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  1. There's a world of difference in my mind between people who don't have the opportunity of going to every match (eg for budgetary, travel or work reasons) and those who simply can't be arsed.
  2. That won't happen as season tickets will always get priority over non-st holders. Maybe 1, s/t with other stubs 2, s/t holders 3, other stubs holders 4, general sale
  3. Yes. If you're not a season ticket holder, despite the fact you might have gone to all the previous rounds and/or the majority of league matches, if you can't go to the semi, you're below those who might make the semi as their only match of the season to date. Interestingly, Huddersfield Town are coming in for stick for the away clash in the FA Cup at Chelsea as they sold their 6,000 allocation in under 7 hours and a lot of fans who attended previous rounds etc didn't get one.
  4. My father went to the ticket office today and bought 4xWigan, 2xQPR and 2xBoro (cup). TO said they think the demand for Wigan tickets might have been under estimated.
  5. Totally crap first half. Totally great second half. Kuqi's goal was pretty nifty.
  6. I'm going, but not having more than an couple. On call New Years Eve night (and Christmas Eve night).
  7. Oh so you are more than 5 years of age? I stand corrected.
  8. The logic of some of your posts suggest you've never seen Rovers in anything other than the topflight...
  9. After tonight's Children In Need mini episode, I'm convinced.
  10. Jarosik isn't too convinced that Birmingham is a big club nor is playing there doing his career much good. Jarosik sick Poor old Steve Bruce. He's fielding a player who clearly doesn't want to be at his club and isn't even fit.
  11. I personally think Matty's 'legendary status' owes as much to the 20 odd goals he got in the season we were promoted, or does that not count?
  12. Not particularly, but is it worth bringing every thread down to the same subject?
  13. Oh come on. Charlton didn't even bring 400, so again our home attendance seems to have levelled out at around 17,000 on a day of the year when people are often going elsewhere. Onto the game - still don't quite believe Emerton's goal. Who doubt's Brad's past it now? How can a ref mis a penalty and give it as corner? Who says we've little attacking threat? Happy bunny tonight.
  14. Either you are getting off on some strange form of humour that no one else appreciates or you really are one rather sad individual. Can we have an answer and a final posting from you?
  15. I think this is a bad thing. The overall money for clubs is probably going to drop. Chances are there will be even more matches with silly kick-off times. Viewers will have to pay more (unless it's ITV or BBC) to watch the same number of matches.
  16. Visit fifa world cup tickets for details. They are determined in strange ways.
  17. In light of today's performance and the result in the Czech Republic, to paraphrase Turnip... "Do I like orange."
  18. At least it's not as bad as the ITV Digital situation were some football league matches had so few viewers (less than 20k iirc) that it was widely reported that it would have been cheaper for the tv company to buy viewers match tickets and lay on taxis to get them there. In my mind there should be no more than 5 televised Premiership matches a fortnight. Two each Sunday and one other mid week/Monday night. Saturday matches should always be 1500 kick-offs, with the only change being when there is possible police issues. TV should never be the reason behind a kick off change on a Saturday.
  19. Surely a tackle is only worthy of a red card if it actually likely to have caused some serious injury? Nelsen's boots were no were near whoever he fouled and he effectively tackled with his thighs. Just about the only decision Rennie got right.
  20. I heard a "****" (name withheld to avoid possible detection!) from Edinburgh on and Eamon pretending that the line was faulty. What a wag!. Oh, how sweet. Almost as sweet as having a muffin during the match...
  21. You found your hero Paul? I must say I was very impressed with Sir Alex afterwards, he was extremely complimentary towards Rovers.
  22. I knew me not going would work wonders. I just feel sorry for Jim's dog.
  23. Ok, let's call it quits. However, one last point I'm not a mod, and never have been (although I am a Modi). I contribute to some of the background stuff on the site but have no sway on editorial policy; I couldn't even pin the preview thread in the first place, such is my lack of influence.
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