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[Archived] Rovers Vs Villa

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I can hardly contain my excitement! I think I've managed to buy myself a trip up - changing jobs soon and losing the company car so thought why not drive the 350 miles from Cornwall up to sunny Blackburn and catch a match, am almost ashamed to admit I've been a fan for 15 years or so and this will be my first live home game....

You know we spend the majority of our time in Cornwall mining turnips so it's a rare opportunity to be able to do this - my second child is on the way (due in July) so next season might be more complicated (we'll see) so I thought now has to be the time!

Anyway, I've checked out previous posts and seems the Blackburn End seems to be the place to be - just checked the site and there are a bunch of tickets that appear to be at the front/centre, is there a particular reason for that - I guess the view is limited due to being behind the goal?

Jeez, I'd have thought that being at the front would have been more atmospheric?

Anyway, anyone have any suggestions where best to go? Am dragging my Mum (of all people) along for the five/six hour ride, but she's up for pretty much anything (although I advised against wearing her Arsenal shirt to the game!) so we're not that bothered about where - just be nice to get a good view.

Also, we'd be driving up on the Friday - would be wicked to get there in time for a Friday afternoon ground tour but we'll see on that - so plan to find a guest house to crash in Friday night - anyone have any to recommend? Preferably within walking distance of the ground that I might be able to persuade to let me leave the car there until after the game.

And then maybe a hint on where to grab a beer the night before?

Think that just about covers it, was going to do this last year but got sick before the planned date and had to bin it - this time I can't miss my chance!

So, any and all help/suggestions gratefully received, I shall be the one with the Cornish flag and the slightly tight fitting 2 yr old shirt - unless I can grab a new one in the shop the day before!

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Re your questions, the travel lodge on the M65 is a decent place to stay, probably about a mile walk to the ground from there, or you could stop at either the Bear Hotel or the Fernhurst (which is right opposite the ground), be careful though as on Match day both of these places are likely to be crawling with away fans.

Pre match beer theres a choice of the blues bar (which is just accross from the club shop) or theres a few pubs in walking distance like the Ewood Arms, The Fox and Hounds or the Aquaduct.

As for seats, the Jack Walker upper will give you the best view, although they are the most expensive tickets or the Blackburn End is best for atmosphere, which actually seems to be coming back in recent games.

Hope this helps and you have a good day.

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Blues is season ticket holders only before the game so you can probably discount that one for a drink.

As for places to stay, I've stayed at all of them. the nicest is probably the Fernhurst now its had a refurb. As shorty said, it's an away pub during match days but I haven't ever had a problem staying there on match days.

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Great Post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and expectations with us.

We always use the Brown Cow for a drink after the match. It really hasn't got that much to offer really apart from a sort of seedy appropriteness and a number of Blackburn pictures and memorabelia on the walls. Can get busy with a great atmosphere after a big match. Sells Boddingtons.

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Last time I was at Ewood Park we stayed at the Fernhurst. Great little hotel very close to Ewood. Also a lot of nice chaps gathering in the bar at the evening.

Ferhurst is a great place to stay and makes it convenient to bring your stuff back from the club shop before you go to the match.

Have heard that some seedy characters from here hang out at the pub, though....

Not too bad walking through the away fans to get to the other pubs, just keep quiet about it and you'll be fine.

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Lol - was looking at the Bear as many of the others appear booked (grrr - Villa fans!) how far is the travelodge south - walking distance? (doesn't look a million miles away?)


And alas I'm not staying on the night of the match as I have to drive home and relive the boss of her babysitting duties - however I will be the dazed looking guy taking his mother on a pub crawl the night before ;-)

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Friendly Villa fan here and regular reader and occasional poster on the site, I'm not just hear to ###### people off before and after the game.

My ticket came through the other day and really looking forward to my trip to Ewood Park I think we will be travelling in big numbers from what I hear. We have pretty good away support so hopefully it will be a good atmosphere.

Look forward to discussing the game with you all as it approaches, if anyone has any questions on our team let me know. Oh and mods, I think I answered some preview questions for you last time I'm happy to do the same again if you want.

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