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[Archived] Your New Midfielder

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I think I'll take the revolutionary step of waiting to see him play a few times before I make a judgement.

I'm not one to overreact I don't think, but how far would you take this? What if we signed some Sunday league pub player, would you say the same then?

We can only say it how we see it at the time, and this is a man who has never even come close to being good enough for the top level and he's 27 now. £1.5 million is no small amount of money for a club like ours.

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Apparently it is going to be Keith Andrews from MK for 1.5 million

from the moocamp board

We should get around 1.5 million with add ons

Add ons for what ? Signing for the red rats , getting his 50th cap for England , captaining a World cup winning side ! On form he'll be lucky to get a game in the reserves. Don't go spending the dosh before it's in your account matey.

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Attacking midfielder and scored 18 goals for mk last season

I'll admit I've never seen Keith Andrews play so I can't possibly judge him as a player, but if you look at one of our former players Neill Danns who got a few first team appearances for us (mostly league cup under Souness I think?), performed well for Colchester in League One scoring about 18-20 goals for them after we sold him. Big Club (birmingham if you are not familiar of the massive club) then bought him and he didn't really set the Premiership alight. He's around 24-25 now I think.

Do you think Andrews could actually make it as a premiership player? He's 27 now, and wasn't that successful playing for Wolves if you look at the goals pr game ratio compared to what he's done for MK Dons. And I'll assume its a reason for why he moved down the divisions instead of upwards.

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Badgemaker i've read a few posts on your 606 board about Andrews and some users on there reckon he is championship standard at best. Is that a fair judgement?

He should be OK for us then seen as we're heading that way ...... :)

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