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[Archived] Tash's Alternative Xmas Message


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:lol:...Its got to be someone who posts on here!

Booth is heavily involved in it. I don't believe Tash himself is a member, but I'm sure he reads it

The 2 videos so far have been absolutely superb. I'd love Savage to see this one !!

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Just got an email off Tash. He's not happy with that and has issued a statement regarding what he considers to be "slander" and "sour grapes".


What's slanderous? Me saying he prefers burnley, even I prefer burnley, it's a much better night out than Blackburn, now if I'd have said burnley fc then that would have been bang out of order. Happy Christmas people of blackburn

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Might be best if this was taken off, in case other supporters see it and think everyone in Blackburn has the sense of humour of a 2 year old. embarrassing!

Touch ironic there, looking at your username.

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