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[Archived] Blues Bar!


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It'll be interesting to know if that's the case GG. last time it was 12 O'Clock on a Sunday which may have legally meant pubs should be shut anyway. However next Tuesday I can't see how they can shut the pubs. At what time do they do it? 6pm? 4pm? 2pm?

Even if the immediate vicinity has no pubs other areas will just end up busier.

How far away do they shut the pubs?

Fox / Ewood Arms etc...

Navi , Ivy, Uncle jacks etc...



Golden Cup?

Do the police risk keeping the Fernhurst available for Burnley fans so that they can have a heavy police presence near enough. Surely every Burnley fan that travells of his own accord won't be able to be picked up and sheperded to the ground? Are they better off in the Fernhurst or walking around wherever they wanted? Will the Fernhurst even want to open?

Basically we don't know but the longer it goes nearer the game with nothing in the LET the more I expect it to be business as usual.

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I suspect that is because The 500 club usually meet in The Lounge at The Darwen End. Obviously on Tuesday that will be out of the question so they get use of Blues Bar.

Then again I might be wrong.

Just guessing.


They still use the lounge when we play Man United, Liverpool etc.....

Why the difference.

I am well unimpressed by this. Ive made loads of plans to meet in blues pre and post match with some friends.

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ewood club ...id go but convincing my pals is another story...

stu me too ,were ok to have a pint when its colchester in the same comp but as soon as a big game comes sorry lads we dont need your money this week but do come along for the next game we want you back.

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From a purely selfish point of view, as a member of the 500 club this is great news for me, as the club had obviously told us the facility we have paid for in the Darwen End would not be available.

I can fully understand though that you regulars who use the blues bar week in and out, and pi**ed off about the clubs decision.

Stu-The reason for closing the 500 club is simple- we have to walk through the hordes of away fans to access the lounge, bothe before and after the game. Although we do it v man u etc, the feelings on this derby are massively different. Its possible the Dingles could set upon any 3 or 4 rovers fans going to the lounge, and i just think the police will simply not allow it.

would you like to walk through them all?

Agree though that the blues should be used as normal, i wasn't expecting any facility at all.

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.......regulars get evicted at a whim is it.

Not exactly a whim if they are being told/advised to close be the Police and the club or if they doent want to open as they are worried about trouble.

May be over cautious, but given recent events I think its best to err on the side of caution.

The problem here is that it prevent for majority from having a peacufull pint before the match.

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I was commenting on the fact that you said

She also said that most pubs around the ground will be closed as well.

The Blues Bar is, as mentioned before, down to the fact that they had to find somewhere else for the 500 club members who had already paid for the priviledge of a social location before the match.

Unlucky I know, but a club does not have to have a bar open for it fans, but it does have to try and forfil obligations to those who have paid for a service.

Personally I feel a good seat and a good game is more important than a drink. wink.gif

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Blues isnt closed on police advcie streaky, its closed to put the 500 club in (who had been told there was no facility for this match)

But it would have been closed anyway, along with all the other licensed premises in the area.

So they may as well use the space for 500 club members.

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Im starting to get a little bit peed off at the level at rational posting on this board.

Its beyond a joke. wink.gif

Don't worry Stu. I'm still outraged that you've nowhere to drink before this game. And no amount of clever reasoning and priority for safety will change that.

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From the rover site

2004/05 Season Membership details

Situated in our International Suite, located on the executive level of the Darwen End Stand, the 500 Club is a members-only facility where we still have a limited amount of availability for the forthcoming 2004/05 season.

The lounge is open both pre and post match, which means that you can of course avoid any traffic hold-ups before or after the game!

As well as being able to watch Rovervision on the suites TV’s, membership of the 500 club also offers you a first class bar facility, with both food and drink being offered to you at competitive prices, whilst soaking up the atmosphere before enjoying the game.

If i paid £200 quid a year and was told that for this match I wasnt getting any of that I would be v v v v pis$*ed off.

I would say that this stamenet suggests they would have an obligation to provide this service elsewhere to 500 Club member if they could mot use the International Suite. Unfortunately the only over suitable location appears to be the Blues Bar.

Unlucky for some but not a lot the club can do about it.

Have a drink before the match elsewhere. enjoy, go hoem or to ur local pub for drink after match.

As pointed out, this is pretty much a one of match so we have to work around issues like this and the ticketing.

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