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  1. If you can't support your team for a tenner, in the oldest cup competition in the world and against Premier league opposition you should question if your actually a supporter imo.
  2. I would imagine a large number of them. Who has been daft enough to get caught though
  3. Will be a shame when it's gone. The cheapest seats in the house get the best view of the pitch. Lost count the amount of times I have sat directly opposite Jack walkers seat.
  4. You can't spell and that's irrelevant to this thread. If you insist on writing other teams scores on the Internet then do so in the championship thread.
  5. Time to go Tony. If he's not sacked soon then he will have the proud record of relegating us twice in 3 years.
  6. I take it that maths isn't one of your strong points? I reckon at any given time there are loads of teams who have the same amount of wins.
  7. Wouldn't go so far as to say amazing tbh. This one however could well be the most boring of the lot. 0-0, and an absmyl weather forecast to compound the misery for those who bother.
  8. First to admit im a floating fan, if its a big game ill go whatever the price within reason. If its a tenner a ticket probably go most home games whatever the oppo, 15 quid some, over 20? depends on my mood and the weather
  9. Is record isn't that great.... So slightly above average then?!
  10. 1-0 either way from a set piece. A sparsely populated and drizzly Ewood to make for a truly depressing afternoon to those who bother turning up.
  11. Ashley Cole?!? What are you all smoking?? More chance of Andy Cole and Carlton Cole both signing and forming a deadly duo.
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