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  1. -----------------Raya -------Ward---Mulgrew---Williams Caddis-----Evans---Smallwood---Nyambe -----------Bennet---Feeney ---------------Samuel something like?
  2. 2 clubs, owned by 2 of the worst owners, playing on a Tuesday night, in a cup which has a name like a Moose. I'll be amazed if anyone turns up.
  3. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11685/10969666/carlton-cole-to-be-sacked-by-indonesian-club-for-not-scoring Carlton Cole is to be sacked because he still can't hit a barn door, even in Indonesia.
  4. "Tottenham and Arsenal reportedly want to sing Caen striker Yann Karamoh, dubbed the ‘next Kylian Mbappe’, according to the Express. The 19-year-old has just 12 months remaining on his Caen contract and the Ligue 1 side are willing to let him leave for £9m." The next Mbappe being a year older than the original ?
  5. Ha, you're right there but knowing our luck, he'd do really well with those lot!
  6. West Ham have signed J. Hernandez for £16m. With all the inflated prices around, that seems like an absolute steal.
  7. And they've just added Hart, who is basically the same. On his day, he can be superb but he has mistakes in him.
  8. Is Arnautovic worth £100,000 per week in wages? That's what Skysports reckon West Ham are paying him
  9. I sincerely hope that no one takes him on in England ever again but you're probably right that sooner or later a certain agent will have enough sway over some clueless, wealthy owner to make it happen.
  10. Oh good, the Judan Ali rumours are back.
  11. He's not a bad player isn't Walker, £50million seems like a lot but as we've seen this summer, there's just too many crazy transfer fees flying around. John Stones is only 23, can't remember when they bought him but you could argue that if he developed well, he could be a top centre back for many years at City (its looking like a big if) Walker is 27 and his best attribute is pace. That will go shortly and it'll take away a huge part of his game.
  12. I remember that game, wasn't one of Keanes goals really good? In other news: City buying Kyle Walker for £50million!
  13. I think it was something like FM2006, I always conceded once I had a throw in. You're sat watching the blue numbered circle throw the yellow dot straight to the red numbered circle, who just charged straight past all the other blue circles and smashed the yellow dot in the white rectangle. Keyboards/Controllers/mice/monitors just went everywhere.
  14. I haven't played footy manager for ages but the older ones are proper infuriating. When you've just got the text bar across the screen for matches. "Utd burst into the box" "He hammers the shot" "What a save by the keeper" Phew... "But he hits the rebound" Gasp... "GOAL!!" Arghhh! Every. Single. Time.
  15. I think he'll do well there. He needs a change and need to get out of Utd. If he's playing everyweek upfront and not shoehorned into midfield I think he'll bag a few.
  16. Genuinely, no not really. Every meeting I've ever been to has been done in a reasonably professional manner. I wouldn't be able to take Ashley seriously if he was trying to conduct business after 10 pints and one of each.
  17. It's probably the same guy but the article I posted has a guy saying he ordered kebabs and fish and chips during these meetings, which were basically lock in's.
  18. So Mike Ashley then.... https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/jul/03/sports-direct-founder-pubs-mike-ashley?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  19. Yer, it was spot on, just begging to be buried.
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