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  1. Wouldn‘t be surprised if you moved for Alex Neil. He has a track record of getting into or pushing closely for the top 6 with decent Championship squads and a reasonable budget, which you have. And he is settled in the area with his family.
  2. Yes it is a very tough job. Which is why despite the bad run we have been on, most fans are thankful to Alex Neil for the job he has done. It has been a herculean effort to keep us competitive and pushing the edges of the play-offs for 3 years whilst we continue to sell our best players and fail to re-invest. In a sense there are attractions to the job. It is a fairly stable club where managers get time, we now have a top quality training ground, and the squad will always be very easy to man-manage. But the management of contracts, transfers and basically everything off the pitch to
  3. It sounds like they want to appoint a young upcoming coach as more of a head coach, with the club controlling transfers by investing more in recruitment staff and analysts. Like at Brentford or Barnsley. Neil is a good coach but he has had tensions with the hierarchy about transfers throughout his tenure and is more of a 'win now' manager, whereas the club want to generally bring in younger players and bring them on. He has hardly played Tom Bayliss, for example, who the club bought from Coventry, but experienced heads like Ched Evans or Cunningham are thrown straight into the side a
  4. Reports this evening that he will be leaving imminently. Good manager who has on the whole done a decent job. Apparently things have been a bit tense behind the scenes this season with multiple key players allowed to run their deals downed, who were then sold in January without adequate replacement. It has made things very difficult and Neil seems to have now given up. He will go on to do well elsewhere but a parting of ways now feels like the right thing to do for all parties.
  5. I thought we played well in the first half and probably on balance deserved the win, but was relieved that you didn't attack the way you did at Deepdale, especially as we've lost our 3 best defenders since then. We are currently very vulnerable at the back, yet Harvey Elliott was left on the bench and I'm not sure where Armstrong was playing? Armstrong was devastating at Deepdale through the middle as a striker. I was relieved that he seemed to be shunted into a different role tonight. Even when he was central, the ball was hoofed up to him against a 6ft 3 centre half. Thought Branth
  6. Lol, think a couple of the players live around there too. After bad home defeats there will always a big backlash. But I would argue that social media and forums aren't always representative of the majority view. A lot of fans would still argue that Alex has done a very good job for 3.5 years now with one hand tied behind his back, allowing us to compete in the top half of the Championship whilst our best players are all sold and replaced on the cheap. He has also had players foisted onto him like Nugent, and we are now in a scenario where our 5 best players - Pearson, Browne, Johnson, Da
  7. He wanted to leave anyway but the fact that we did even offer him a contract is very bad. There was some talk during lockdown that no funding had been made available to keep any youth teamers on, except for Ethan Walker who'd already signed a pro contract some time ago. We're also yet to make a single addition to the squad, despite having the worst strike force bar Hull last season.
  8. From an outsider's perspective, I've always wondered why Mowbray's position isn't more widely discussed. He's spent £15m, correct me if I'm slighly wrong, on strikers yet can't mount a serious play-off push. Looking at some of the options you have got, a more ambitious and hungry type of manager would probably get more out of them. Mowbray has underachieved in a similar way to Lee Johnson at Bristol City.
  9. The lower tier went first last time. I had to leave it late buying one and ended up in the upper. Suspect it's because it's not a daft kick off time for once that they tried to make it upper first this time.
  10. Neil is in a position to play the long game though. He's in a stable and decent job at the moment on £1m+ a year, he doesn't need to take any job or wage increase that comes up. Chances are in the summer he'll be offered a big deal at another club far more stable than Stoke and at that point he'd probably go, but there's no point rushing to a bottom of the table club who keep sacking young managers.
  11. Nah, just poor planning from Stoke. Looks like they tried to agree things with Neil first then strong-arm us after that, and now it's transpired that we weren't having any of it and AN wasn't even bothered about the move. Given the shambolic way Stoke's been run since they came down, really wouldn't be a surprise if they drop down again into L1.
  12. I agree that nobody should an automatic selection when joining a club, and Bauer didn't have to be for us initially because we've got Storey as well, but he's performed like a man mountain right from the opening day, so at the moment he probably is an automatic choice but that's down to good performances. I doubt Neil guaranteed him an automatic spot every week when trying to get him to sign, but ultimately players do want at least some assurances on game time before joining a new club and my point was just that to lose out on a long-term target as Mowbray clearly did by not offering that
  13. To be honest, we do go down quite easily and try to buy cheap free kicks. We also time waste very regularly away from home. It's sometimes not great to watch but it's now part of the game, and as a team with a very small budget for this level, we are never going to turn up and just play teams off the park every week. We have to scrap, be streetwise, be willing to change things up sometimes in how we play, and have good 'game management'. Tony Mowbray seemed quite critical of it in his post-match interview, along with the fact that we hit it long throughout the game. My response to that wo
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