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[Archived] The 'a' Celebration

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Hate to answer my own questions but here is Andy Johnson to explain:

AJ says: "The celebration is about a campaign to get kids off the streets. It is a campaign that is going to be launched next summer and it is going to be 4-a-side street football which will visit estates all over the country.

"It is to give kids the opportunity the boys here at Everton have got and to show what they can do and they can achieve."The boys in the Premier League want to back it and it shows with the goal celebrations you have seen across the country – everybody has been doing it from the Premier League to the first division. One of my friends Fitz Hall has sorted it all and word has got about. And finally everybody has been asking about the A – it is A-Star.

"It is important to get kids off the street, there has been a lot of bad stories with kids across the country from London to Merseyside. It is a good opportunity for kids to get off the street and show what they can do." (05/01/08)

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Cheers LATD, I too wondered what it was all about and cynically assumed a small group of mates within the the game just had some personal joke going on. Good to know there is a good cause behind it, however it's a shame Fitz Hall doesn't have some iconic mates (Or atleast some better than Bent, Bramble etc) to raise the profile a tad more.

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Dont be such a crabby git.

I've been wondering what this was, if you had researched first you may not have posted, then I wouldn't have found out the answer, so thanks :tu:

Likewise, cos I never even knew they were doing it. Seems like a noble cause. Thanks for posting latd

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