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[Archived] Foreign owners are good for English football?!?


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To be fair , they are certainly no worse than home grown people who run the game on behalf of former business partners and approved agents and off shore money men.

Although all the scum involved share a common bond $$$$$$$$$$$

Idiot foriegn owners v English FA committee member whose old boys tie depends on him silently watching over the rape and pillage of a club, know which is worse in my book

So what it boils down to is Foriegn owners are as bad as what they or their "advisors" are allowed to get away with , so who is to blame?

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I believe the German Bundesliga allows johnny foreigners no more than a 49% stake in any club. Anybody confirm? If so it is emminently sensible and typically German. Lots for us to learn from that lot imo.

i think fans own a stake in the clubs to. Just as the Rovers trust are trying to do for us.

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its a strange one hey, when they open their mouths, they are useless. when they are quiet, its even worse. they really need to pack up and sell the club, because frankly we need owners with alot more common sense than Venkys. Its okay to keep quiet, and they must have been advised to do so by somebody, but what are the immediate plans with us? what is happening in the background? its amazing how with this lot, you dont want them to say anything but also want to hear from them lol

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