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  1. This is doing the rounds, does anyone actually know our sell on fee for Raya?
  2. Tyrhys Dolan had a great cameo changed the game showed some great skill and opened up some pockets of space that honestly I don’t think any of our other players could bar maybe dack. Yeah he lost the ball for Bournemouth’s winner but that’s the risk these players carry. If our shape was good Dolans loss of possession would have amounted to nothing so really harsh to blame him, blame the shite midfield shape. I don’t even think our back four were that bad the midfield shape absolutely ruins us and the way it’s set up means we will always concede goals even if we had great championship defenders. Also thought Kaminski looked pretty good not much he could have done for the goals, looked comfortable on the ball played sweeper efficiently and that one save was incredible.
  3. I saw more tweets from Gent fans surprised he was going for such a low fee and with good things to say. Naturally people will be bitter when players leave but ultimately only thing that matters to me is how he plays for us
  4. I know the guys not played in the most illustrious leagues but nice to see us linked with someone with a few winners medals
  5. Plenty of issues can crop up trying to sign a player sometimes you’ll miss out and it is what it is. But letting contracts run is absolutely unforgivable. I feel for the first time in a while we have a few cash cows letting contracts get down to one year is incredibly risky and very avoidable. We as a club can not afford to be lackadaisical like this.
  6. Oh for sure I’m not saying the guy is irreplaceable by any stretch of the imagination but I think he was our best defender this season. An experienced goalkeeper for communicating with the back four and a good sweeper style cb would be ideal to complement lenihans more gung ho approach. These players need to be bought quickly rather than the usual pissing about we do.
  7. Some harsh words towards Tosin here, I thought he was our best defender by a fairly decent margin better than Lenihan and Nyambe who are thought of quite highly (generally). He will be missed by me , he didn’t bully strikers but he didn’t need to...apart from his passing he was pretty quiet which is good for a centre back. If you have a defender constantly making these blood and thunder tackles or last ditch body on the line sort of stuff it looks good in highlights but they’re generally shite positionally which I don’t think Tosin was. Victim of looking too laid back I think. I will emphasise truly you don’t need anything better than solid at the back to get out of this division you just need a competent tactician. I am pretty sure better centre backs than Tosin would struggle here with our poor defensive tactics.
  8. I think we should sign downing for another year under the assumption we change the way we use him. I feel he’d be a great bench option, good ball retention if we’re leading a game also option to bring on for good set piece deliveries and crosses if we need a plan b.
  9. For a team like ours quality of signings is important to an extent but what’s more important for us is a quality system and set up on the pitch. You can sign whoever you like but ultimately if you can’t organise a defence or have a consistent system that does the job it won’t get you anywhere despite who you sign. It isn’t easy but there are plenty of good players out there to be found for this level of football for a low price. But until we find an identity as opposed to the confused inconsistent game we play right now it will get us no where. Individual players won’t do shit for us but a strong tactical system will. Tony Mowbray has had his moments good and bad but he’s not shown the tactical nous you need to progress on a consistent basis. So either he needs to stamp his authority and find a system that works or we need someone else that can. Until we do, whoever we sign will just be another body to fill a gap whilst we as a club meander.
  10. Brereton played well again and great finish from Gallagher. Big problem with Hayden today after a good debut was easy to spot, he did the simple things really well against reading today he took too long on the ball and wasn’t playing safe then he got done a few times which knocked his confidence. Manager should have told him keep it simple. Midfield shape still god awful as well. I hope Buckley plays more next season he has a real footballing brain and as a technical player is levels above most of the dross in the squad.
  11. Our midfield shape is really frustrating again causing more issues. There is a clear lack of direction for the three in midfield, the gap between them and the back four is massive meaning they have a good shot at running the defence every time they go forward. But they are not providing enough going forwards to justify this at all
  12. His appearance was brief but I can tell Vale has a bit of intelligence about his play, sweet strike aside (unlucky not to score) I feel like he picked up pockets of space really well which is usually a very good sign. I do think Buckley will end up being cream of the crop out of our youngsters, real football brain and good technique to boot.
  13. Decent enough first half, that carter looks an imposing lad. Showed some tidy passing at the back too.
  14. Awful first half. I don’t know why our midfield behaves the way it does sometimes. The three in midfield have these really strange phases during the game where they’re incredibly narrow, very close to one another and very static. Which means our attack gets piss poor support and the defence (particularly full backs) get shocking support as well. The worst thing is it seems like it’s by design. But why?
  15. No I hadn’t been abroad however I did take a trip to a heavily tourist town in the uk.
  16. Piggybacking off a couple of you guys experiences, I might be dead wrong but in November I came down with the worst illness I’ve ever had in my life I’m 25 and in good nick but this illness knocked me on my ass completely. It took me a full three months no exaggeration to start breathing full capacity again and not cough every time I did anything. Is it possible the coronavirus has been around this long? I’ve had colds and flus before but never anything like that.
  17. Fair enough, to be honest I’ve watched him play 5-6 times whenever Pompey been on tv and he’s always stood out to me however I know a few players stand out on tv but are inconsistent otherwise. I do feel however he’s a player that would suit the current formation as it stands inside forward type. As an aside it is absolutely staggering how much recruitment is needed this summer when you look at it on paper (if we want to progress)
  18. I feel they may have inflated the price because of their promotion push. Honestly though who knows what the market will be like this summer.
  19. Would like to see us go in for Ronan Curtis again now Pompey are definitely not getting promoted.
  20. It’s such a shame butterworth got injured I thought it would be a breakthrough season as he’s by far a better prospect than brereton. I tend to be more forgiving than most but I’ve given up on Ben doing anything here, I really thought there was something there (or maybe it was just in dumb hope). There was a complete lack of trust from the manager from the start (why spend that money if no trust) and through his own stupidity v Barnsley he’s never had a run of games here. It’s so bizarre. From the signing to the actual management of the lad himself it’s been a complete shitshow and the worst handling of a player since Mowbray arrived by far and considering the money that was spent just makes the mis-management even more sickening.
  21. Proper cliche but rothwell has absolutely no football brain. Every game it seems like his highlight reel is one half decent run followed by an absolutely half brained finish or pass and that’s all he does.
  22. Brentford have an excellent scouting network, I also feel an important side note to this is the type of football Brentford play. They play an expansive and open style that allow players to show individuality and ultimately flourish. We play a very confused and inconsistent style of football which does not help.
  23. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-51961158 We really do have some genetically modified turnips wandering about in the uk. Neanderthals. Stuff like this is why I can never take the act/character of Farage lightly. These are the consequences.
  24. I find the dislike for the guy in general is a bit harsh. If we can grab him for a low fee in the summer I’d be all over it. Baby age for a keeper with loads of experience already and yeah he’s made some gaffs (which keeper at this level doesn’t see Leeds Brentford last night) but he’s saved us a few times and has a lot of clean sheets and in my opinion has helped stabilise the defence being more commanding in the area. I would like to see him under a keeper coach that isn’t a no mark and if Mowbray has something better lined up fair enough but I doubt it. I think Walton if he leaves would be appreciated a lot more by us lot when we end up stuck with real trash like that Sunderland keeper we were linked with.
  25. I think across the board the centre back market is still a bit more baron than a few years ago on top of even more transfer inflation in the last few years. I think we can get around £10m for Darragh
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