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[Archived] Cheap Cheap Cheap Games

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I knwo there are a few members one here who frequent hotukdeals so you may already know of this offer.

Basically Morrisons are doing some excellent deals on games at the moment. Chart PS3 and 360 games for £25 each, chart Wii games for £15 each and chart DS games for £12. I managed to get Mario Kart with the wheel and Tiger woods, both on the Wii, for a grand total of £30.

Stock is due to be replensihed throughout the week so worth checking.

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Still haven't got Call of Duty 4 since it's so expensive for such a short game. Do you reckon Tescos are doing this?

1: It is not a SHORT game. It has everything you could want in a single player game. Any more and the quality would be reduced.

2: Multiplayer is brilliant. Still play it more than any other game and I have had it for nearly a year.

Expensive?? I don't have a clue what you are talking about.

I think it's cost me about 0.000001p per hour played

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By no means a brilliant game by all accounts but apparently enjoyable I ordered myself Dark Sector for 360 for a fiver, can't go wrong at that price:


I had that on the PS3 and loved it. We dont have gears of war and this was as close as I could get to it. Loved playing it and for a fiver you have a right bargain there.

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