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  1. You might like to check out this thread as well... Kuqi original thread For me, his first touch was pretty poor, but he did have some great moments in a Rovers shirt. My two favoutrites were the cross for Pedersen's wonder goal against Fulham and his bargeing through the West Ham defence to score a splendid goal at Ewood. Heart in the right place, even if the ball wasn't always!
  2. Not necessarily. Perhaps Liverpool saw him as available and a quick fix for their injury woes. Nothing to suggest they'll be back in again for him in January when their current defensive problems should be resolved and they might have their sights on someone else who has become available.
  3. I was at Ewood around 1100 buying Boro tickets. There was one person in the queue ahead of me, and he wasn't getting European tickets either. Either they've sold old already or there was just a surge first thing.
  4. Channel 5 are showing two games, Newcastle and Spurs.
  5. Slightly off topic, but can anyone make a recommendation of where to watch Wednesday's match in the Centre of the Universe (ie Chorley, specifically Astley Village)? I'm over here for a week looking after my parents cats - exciting life I lead - and they don't have Sky Sports. It's been many a year since I last went into Chorley town centre drinking, and wouldn't know where to avoid and where is good. Ideally would like a fairly non-smokey pub, buit beggars can't be choosers. Had thought of going to Blues Bar but that would mean a fairly hefty taxi fee back, or limited alcohol.
  6. I've checked digiguide and no sign of Rovers, even on the obscure channels that sometimes show footie, such as Bravo or UKG2.
  7. I advised my father that Shefti had gone to Crystal Palace and he was slightly disappointed. He then asked how much and when I replied about £2.5m he said "how much???? Are you sure???" He wasn't disappointed then.
  8. Not quite. As Krislu calculated when he left Bellamy - less than 30mins on pitch = 15 matches @ 1.8pts/game Bellamy - 30mins or more on pitch = 23 @ 1.57pts/game
  9. According to IHD, it'd be a good thing, as all Rovers fans are still watching the team. Admittedly, only Mr Murdoch is actually benefitting financially, but heh-ho, that clearly doesn't matter!
  10. What's odd are there on Savage getting a yellow card tackling Ballox within 5 mins?
  11. Answer to both questions is probably no.
  12. Keep sucking that satsuma and playing with your whip and top. Only a few hours to go!
  13. The Nelsen interview on RoversWorld is extremely uplifting and positive. He clearly wants to be here, thinks Rovers are going in the right direction and genuinely feels we are capable of winning something. It's obvious Hughesy is motivating and inspiring the team to great things.
  14. I'm totally apathetic with regards Bert. If he stays, he's not that bad a player and we need to have a reasonably sized squad if we want to take Europe remotely seriously. We won't get a much better player for £1m If he goes, then he'd be no great loss and there's probably players who can do a squad role just as well. Might cost a bit more than £1m but would probably be on lower wages, so cost neutral. Can't think of any other player I am so unbothered about.
  15. But that UHL Sport shirt is virtually indestructible. People have moaned about how shoddy shirts have been in the last couple of seasons, but I expect to see cockroaches at the end of time wearing that particular shirt.
  16. I was the one who brought up the Todd finger-in-the-eye incident, and I'm anything but a Todd hater. Indeed, on another forum my user name is AndyToddDemiGod. I await your apology.
  17. Did anyone see if Todd actually made contact with his two finger prod toward's the Kiwi's eyes yesterday? The New Zealander certainly went down as if he had, and Todd did go and chat with him as they walked off at half time. Strange that Todd was substituted at half time - maybe Hughes saw the incident and brought him off because of it.
  18. The 'utter nonsense' comment was directed at the assertion that you seem to be saying everyone can get everything back. Maybe those who frequent that noble website you have found are getting a lot back, but do you really believe that everyone who has ever had a bank charge is going to get everything back? And to be honest, it's not irrelevant as to why charges are levied. If I went into Sainsburys, loaded up with a 12 pack of beer and only had enough cash for a bottle of milk, somehow I don't think I'd be able to walk out of the store. Why if you have £100 in your account and you spend £200 should you feel that you should get away with it? Yes, there are some stupid situations witha few pence here and there, but the fact is the vast majority of fees are incurred for one of the three reasons I mentioned earlier. Oh, and any thoughts on the free banking issue?
  19. Unfortunately, I will tell you it is a load of twaddle. You might disagree but that's your choice. The figures are, I am assuming submitted by the poor saps who register for the site? And they are really going to be honest with saying they've managed to get £7.50 refunded out of a few hundred quid? Of course they are not. Yes, there will be some high profile cases that are totally ludicrous and have lead to some poor souls racking up hundreds of pounds of charges... but to suggest everyone can get everything back is utter nonsense. Mind you it beggars the question why are people getting so many charges anyway? Is it that they are spending money they don't have, or haven't arranged an overdraft, are simply incompetent when it comes to finances or that the bank is screwing them? The latter might be the end result, but it only comes from one or more of the first three reasons. No one gets charged if they follow three simple rules - be sensible, spend what you can afford, and if you need some help get in touch early enough to sort things out. Where's theres genuine bank errors or fraud or similar refunds ain't an issue. However, there is an argument that those who go overdrawn, rack up fees etc are subsidising those of us who never go overdrawn or rack up fees. Hence the growing concern that 'free banking' might come to an end in the not too distant future. Still, if everyone gets a quarterly £25 processing fee levied to their account, charged £1 per cheque, and 50p for each switch transaction, and each withdrawal a 1% handling fee, everyone will no doubt be overjoyed that it's now a fair system. PS Best of luck with your claims.
  20. I think you'll find that this is a lot of hype, and the idea that "not one person has failed to get their money back" is a load of twaddle. There's been a few genuine cases which have been won on technicalities, but wholescale refunds have not and will not happen. However, if you want to try, feel free.
  21. There's two recurring nightmares I have, and when I mean recurring, they pop up maybe a couple of times a year. First one is I dream that I've not done the homework due for the next day, or totally forgotten to revise for the exam the following morning. Please bear in mind I'm 37 and last proper exams I did were at University in 1990! The other one is that I am looking after my parents house whilst they are away, and I totally forget to feed their cats for a week. Thankfully the cats always survive due to them being pretty independent animals, but the panic and worry that their non-feeding generates... I guess both are variations on a theme that I am worried I'll forget to do something important, but when I have them I can't ever recall being particularly concerned about anything in the real world.
  22. Don't think this could happen in rd1 at least, as both teams are likely to be seeds. Hearts would be good, as I am sure I have to visit the Edinburgh office in September.
  23. Juve still down, Fiorentina and Lazio in Serie A, but with negative points start. (-11 and -19). Juve's points reduced to -17. Milan start -7
  24. And so concludes the broadcast of glenn-o-vision. Tune in next time to witness Shearer scoring his first goal, and Simon Garner being mistaken for Andy Cole.
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