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  1. I am speculating that he currently negotiating Mido's transfer as we speak, however, as he has lost pleasure's phone number he can't complete the deal.
  2. Maybe we should develop an audio stream on the site and inbetween Glenns texts I could humm Green Sleeves.
  3. Savage goes close with a looping header, cleared off the line. Its all Rovers. (Stick that in your pipe, Tchocky. )
  4. Knowing the quality of these transcripts we've done in the past is more likely to be "Jeffers is totally unmarked in the box, he scores! " Five minutes later, "sorry it was Mokonea scoring an own goal"
  5. Why listen to roversworld when you can have me typing up texts that Glenn sends through? If nothing else, it'll be entertaining to see how inaccurate his goalscorers are !
  7. Can anyone find a worse design than Huddersfield 1987/88 ?
  8. I disagree. The argument seems to be that Jeffers' hasn't done anything in 5 years (despite scoring for England in an international in 2003). However, Nelsen hadn't done *anything* in the game in his entire career. Let's give jugears the chance to prove himself before dissing his abilities. We don't know what his mental state is, we don't know what his physical abilities are, we don't know what his motivational levels are. However, it would appear that Hughes does think he's mentally sound, physically capable and suffciiently motivated to do a job. It is extremely unlikely that Jeffers is the main striker and will more likely the replacement for Dickov than for Bellamy.
  9. Just as idiotic as thinking a player from that well reknowned hot bed of football, New Zealand, who has only played in that equal talent bed of football, the USA, could possibly be a top central defender?
  10. England lose and then we get invaded by Cybes and Daleks! Things get better and better....
  11. Edwildo Just wonder what I will do?
  12. Why's this thread titled Andy D'urso?
  13. Modi


    Totally agree that a better strike force for Mexico and the result could well have been different. Not so sure Argentina were deliberatley playing within themselves. I don't think they expected Mexico to play with such vigour and never really looked comfortable in the game. If they come up against a team that can play with Mexico's tempo but with a better strikeforce, they might come unstuck. Unfortunately, I can't think of a team that is likely to do that.
  14. Interesting interview with one the senior British police officers over there. He said something along the lines of that when the 60k fans turn up they aren't expecting too much trouble as they would be there to enjoy the football and themselves. He was suggesting that the arrests and trouble so far are from the typical idiots who tag themselves onto football as a way of masking their loathsome behaviour. Probably has a very valid point.
  15. I've just noticed that as well. However, I'll forgive them for that error because I think the reverse side of the card is so cool.
  16. This is a match I'm particularly looking forward to as I'll be in a bar in Portugal for it. Not sure who I'll be cheering on yet!
  17. Paraguay. Now who do I support on Saturday?
  18. You can fly Leeds/Bradford-Bristol with Southwest Airlines.
  19. Just thought I'd bring this thread back again as Doctor Who has won a couple of BAFTAs this evening. Been a good week for Rover supporting, time travel fans such as myself.
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