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  1. Would the 19 'no' and 'angry' like to change their minds now? And would Grooby really have achieved European qualification?
  2. Both, and it's quite possible. Big Club 1 - Dingles 0. The Football League then dock Big Club 3 points for fielding an ineligible player as Miss Monica, the delux inflatable doll didn't get international clearance in time. Dingles 1 - Big Club 0. The Football Legue then dock the Dingles 3 points for fielding an ineligible player as Peter Pigsnout was already registered to another club as his sisters-half-cousin-mother's-uncle-son.
  3. I always thought there should be a consol called Nintendo Interactive Player System - or NIPS for short.
  4. I heard that if an online form is completed incorrectly, there is £250 surcharge, payable to a person who sits two rows in front of the offender.
  5. Everyone I know who gets a bonus gets it in March. Perhaps we should start a poll for most popular bonus month?
  6. It's a tough one. As long as we win at Charlton, Big Club drawing is fine. As long as Barcodes don't snatch it.
  7. Joe Cole on Five Live said it wasn't as bad as it looked. However, when asked about John Terry. "JT is Ok. If you chopped his head off he'd still play."
  8. Neither of whom were actually bought with Russian Roman's cash.
  9. I had this conversation with some friends on Saturday before the Pompey match. Don't just think of Rovers, but think of the 80 odd clubs which aren't genuinely 'big'. Exclude Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Newcastle, Arsenal and maybe a few others and what are you left with? Matches that the floating, casual fan isn't really bothered about. How many people when faced with the choice of a few quid to watch Chelsea - Man Utd on a Saturday at 1500 or watch Bury vs Rochdale at £15 (or whatever)will go to Bury? How many would choose Torquay vs Scunthorpe for twice the price of Liverpool vs Arsenal? Football will die if the top clubs are available on tap every single week. ITV digital showed the folly of being reliant on tv money. How many clubs almost went to the wall? Look at the choice of Rovers-Fulham or City-Newcastle, which would get the bigger audience? Why would Sky or another broadcaster believe they should pay the same for the former as the latter? If the market for broadcast is 'free' then most likely will the broadcasters payment schemes. The big clubs will only get bigger, the biggish clubs will be OK and the rest would see a fall in tv revenue and gate receipts. In five seasons time, we'd be reduced to watching a kick around at Witton Park as Rovers would not survive.
  10. Tsk, tsk, Paul. Have you not been reading your official site? The televising of the Chelsea match was confirmed at the same time the rearranged fixture was announced. Chelsea match
  11. I had this discussion with a friend at the weekend. The team shouldn't give a fig about when they play and shouldn't think playing first/middle/last over the weekend gives them an added incentive to win. Quite simply they should just go out there and try win every match.
  12. Twelvety. 1937. Only those whose name rhymes with xylophone.
  13. At least my bet in total only cost £15.50
  14. Not only did that penalty make things worse for Rovers, it cost me £200. Last of a 5 match accumulator was Spurs-West Brom draw. Only showed £50 profit instead of £250.
  15. I know Dave's supporting of Rovers has cost him a good few points and a number of woolly hats.
  16. An assistant linesman? Whatever next, the 8th official who hands the 4th official his little board?
  17. TBH, before he joined Rovers I always thought Souey was one of the better pundits on Sky. Didn't seem to have any favourites and was always honest in his opinions. I guess Sky remember those decent games then so rehired him. Oh and Richard Keyes has stated in the past Souey is one of his favourite studio guests.
  18. I've gone 7th and praying that two of the teams above us are in the FA Cup final - so I guess that means Chelsea, Liverpool or Bolton. My original guess of a position was 12th, so we've over achieved this year in my eyes.* *subject to not going all crap in the next 11 games.
  19. Where do you think the team will finish the season?
  20. From the Skysports website: "Arsenal were brought back down to earth with a 1-0 defeat at Blackburn for whom the result confirms the hosts as very real UEFA Champions League contenders." Far cry from when Hughesy took over!
  21. It's amazing how flat Livesey Branch Road is after a win, and how pleasant the trip home on the M62 is. Brilliant performance by the team, only underperformer really was Peter who tried too hard. Funny moments - Savage's header. Reid almost being decapitated. Toogs backheel 30 seconds after an Arse player had done the same "anything you can do, I can do better". Lehmann being a total ###### throughout. Wenger unsurprising post match comments of them being the better team.
  22. Winning designs now up at the official site. New shirts Also says they hope to play in them at the end of this season!
  23. Of the major bookies, only William Hills (20/1 jt 9th favourite) and BetFred (66/1 19th favourite) are even offering odds.
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