blame venkys for tightening the belt. If fans are looking to vent or point a finger of blame it should be in tony mowbray direction!
  16. I reckon Upto million for Cunningham would represent good value for money
  17. We should be raiding wigan, they are selling club and have some decent players
  18. Cunningham is a massive upgrade on bell and Williams. We should definitely be looking at this one imo.
  19. We desperately need a GK. Dillon Phillips supposedly available for around 1 million. What are we waiting for? Shear stupidity to wait around as if we keep stalling other clubs surely could come in for him. My point is we are probably more desperate for a GK than ANY other championship side. We need to get him over the line as a priority. There is a good chance josh king will be moving on in a few weeks and the club should receive 3-4 million sell on fee for him.
  20. Bournemouth going down means king is off = 20% sell on clause
  21. If we could only sign 3 players what positions would other fans like? Personally I think GK and central defender is a must. Last one would be an out and out winger or LB like greg Cunningham who would come straight into first team. Dont think we will see many signings due to financial restrictions. Whoever we sign must be good enough to go straight into first team, none of this needs to get used to our teams style of play etc as mowbray has previously indicated.
  22. Agree Armstrong and nyambe are class. Strange how many fans still whine about Armstrong yet his stepped up with goals since dacks injury. That's 9 goals and 6 assists for Arma.
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