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Funny how much Burnley hyped up the match before today but now it's not important. I seem to remember even after they beat United a few said only 2 games really mattered to them.

Saying that I'd probably do the same.

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Is it just me or is that the shoitest board in the world, geez couldn't even read half of it (probs due to their inbred brain damage language)

I especially liked

"we dwarfed you in '77" not really saying much seeing as we've drubbed you lot several times since then (31 years :rover:)

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http://www.clarets-mad.co.uk/news/loadrprt.asp?cid=MTCH&id=468603 :D

I can't be bothered finding the post on there where someone says he would take Chris Eagles over David Dunn every time.

That's pure comedy :D

They are still trying to hype themselves as being a great footballing team and trying to claw back some dignity by having a go at our style of play. Sorry but Burnley were awful today with the odd bright moment, just like any old mediocre team. Even when Rovers took the foot off the gas they weren't great, giving the ball away constantly.

Where is this good football that Burnley are playing? :rolleyes:

To me they are playing crap football and losing. Can anyone else see that? There's a difference between playing quality football and trying to play quality football. Okay, I'm being unfair now...

I'll give them some credit for losing :P

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In the event of finding yourselves drowning, you will inevitably grasp hold of anything that may save you.

That`s all these Bumley mongs are doing. They are soooo gutted at being beaten yet again by their most hated rivals, they are clutching on to anything that might make the pain of defeat that little more pallatable.

It`s only one game

It`s not important

We`re still above you in the league

We`ll beat you at t`turf.

My mate in the midlands wanted us to win

Some of their posts on carrotmad are hillarious! :lol::lol::lol:

It must hurt soooooooo much! :rover:

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Who cares what the Dingles think...In the end they are not going to say nice things about Rovers are they..!!..The scoreline more than flattered them..It could easily have been a rout if we'd taked all our chances..In the end we beat them and have three points..that's all that matters..

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