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[Archived] The Americanisation Of Soccer (that`s Football To You & Me)

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American sport is full of teams with wierd & wonderful names :wacko: .... (LA Raiders, San Fransisco 49ers, Detroit redwings etc...)

all very colourful indeed. Some sports have 'latched on' (copied) this side of the pond too, like rugby league & county cricket adding fancy tags to their names (Leeds Rhinos, bradford Bulls, Lancashire Lightning etc...)

So just for a bit of closed season fun, what would you change British football clubs to ....if you could 'americanise' them??

Be as funny, cruel or original as you wish. Just make sure it sounds good being said in a really bad american accent & try to incorporate something the club is 'known' for.

for starters, what about....

The Liverpool 5 stars

The Arsenal Frenchers

The Manchester 58ers (ouch!) :unsure:

The North London Newcastles - (spurs)

Leeds Minus 15ers

.....surely you can do better? :unsure:

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Yeah, Rugby League clubs all did it when the Super League started... but some of the newer teams arn't adding the names... like London Broncos became Harlequins RL.

Here in Hull, Hull FC became Hull Sharks at the start of Super League, but went back to the traditional Hull FC.

though those names do add something some of the time, like I think it works well with Catalans Dragons.

What about the Pro Evo names? ...some of those are ok... some are REALLY badly thought out though. I have a really bad feeling their going call Hull City, 'Humberside' :rolleyes:

Probably going off the Southern based media who don't know whats going on North of Watford... some papers still say Humberside, even though it was only a council boundary not a county boundary and was only about for a few decades and has been abolished for over 12 years.

I think Rovers name on Pro Evo could be a bit more inspired... maybe something like Lancs Rover Blues or soemthing?

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Closet Cottagers (Fulham)

Delusional Dynamos (Big Club)

The Imported (Arsenal)

Mean Money Making Machine (Man U)

Hillsborough Crushers (Liverpool - oooh)

Toffee Nosed Tykes (Everton)

Bargain Bin Barcodes (Nuke)

Oil Slick Kickers (Chelsea)

Hells Bells (Portsmouth)

Crooked Thighs (Man City - Thighs = Thais)

Tighty Kykies (Spurs)

Petulant Piers (Wigan)

Stratospheric Booters (Bolton)

Thorny Thumpers (Rovers)


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