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[Archived] Is world war 3 about to kick off, starting in Ukraine

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It's certainly a worrying situation.

agree, very worrying, Putin really does seem to be testing to see how far he can push things in the world and We(uk, America and any other allies that don't turn their backs and bury their heads in the sand) will have to start pushing back at some point if he carries on.

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Russia wants Crimea, Crimea wants to be part of Russia, the West won't be dumb enough to take military action against them. Life will go on.

Stop pooing your pants.

Who is pooing their pants

No one takes England

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Also, I heard someone on the news say that while the "ex-president" was being ousted, his forces used snipers that shot innocent protesters, I personally have not seen this or read of that happening. That would be extremely bad.

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