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[Archived] Brfcs Online Poker Games

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I've recently started playing online poker a bit. If anyone fancies joining some BRFCS games then post something here. www.holdempoker.com has free membership, allows anyone to play with "play money" (i.e. prentend money) , has quite nice software (java based, works ok under linux, windows and Mac OS), allows private games and doesn't seem to have sold my email address to anyone yet.

If we get enough interest we can arrange a propper tournament, if not just a few friendly hands every now and again.

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One of us starts a room (and make it private), and set the description to BRFCS or something. Other players then look down the list of available games for that player, easy as.

After spending most of last night fixing the site, I think I'll spend most of tonight playing poker instead.

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I will play tonight. Free from around 7-00 - 7.30 for as long as Kirsty will let me play for.... let me know what time you guys want to start and I will be there.

Be good to play a few practice hands to get me back into it. I havent played for a couple of years.

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Play Money.

Anyway. I've just opened "Slam-Tilt's HE" under "Private Tables" and intend to be there most of the evening.

Once you've selected the game it'll ask you to Send Me a Message, just send your board username and I'll invite you in at the end of the hand.

I'm playing as Slam-Tilt by the way.

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On the left is a list of tables, "real money" ones at the top "play money" ones below.

One of the play money ones should be "Slam Tilt's HE", click it and away you go.

Make sure the format (at the top) is set to "Ring Game" rather than "Tournament".

Current STandings

nottsrover $687

Slam-Tilt (me) $1370

Shivni87 (Eddie) $280

1llama $574

CakeMonster (CookierMonster) $2323

angelofdeth (Rock Steady) $979

Mee 2 (Hughsey) $200

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