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[Archived] Bayer Leverkeusen

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Small ground - holds just over 20k - will be a real scramble for tickets.

Cologne is a great city - over there a lot with work. Am sure a few of us were over for the World Cup.

Can see us selling this out and bringing a buzz about the place !

Do know some Bayer fans too (ST holders at Bay Arena)- so will keep my ear to the ground if we need extras - however they will sell this game out (Am sure capacity is only 23k)

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Booked Tuesday - Friday with BA from Manchester - Dusseldorf. Getting the 12:50 from Manchester - was £74.80 when I booked.

Will probably set up base in Cologne though. Went there in the summer for one night during our pre-season jaunt and found a few good bars (including one that seemed to stay open 24 hours a day!). It's a lovely city.

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I'm waiting until they announce the day of the game as I'm almost out of leave. I'll go the day before the game and come back the day after. It looks like there'll be plenty of cheap flights.

Stop beins so sensible :D

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