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[Archived] Crock DJ

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TBH Stuart, this story has been on the BBC Radio Lancs official website for 6 or 7 hours.

DJ Campbell got a bad tackle from a Preston player. nothing he can do about it.

Very unfair on DJ.

Best will come good in time but he needs time to get over the injury mental. for me, he is still thinking about his knee and doing the injury again. speaking to a mate of mine who has a similar injury and it took a long time to get over it mental but physical he was great.

Best needs confidence and that will come if he doing well in games and scoring goals. But time will tell if we can get him fit and mental right for performing well for Rovers

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It wasn't a bad tackle to be honest.

To be fair DJ has shown signs of improvement during pre-season, and has shown a good work ethic.

Best on the other hand, especially against Rochdale looked stroppy, lazy and like he didn't want to be there.

He has never been prolific and he seems disinterested, what makes you think he will come good?

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Everything I've read and heard said it was just an innocuous challenge, DJs definitely I think going to be a sick note from now on along with Williams, dunn and robinson(its usually harder to recover fully once your past 30) It is a shame because DJ is a very effective player at this level, not just his goals, he's a real pest also(in the Dickov mould) and pressures the oppo constantly.

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