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  1. Ahhhh right I tracked him from Southampton airport in Flybe which is to Glasgow. Who knows I think we’re probably grasping at straws anyway ?
  2. done a little snooping on Ronan Curtis his Instagram story suggests that he’s currently on a flight Which I tracked to Glasgow airport. Could be something of nothing. But this transfer window has been baron, like all Rovers fans I’m bored and ready to latch on to any information possible.
  3. Big fan of Ronan Curtis would be great here, I believe his contract runs out at the end of the season no?
  4. A bit harsh that I think. I do feel bad for lenihan and tosin with some of the other melts that are often in the back four with them namely bell, Bennett and Williams.
  5. Perhaps if he played a little more Tosin would be well in for a shout for me. Difference between him and Williams is night and day, very underrated part of how we play can take out three or four opposing players with his passing. Erratic moment here or there but touch of class in our defence. Feel he’s been underrated. But I’d go along with the Downing consensus.
  6. That Schmidt lad is now following us on Instagram. So possibly
  7. My worry in defence is that we can sign two good quality championship players. But our back line looks so uncoordinated, no communication with each other, the set up is just wrong. While I’m certainly not advocating the likes of Mulgrew, Bennett or Bell. A back line like that could have been sufficient against a poor Charlton side but Mowbray doesn’t have the tactical nous. Whoever we sign the defence will look grim cause he can’t organise it.
  8. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/rovers/news/17650450.keeper-could-leave-rovers-despite-signing-new-deal/ So I think our pal Jason is very much a contingency if things don’t work out as Mowbray plans, possibly third choice next season or try and command small fee over the summer
  9. Raya is a very good shot stopper but not yet the commanding presence needed to help marshal what realistically is an inexperienced defence. I feel if we had that experience then Raya would fare a lot better here. Ideally I’d like to bring an experienced goalkeeper to compete with raya. Someone he can learn from. If Brentford want to pay us a good wedge and some sell ons then I wouldn’t be overly upset, as long as we had a good replacement lined up...but I have doubts over whether we would.
  10. I think Rothwell belongs on the wings he doesn’t seem to have the intelligence to play at cm, though it’s early days for him yet. Or if he is in midfield have him in a more pure midfield three just to lessen responsibility and chance of crucial mistake. Any promise he’s shown though is when he’s on the wing running at the fullback, he’s really not afraid to drive straight at them which is good.
  11. Abuse is standard for anybody online, performing well or not, no matter how good or bad you are. Mostly bored incels trying to be funny. I do feel for Brereton though, I think there’s a player there somewhere (not on the wing though that’s for damn sure). Also think he’s not suited to our style of play at the moment. Best thing that can happen for him is maybe if graham is exhausted or gets a small knock, plays up top a couple of games and grabs a goal I think he’ll be alright. He’s still not had a fair shake really, he’s only had a couple of starts in 6 months and mostly coming on for fifteen minutes or so the rest of the time. I’m rooting for him anyway.
  12. Jake Bidwell might be worth a shout, decent age only got six months left on contract. Left back that’s very highly rated by QPR fans. But I honestly believe Mowbray will stick with Williams and Bell for sometime yet. Been a proper quiet window though we’ve barely even had rumours attached to us.
  13. Travis is an absolute baller, the composure he has for his experience is unreal. Key for both goals as well, what an exciting player. Nuttall grafted big time, and I thought he dealt with the stick from the crowd well you can tell he’s got bags of confidence. Rodwell and Lenihan superb as well. Rubbish game, great result.
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