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  1. The clubs clearly stated that tickets will be based on priority for those who purchased for Salzburg and/or Krakow. I would anticipate that full details will be announced at the beginning of next week, probably along the lines of - 1. week one - previous UEFA ticket record 2. week two - other season ticket holders 3. week three - general sale 4. 10 mins before kick-off - French globe trotting communists
  2. During yesterday's Fighting Talk on Five Live, one of the guests said that McClaren is well aware of the dashed hopes and disappointment of the entire nation when England get knocked out at a major championships. To avoid such anguish during Euro 2008, he's decided it's better not to qualify at all. Many a true word said in jest?
  3. Considering it's possible location, just be careful that a witty tattoist doesn't swap the first "t" for an "s".
  4. Both years quoted in my previous post should have read 1984, or was it 1884 so Teddy Sheringham could still qualify?
  5. According to UEFA U-21 2006/07 Regulation 16.02 players are eligible right through to the finals if they were born on or after 1st Jan 2004. As Bentley was born 27th August 2004 he could have played, so he must have been dropped by Peter Taylor. EDIT : the year should be 1984. Retained 2004 in the post for comedy value.
  6. I'm in Amsterdam on the Wednesday night and Rotterdam on the Thursday. By pure fluke we have a business partner based in Rotterdam and I've agreed to go there first thing Friday morning (hope I'm not too hungover). My client doesn't see that Rotterdam is a problem for the majority of fans but does recommend you don't wear colours, especially if drunk... Probably a bit like Sheffield or Millwall. But with Dutch people.
  7. You on the Friday evening back to LBA? or the outgoing one as well?
  8. Martin and myself : Wed 22nd Nov Leeds/Bradford - Amsterdam (Jet2) 1800 - 2015 overnight in Amsterdam Thurs 23rd Get train to Rotterdam around lunchtime Hotel within walking distance of ground (approx 2 miles) Fri 24th Train back to Amsterdam mid afternoon Amsterdam - Leeds/Bradford (Jet2) 2045 - 2100 All for less than £150 per person (excluding transfers)
  9. Is blue the colour of the crayon he used to write the book?
  10. To be fair to Heskey, asfar as can I work out he's not had a bad run against us - Leicester 7 games 2 goals Liverpool 7 games 4 goals Birmingham 3 games 1 goal Wigan 1 game 1 goal 18 goals and 8 goals
  11. There were fairly big spaces in both upper outer bits of the Blackburn End. These wouldn't have been full if everyone in the Darwen End had sat there, and would probably have taken about a half of the Riverside crowd as well, leaving it about third full at tops. This would mean that straight off you are down 7,500ish for the Darwen, another 2,000 for the Riverside. There were definitely small pockets of spaces in the lower BBE, and parts of the JW Upper. Can't comment on the JW Lower, but I think a crowd of 19k was probably right.
  12. I would like to criticise the ticket office employee in question. She was very efficient when she sold me tickets for Middlesbrough a few weeks ago. I would have prefered if she had been woefully slow and I'd have to have stood at the window for a much longer period.
  13. But that'll include season ticket holders (what is it about 13k?) of which, 2/3rd might attend due to it being midweek. Still looks like a crowd approaching 15k might be on the cards
  14. And reading that one thread makes me glad we have such a wonderful board here.
  15. To the tune of "Ten Men" Threesome! He only wanted a threesome! (repeat)
  16. Just got home and a thoroughly uplifting performance by Rovers. From start to finish there was only going to be one winner, although the central defence did a few good impressions of someone opening a pair of curtains, especially in the first half. Very impressed with Nonda. Emerton was excellent again, and he deserved a goal for his run where he outmuscled their palyers. Toogs was stupid for this yellow card, but apart from that was great. Some other random points: The Mickey Gray chant was superb and I'm sure he was laughing at it. That was banter for those who defend the chants in the Salzburg thread. Why did SAS get thrown out? And did anyone see Jordan? I didn't and I didn't hear him either. Has he broken his consecutive run?
  17. I've persuaded a mate who's not a Rovers fan and hasn't been for over 2 years to come along to the Salzburg match.
  18. And we moved to electronic tickets to reduce staffing levels at turnstiles. Having to check on those who may or may not be 'young persons' would require additional staffing - it's preety easy to spot someone getting in on a pensioners or a kids ticket!
  19. I'm going and won't be joining in any protest. Sorry, just against standing at grounds with large crowds. (I guess Ewood would be ok....)
  20. The Daily Telegraph is reporting that one of the accusations surrounding 'Appy 'Arry is tapping up Andy Todd! As much as I like Toddy, surely 'Arry could reach a little higher if he has been a naughty boy as Panorama claims?
  21. Woeful first half and we did not deserve to level at half time. Second half total change around. Mokonea played well, we actually won some headers, and the team seemed to grow in self belief. Also like to say, another good performance from Emerton. Just wish Bentley would link up a bit better with him and the right side would look very impressive.
  22. The site Hannah found the commentary for was the official Sunderland site (run by our old friends Premium tv). The same feed was also available on the official Rovers site if 'safc' in the url was substituted by 'rovers'. I can't see it could be deemed to be illegal unless of course someone had hacked into the official sites to create the broadcast? However, what is puzzling is why the commentary wasn't publicised?
  23. Certainly looked like Neill, and Brad on Five Live said it was Neill, so I guess it probably was Neill. Now I've had timefor a quick drink, a more balanced approach. Thought Jeffers worked extremely hard and looked like he could actually have been a worthwhile gamble. Bentley is frustrating - just wish he'd do something simple at times. Gally should have been given at least 15mins. Emerton again performed very well and looks to be playing with a degree of confidence. MGP's best contribution was urging the away fans to cheer Brad at the end of the match. Peter should have come on at some oint for him. Rovers will survive and will come good when the players start meshing as a team, which they aren't really doing as yet, but perhaps this isn't too surprising with the number of new faces and/or positions. However, I can't see Sheffield Utd surviving as I really don't think they can play much better. Oh, and just remembered another highlight other than the park-and-ride. Sitting behind SteB is always a pleasure.
  24. Just got home, and other than the amazing performance of Brad, the best part of the day was the park and ride facility at Sheffield.
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